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Coming a year of Jubilee

Would it be nice to be free from all your debts and have a clean slate? In my last post, I talked about playing the winning hand in the twenty-first century. I said that I pulled the lever hitting the jackpot that it came up all seven’s. The dragon has a treasury, and I won. Like Mordecai in Esther 6:10 Haman will have to place me on the king’s finest horse and parade me through the streets while I shout “Look what the King of Kings did for me.”  I never wanted riches or even fame I just wanted to see souls saved and have a family.

What the church doesn’t seem to understand is that Satan needs the peace plan that G-d our Father who art in Heaven gave me. He wrote into my life His Story adding to it my last name a divine treasure indeed, it cries out heaven, or as it is interpreted from the French means “Beautiful place.” I have told you that I work for the transportation industry out of all the trucking companies he chooses to call me in 2009, I began working at “Land Air Express”in 2006. That alone should excite the body of Christ. I moved into the Town of Derry in 1999 with my only Son, the claim to fame of this town Alan the good Shepard was the first U.S. man in space. Though the discerning are unable to discern what Father has done.

I am an elder of the Kingdom of G-d the first casualty of the war Genesis 4:4. Jesus was the great I am, Abel would be the great I was.  Sent in as a ringer to take down what I can of Satan’s kingdom before Jesus arrives Revelation 4:4 First and last align. All to confirm my call as does Revelation 6:10 the month and day of my birth. We just looked at Esther 6:10 and Psalm 6 has 10 verses. The second angelic rebellion is holding my place found in Genesis 6 the leaders are found in Daniel chapter 10. They will not give you peace until they hear from me.

The kings of Persia refuse to give the devil his one-world order without me. The devils group is played by those who hold the treasury for G-d or at least claim they do. We will see how much they wish to honor G-d or even their god. It is G-d’s wisdom as it was in heaven use one individual to divide the kingdoms as to not lose so many souls and gain the greater number. Rather than outfit me with cherished stones as we see the high priest in the wilderness tabernacle has. The high priest by the way represents the one who lost his position in heaven who, likewise, was covered by precious stones. Father will just hand me the wealth saved up for Him this will say where one can find the bringer of light to end Jesus’s three and a half years of harvest.

Just because you may not see it does not mean they do not see it in the spiritual. That is why religious people refuse to acknowledge the work at hand so that Satan may claim more souls. As an elder I know like the original carrier of the lamps (Lucifer) I do not have to dance the way others want me too. It has something to do with having free will. I kept my vows to G-d and have done as I said I would. I don’t need a peace plan , I have one. I can sit back and watch great men of G-d in self-proclamation fall under the hand of G-d or their god. Not to see what G-d is doing, is not to see, there are those in the congregation who can see, the elect cannot be deceived, they will see their leader is either a traitor who does not care about the winning of souls but supportive of the whore calling her G-d’s church.

While Satan collects trophies that associate with her using the blindness of the second rebellion. All they want to do is serve one G-d and the other group never told them whom that one G-d is. However, as Haman paradees me throughout the kingdom, I will do just that.   False teachers look for the Antichrist at the top of the hill as to not give G-d any power over the decision,  while stealing from Him His glory and the souls that come with it.

As I bless the true bodies of Christ Congregation included and unite the Church together preparing to complete the New World Order those who get the blessing are those who have honored G-d by not siding with the harlot as depicted by the vault. Those who run in circles with her get nothing except for their head handed to them in the tribulation. Click the image enjoy the video, and if you have seen the first eighteen minutes jump ahead. You understand what it is, they have done.


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