St Mary's Documentary
Listen while three people talk about how they survived the horrors of St. Mary's Indian Residential School
How some children at the Kamloops residential school died
WARNING: This video contains details some viewers may find distressing. CBC News has obtained information from survivors of the Kamloops Indian Residential School and death certificates regarding some children’s deaths — including suicides, escape attempts and some who drowned in a nearby river.
How the Catholic Church Hid Away Hundreds of Irish Children | Times Documentaries
Ireland wanted to forget, but the dead don't always stay buried. One woman made it her mission to unearth the truth.
The priest's confession: What the Catholic bishops knew - The Fifth Estate
n 2015, retired Catholic priest Paul-André Harvey from Quebec's Chicoutimi diocese pleaded guilty to 39 charges of indecent assault and gross indecency. Most of his victims were girls between the ages of eight and 10. Harvey was sentenced to six years in prison.
Stolen Children | Residential School survivors speak out
How Residential Schools affected survivors and their children and grandchildren.
Death at Residential Schools
Dec 20, 2015,  This week the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its final report. Among its findings, more details on the scale of tragedy at residential schools. Thousands of children died in that system. And that number only begins to show how lives were erased and loving families ...
Residential school survivor talks about the electric chair at St. Anne's school
St. Anne’s survivor Chris Metatawabin talks about his experience at the notorious school that had an electric chair. Read More:
Some of the priests and nuns who ran residential schools are still alive: Cameron
FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron says that some of the priests and nuns who ran residential schools are still alive and should be held accountable.
The Secret Sin Invading Christianity
I talk a lot about what goes on in some churches when it comes to spiritual experiences with God. Some are on one side of the pendulum and are very insistent that supernatural encounters should be normal and constant, while others are perfectly spiritually content without them. Not to mention ...
Saved or Self-Deceived, Part 1 (Selected Scriptures)
Dealing with the deception of being saved.
So about those sideways cross necklaces...
Personally, I find the sideways cross a revelation of the outline of the wilderness tabernacle.  The left arm faces north where the goats will stand in judgment who seek power and the right arm south where the sheep stand having humbled themselves to the power of God. The legs face east Judah ...
The Truth About Muslims, Allah, and Islam - John MacArthur (SHOCKING TRUTH)
John MacArthur explains the shocking truth about Muslims, Allah, and Islam. "No Muslim knows for sure in this life where they're going," says pastor John MacArthur. Watch out first video in this series on Islam here:
The Fool: Why Ray Comfort Is Atheism's #1 Clown | Full Movie
You look to the Scriptures and take consolation in how Joseph was humiliated before the time came when God opened a big door of opportunity for him, and how Moses was abased before God opened a big sea for him. You take comfort in knowing the principle of humiliation before promotion—that God ...
Do miracles happen today? Hint: NO.
R. C. Sproul chimes in, truth be told if there is any sick among you let them call the elders of the church to lay hands and pray the prayer of faith over them. Those miracles happen. Like Paul, I do not want to forbid the speaking in of tongues. The gift of tongues is a gift from God. People ...
The roles for men and women are not hard to figure out.
My only complaint is that Todd's Pyramid is wrong Father and Son are in heaven seated side by side and the HOLY SPIRIT is left in the earth to focus our worship upwards. This is very good teaching about the brilliance of God my position is that women can teach and preach the word,  but should ...
The hardest person to witness to: a professing Christian.
My opinion on this video, when a man of God like Todd Friel is preaching and you are a Christian who happens upon him, go into a spirit of prayer that those who are there lost and on their way to hell would have an open heart and be convicted of their sins. Don't stand up and be a devil's ...
A Shocking Message to Anyone Who Calls Themselves "Christian"
Progressive Christianity is rising due to our post-modern culture and we as Christians need to stand against it, in this video we discuss Progressive Christianity and meet a Progressive Christian aka Deadpool. If you find Off The Kirb Ministries videos helpful please consider subscribing to his ...
Alistair Begg explains the latest awful Evangelical trend
My comment: The wolves are running the narrative.
North Tower Exploding by David Chandler
Physics teacher David Chandler's brilliant exploration of the North Tower Exploding WTC 1.

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