Clicking on the image below sends you to the website that was created to lift the burden on this server. We so do want to have all our sites go viral and place a 6 in front of that 19.

We should anticipate many workers will come into the kingdom and use their gifts to help others find Christ.

It’s time to go home.

Remember, they laughed at Noah, building his ark.

Please be sure to choose the team shirt you wish to wear or to be associated with.  We want to place a 6 in front of that 19 and have everyone go viral with COVIDEO- 619. Get back into the word and see God’s love for yourself.

The first covering/enforcer was supposed to protect the wayward angels against the wrath of God by protecting the SON and bringing them back to worship the SON; only they lacked faith and insisted on seeing HIM. Kind of like today so no,  I will not be bowing to Rome and those who have. Thank you very much.

I can see how the enemy would like me to compromise the call and serve him when I much rather serve God the Father of Jesus Christ.  Those who haven’t figured it out yet, it began with the PSA’s “Save the Food.” Then all the major American retailers closing their doors because in order to compete with Walmart they too had to start importing goods from China and no one could compete against those who killed Kennedy and encouraged trade with China knowing all along they were behind this. Tell Mrs, Beagle how great her church is now. The Catholics hate the Jewish people to be bringing this to America before Jesus returns.

China has like Japan of WWII  been sanctioned from support in America we placed sanctions on them and they slowed their production. The devil the old (dragon)  loves the dragon of China for their hate of Protestant Christianity.    So either finds ways to help me or learn to speak Chinese or at least those you love may need to know it.

Learn these two phrases.

[wptb id=19218]

China’s re-education camps Coming to a Walmart near you.

Am I spoiling the surprise for Christians it should be no surprise but what surprised me is how everyone loves the dragon and his Church that destroyed America?   That’s why I think we need to tell the truth to Mrs. B. Eagle that she does not know Jesus at all and those who allow this kind of thing and see no value in the SON of God deserve what’s coming.

They hate America like they hated Martin Luther’s Germany of Bible readers.  Get those books out of the hands of the people give them strong delusions instead.  They’re for pro-life? That does not get anyone into heaven FYI.  Look at these gifts flowing everywhere YAHOO Y what happened to America we were having great moves??  We will again when we calm down and see God’s hand of Justice at work.  Once the word like Nehemia begins to be open and respected again. Pity the people who stand in our way.

Click on a T-shirt to find the site and sign up its as simple as salvation itself.

Well, maybe not that simple. How hard is it to believe and receive,  am I right?

You can only belong to one, and as always, God is watching so only one choose wisely.

You want to be involved in a project you need to belong to a site and sign up with Zephyr on  A link is provided in the WordPress members area in the help section under joining a team. The seven sites will only have all your pertinent information links to your social accounts.

I am in the process of finding a programmer to generate a dead man’s switch so that when we are gone, they will know it was not Aliens, but a relationship with Jesus as your social links will post to your sites “Come to join us in heaven for the party of the century.”

You only join these sites if you care about a person’s eternity.

The six-foot rule can be defeated with a QR code. Wearing a shirt or being on a team will be my hug if we never get together on this side. Much Love Abel,  yes, the very same.

Oddly I’m not a God or someone who wants to be a god.  So if I must I’ll keep trying to turn stones into bread. But bow to Rome not after what I found and seen what the enemy did. What a big threat this truck driver is to his kingdom! Adam and Eve lost the world because they wanted to be gods  I found the SON of God ‘s effigy in Egypt and it belongs to me,  now how do you like those apples!!!