The Bible did not start with pictures but this generation is God’s youngest. Every newborn starts out with a Picture book to help learn the words.

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Blackmailing the New World Order
This man knew the truth and had a Church of only 14 million behind him but rather than expose the darkness of the amount of thermite found at ground zero by this Professor of Bringham Young University. They used the information to get Mitt Romney on the ballot. The twin tower crop circle is [...]
Successful Farming Bringing in the Sheaves!
Listen as people who do not go to church or read the Bible try to explain what is happening. READ YOUR BIBLE! Preferably a KING JAMES my translation of Choice. Looking for POWER? Would you be free from the burden of sin? There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood; Would you o’er evil a [...]
No doubt about it, it's Jonah.
Some theologians say the story of Jonah is an allegory. Jesus never lies and he confirmed it in HIS teachings. Here Jesus does it again. Just remember who it is that is the captain of this ship! Don't let the fishheads eat you come out of her HIS people! Looking for POWER? Would you be free [...]
Satan Sing's Hooray for Hollywood
Everyone has a favorite song, so this must be the enemies. Hollywood is his greatest propaganda machine and promoter. This star is in bondage, and if they die in their sins while in bondage, they will never be free from the agony of loneliness. Had Robyn Williams only made an effort to attend [...]
Rethinking the Son's Original Gift
God has a great sense of humor, here we see the plans to build a cup holder, and the cup holds the spirit "wine." The spirit and wine have always been synonymous. Spirit like wine changes you. I took some of my own artistic abilities I have nothing against the clergy as long as they are not [...]
Living Killing Machines We Cannot Change a Nature of a Shark or Predator.
The movie "Jaws" was a spectacular movie. I never liked swimming in the ocean to begin with. I don't like to be where I cannot see what's coming. Note that the elder among them with the most experience fails to kill or catch the shark. This crop circle reveals a set of shark-like teeth in the [...]
Father and Sons What a Great Idea!
I had fun doing this one and was blessed to have done it. It combines a Triathlon and NASCAR. If I am going to burn in hell forever, at least a have this moment to try and bless others. What a great concept of the family; unfortunately, because no one honors God's will, the family falls apart. [...]
Free Housing if Anyone Wants In.
We have a great neighborhood a Mister Rogers, in every community. A place to gather and worship you can fly without buying tickets you can hear JOHN, JAMES, PETER, and many more preach the word, but it's no longer about salvation. It's about living your good life to the fullest  90 percent of [...]
My First that God Explained to Me.
Man of God tried to tell me that this one was a hoax because some government agency or demons placed what looked like markers is if to say it was human-made. The answer is in whether the reed was damaged or not,  were their dead animals in the image unable to escape the lamps but could very [...]
Missing the Best High
The HOLY ONE is trying to fill that need and emptiness in us but many of us try to fill it with other things not all things that have seven in them are good for us. We need Jesus because HE first loves us and two his enemy is not supplying anything to anyone in hell, not even water and no one [...]
I Go Trucking with the Trinity
10-4 Good Buddy, the first four deal with HIM, the other 6 deal with how we are to live righteously with each other. From state to state, I went laying my foot on the land and claiming my territory for Jesus, listening to HIS word and the best preachers my radio could find. I cried at every Dr. [...]
Jesus is Wiser than Solomon by Far
There are many who teach such ideas that there is no one wiser than Solomon... Stay away; you would do well. Jesus said there is one wiser than Solomon, and HE was speaking of Himself. When a believer becomes BORN AGAIN of the HOLY SPIRIT, we are given the same and greater than Solomon. We have [...]
Jesus Taught Concerning Faith Become as a Little Child
It doesn't take a genius to figure it out...Children are a blessing of the Lord. At position 6:16, the featured image numbers are revealed to be Matthew 18:1-14. God had only one begotten Son born from HIS relationship with Israel. Because of Christ, we are all heirs and Sons of the most high [...]
Pieces of Eight
Eight is a number God treasures for God it references perfection new beginnings. Noah and his family were eight that were saved before the first destruction. Eight plays many roles in the scriptures. 888 represents 24 the number of elders that surround the throne of God. 8 split in two with one [...]
Take the Star-ship Resurrection not the Star-Gate
The gate is that tunnel you always here those who have traveled it seen a light at the end. So you may know if you walk with HIM there is no tunnel those in the tunnel are going to be judged and they are coming out of darkness to the light so its already not looking good.  Some get a second [...]
The Vault to the Windows of Heaven.
How can we undertake the completion of the temple and the uniting of us all without the money saved for us to help the enemy complete his new world order? Someone told me God didn't need money. So I know a god who has lots of it that he needs to give it up. Jesus told me he wanted me to have it [...]
Jesus Is the The Bread of Life
Eat of the one who created the wheat to make the bread. Get to know HIM before its too late, and he takes HIS people home. If you are left behind Jesus says the horrors will be the worst the world has ever seen. He must judge sin and remove wickedness in order to protect those HE loves. He [...]
Winnowing Fan 409 Circles
409 Chapters into the Bible we come to the rebuilding of the Temple the temple needs to be rebuilt before we as a Church leave. It is by the divine province to complete the New World Order. So that he can show us what kind of god  that we know he can be on the throne. As the winds of God's [...]
You Give the Very Best for the One You Love
The creator of the Universe Cordially invites you to attend the wedding held for His Son Jesus Christ. If it were not for Israel, God would not have a SON, and where would we be if that were true. Because I had no childhood and was hugged deprived, he made me this puzzle to solve. I owe Israel [...]
The Making of the Crop Image that Points to Genesis 18
This is the best crop circle video on the creation of a circle. It is done in a matter of seconds, and it points to Genesis 18. I gleefully named it. "Congratulations, Abraham, it's a Boy." It is the story in Genesis that not only makes the Promise to Abraham about his promised son Isacc. It [...]
Sin is Ugly and Must be Dealt With.
We are talking about the sin that is not under the blood, and the people hide behind it like a red shield. Rothchild I did this audio message not long after I first got the call, since then there has been more growth. But not so much more growth that would allow me to place Papists in positions [...]
What Makes a Great Leader - One Good Chief?
All it takes is one good Chief. Solving great mysteries is the job of any good detective. We have been told that there are considerable mysteries of God that are too awesome for us to understand by those who don't understand many of them at all.  They don't know Jesus, whose example was love, [...]
We Are Going to Escape the Matrix
This one has all the elements of the movie there is only one door that leads out. God only made one way into heaven. The floor is a path and the walls ask a question while the ceiling answers it. We have the major players Zion, the Trinity and an Oracle, and the answer to life. The music is [...]
Resurrection Plans - Pruning Shears to Gather the Grapes.
Surrounding the Earth is anomalies that appear intelligent. NASA has captured them because technology has advanced to the point we can see we are not alone. This is all part of God's plan. The earth trembled, and the mountains moved, and the fallen angels, not ancient aliens, were trapped by [...]
Remember the Sabbath day and Keep it HOLY!
God is not going to lose if a handful of smart ministers can get together and figure out what God wants to do. First, we need to get away from the dissemblers who keep smiting the rock. Why do you want to be with those who are not getting into the promised land? Rather be a leader and make them [...]

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