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Where HE leads I will follow.

To need or not to need that is the question:

The SON?

The little irritants that spring up in life, the endless grubs that try to bore their way into a simple understanding making it difficult to have a child like faith.  Without faith, there is no pleasing G-d. The crop circles were meant to bring us hope a stepping stone to faith.

To unite around a common goal the return of the Master Jesus Christ.  To prepare the way,  the world would see a reed rise up among all the others to tell us the hour is at hand.  Like John, the Baptist crying prepare the way for the LORD. He will be used to act as G-d’s Benjamin, as Saul became Paul.  This will be like Paul becoming Saul and after the Exodus.

He will not be alone he will have the full force of the church if they hope to have all their loved ones escape in time.

Some see blue while others see gold. When this was done the creator of it said she made none in gold. So who will you believe your eyes or what the creator says?

The original battle was never about the shape or size of the earth. Today we debate whether one sees a blue dress or a gold dress in the same dress.  But where will be your eternal address? Seems no one is concerned?  Whether dinosaurs were before or at the same time as man or overlapped is that the debate at hand???

Are Democrats better than Republican’s? When choosing the lesser of two evils, you still get evil.  The question is who is controlling the flow of money and if the same wealth owns both parties what does it matter who wins the Whitehouse?

In our society, it seems the one with the greatest wealth is the ruler of all; they shift it where they feel it will make more money. Money works for them they only seek those who will better serve them and pay them less so they can have more. Any multilevel marketer will tell you there is profit in refilling consumable products. For these people, war is the way they consume the product.

G-d says the harlot is drunk with the blood of the saints it’s our sons and daughters at the mercy of the dragons church.  To turn America into a Nazi-like environment in just 60 years took a body, not just a few bad eggs this was planned and well thought out. Put the muscle and guns at the heads of those who sit in power, and they will do what evil wants.

Just like Communist Russia turn the government while the Church is busy arguing over the mundane. We need to unite and open our eyes to the horror they brought with them when they denied the LORD of Glory HIS victory at the cross and reinstated a priesthood to make us slaves to their agenda’s.

Every society that possessed a pyramid for the king to sit enthroned had a priesthood that made the people slaves to them and their false gods. Free eats for the lazy priesthood and their puppet kings.

If you are a demon or devil that holds a high-ranking position you need to protect your seat.  The devil wanted to be G-d, and the Bible tells us he is the god of this world. However,  he is not its creator. So he likes places and seats of power to get him where he desires to be and keep him there by force if necessary. The armies were there to keep the people at the top protected and well fed.

The simple truth is if you can take G-d’s throne from HIM then someone else can take it away from you. So you build armies and keep the right people from rising up especially if your evil and we know Satan is.  So whoever is now at the top today making peace without Jesus before HIS return it’s evil and the minions. Did they try it with Obama (nation) on the Muslim’s? 700 billion says they did.    Now it is Donald (the last) Trump and his Jewish Son in Law?  What kind of Christian would allow his daughter to turn from Christ to Judaism then hail him as the one who will bring peace?

Someone who went to Catholic school and Donald was taught by Jesuits as was my Protestant minister friends.

Something smells fishy.

Vengeance belongs to G-d.

They will burn if true Christian’s remain silent.

The original debate was,  “Do we need to worship the Son to have a society and peace?”

I say yes, what say you?  A line from another Jesuit instructed talking head.

In the trenches
Brother Abel.


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