To commemorate shark week let’s discover.

A shark is a finely honed killing machine that never stops moving. Its prey is smaller fish and seals.  It smells blood and is drawn to sounds that appear as a fish incapacitated to swim like a human thrashing about.  One thing is certain they do not have clubs to stop this behavior as seen on Finding Nemo (omen backward). The image below sharks teeth distorting/destroying the star of David. The only cure is repentance and placing Jesus in your heart.

When a nation starts victimizing its children for sick pleasure it is time to close the whole thing down! Rome was notorious for homosexuality and pedophiles before it’s falls but who is making America into Amernazi? The scum floats to the surface and the church is asked to clean up the mess.

It is a command, not a suggestion to crush the serpents head.

Brother Abel

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