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The S U N Rises on the S O N in the East

On the Eastern side of the tabernacle the sun rises on the tribe of Judah the legs and feet of Jesus are laid out on the eastern side. Blessed are the feet of him who brings good news.  Jesus brought us the greatest news the headline should have read… “The ultimate expression of love has come to Earth.”

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” ~ William Arthur Ward

EastBeneath Jesus’s feet we find the tribe of Issachar then Zebulun we will begin at the bottom and work our way up.

The Romans hid the word and gave us the sign of the fish to use in order to meet. Rome feared their soldiers would become converts memorizing the word. They also exalted the M and should not have. That is why G-d is placing his word in pictures in their backyard of England. Gotta love the humor in this.

Zebulun has the banner of a sailing ship and the star sign of Virgo who is best known as the Virgin. If the cross was planted in the dirt as it was when Jesus hung on it, then the  base or bottom would be where we place dead bodies,  buried beneath the dirt. The sun would not shine on Zebulun  or the Virgin they are exactly where G-d wants them to be under his feet beneath cancer.

If light is to shine on anyone, it should always be on Jesus the Son of G-d. No other should steal his glory or keep it from him.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac, while Zebulun is Leah’s 6th born son. Six is the number for man and death the sixth commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”

I do not believe in ASTROLOGY or place my hope within it . My philosophy is to not be guided by the stars but by the one whom made the stars. The Zodiac goes beyond Babylon to the days of Enoch and earlier.

They tell the story of G-d in the heavens before writing originated. Virgo falls between Libra and Leo. Libra is designated by the scales of law / justice who we will later see is given to the tribe of Levi while Leo is represented by Judah and the Son, Whom Overcomes The Law.  Virgo the Virgin interferes between them is what G-d is revealing in the heavens, just as she does here on Earth with her worshipers. G-d knew how exalted they would make her? The worship of the queen of heaven has kept many from G-d and His truth.

Prisons are full of children who would kill you if you spoke badly of their mother. Mary appears and never says anything bad about her children. I would wager the men in prison heard about how good they were as they were raised,  obviously without any respect for authority.   For Catholics, they are all pleasurable children, she never tells them to take the money out of the system that is building the weapons that will be used against her Son on His return.  I am not trying to speak badly of the Mother of Jesus only to reveal a truth.  Father is coming, and he is going to open a can of whoop ass.

The pagans worshiped the queen of heaven before the birth of Jesus. It is they whom took the word from the church so that we could not quote it back to the enemy. He hid it in Latin and denied the people from reading it. Roman soldiers (pagans) then gave the church instead of memorization of scripture the sign of the fish to identify where they were meeting in order to trap and kill the Christian saints.  So we are at the end, and G-d has placed 100s of signs in the backyard of Rome that open up the word for the lost in hopes to save as many as he can before resurrection.

Moses was instructed to place the tribes in the wilderness in this fashion thousands of years before He was born.  G-d is revealing at the end they are goats, and G-d loves them enough to let them know it before resurrection in order to repent and recant their stand with Satan in heaven this is what is called mercy.

Genesis 30:20
(20)  And Leah said, G-d hath endowed me with a good dowry; now will my husband dwell with me, because I have borne him six sons: and she called his name Zebulun.

Leah is desperate for Jacob’s love.  Here we see her hoping he will love her more than he loves Rachel. However, that is impossible because in the reality the allusion is that Leah represents the children behind the veil (heaven) the ones jealous of the Son in whom Father G-d represented by Jacob prized most highly.

Joseph is the son of Rachel, whom Jacob worked longest and hardest for. Joseph we know is a picture of Jesus, while the coat of many colors represents the covering cherub, I have named him Mr. Sparkles because of all his precious stones.  G-d labored longer for the earthly while the heavenly angels were spoken into existence and encouraged to worship the Son in whom Father gave all credit for the creation.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT… If the angels in heaven understood what the Son of G-d would actually go through do you think those who fell away from worshiping him would have rebelled?  Also,  do you think that those whom lost friends and loved ones for all eternity (speaking of the fallen angels) would because of the love for the Son and fearing for his safety been more vigilante in helping the light bearer whom carried the Son’s essence win them back to G-d? Instead of treating Lucifer as if he had no value mocking him less and cheering him on to bring in the lost and rebellious?

The twelve tribes of Israel each tower has three sides 3 x 12 =36 Genesis 36 we find the descendants of Esau.
The twelve tribes of Israel each tower has three sides 3 x 12 =36 Genesis 36 we find the descendants of Esau Jacob’s brother. Jacob fathered the twelve.

He is the sixth son of Leah 6 is a number of man and symbolizes death while inverted it is the number for judgment 9 every number multiplied by nine has a sum total of nine once issued it cannot be taken back. Next we will see that the star sign Cancer reveals these two opposing numbers as well they are also revealed in what I reveal is my own banner for the house of Abel written as 619.  If you do not want to win the world to Christ you do nothing if you want to honor G-d you acknowledge I have come to bring in the harvest.

Compare the communication device in the returned Carl Sagan Aricebo message message a year after and to the day the above G-d spoke appeared.
Compare the communication device in the returned Carl Sagan Aricebo message, A year after and to the day the crop circle G-d spoke and bang appeared.

The other four sons two from each of their handmaidens / servant girls.  Then Joseph and Benjamin giving us the twelve. Half of twelve is six while half of twenty and four  is twelve.

24 is perfection 888 completeness one third of 24 billion is roughly 8 billion a number we are coming up on ourselves in terms of population. Hmm I wonder what does this all mean?

One third of the angels fell from heaven the census in the message is that the population is 24 billion. What country in their right mind would go up against these numbers?  We determine the population by the returned Arecibo message left us in England.

Jacob blesses him with this Genesis 49:13  Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the sea; And he shall be for a haven of ships; And his border shall be upon Sidon.

A haven is a harbor a place ships come to do business, we know that in the last days we are told the harlot will sit on many waters. Many waters is often a reference to people the merchants of the earth have waxed rich by her power of wantonness  Revelation 18:3.  We know her wealth is handled by the Rothschild banking group who took over the Vatican’s holding.  Their history tells the story of how America is their enemy as well as Romes . Together they sought our demise see 1811 and 1812 right up to them taking over the wealth of the Catholic Church in 1823.

They are not sheep they are goat’s several times Jesus was given the opportunity to exalt his mother and each time he denied her. Always placing the emphasis on His Father and those whom do his fathers will. The worship of the virgin has sent many to hell, including blocking the lost sheep of Israel from seeing the glorious G-d of scripture.

They pray to her regularly using the rosary.  There are 50 Hail Marys.  For every time you pray once to G-d the Father, you pray 10 times to Mary for five to G-d, 50 to Mary. 

No wonder G-d has placed her in the opposite spot that Satan would want her in and G-d did this before Jesus was even born. Knowing his enemy would shine the light on her more than Jesus were it always needs to be. Jesus was not a cesarean sectioned child He passed through the birth canal and Joseph his step father had other children with her Matthew CHAPTER ONE verse TWENTY FIVE. Matthew 1:25  Joseph enjoyed it so much he did it with her more than once. Obeying the commandment of G-d to go forth and multiply. Something they do not do themselves but want their followers all to do in order to protect their position in the pecking order.

The gift and blessing of G-d is a fruitful womb the enemy hates children and that is why his church leaders and puppets do not have them whom protect his treasury. He learned that children are a weakness to those whom held his treasure as did the Pharaoh of Egypt.  But he wants their soldiers to have lots of them to use as their shields and destroy the lies of the Protestants. This is how he transforms his ministers into agents of light. Check your leadership that may not be the holy spirit they are carrying if they claim all OT prophecy has been fulfilled or that the church is gone before the great harvest,  they are deceiving you.

When you place the virgin were they do the cross becomes inverted the goats end up on his right.  Cancer is no longer under the feet of Jesus which we know today is certain  death if diagnosed with it. Any wonder why great healings do not take place look where the light is shining in their world.  Pentecostal ministers want to see great healing but refuse to acknowledge the truth.

We must place Jesus the direction G-d wants him to be and we will trample down death as designed in the wilderness by G-d.  Instead of the way Satan would like it to be just as his church has always done,  promoted death.  Death is our enemy… Sure they’re pro-life just ask the Rothschild banks who manage their money. Rome knew the character of the Bank before they gave them their money to them. Checkout 1811 and the rest of their history right up to 1823.

cancer_crab_Issachar is the banner the Sun with eight stars his star sign is Cancer the crab who has eight legs. He separates Virgo from the rest of the body.

Those whom raised the Virgin over Christ created the Satanic Cross. Cancer is no longer under his feet cancer in this outline represents health.

Jacob’s blessing Genesis 49:14  Issachar is a strong ass, Couching down between the sheepfolds:

We have two sheep folds one is primarily goats pretending to be Christian but do not know that the priesthood has ended. It is up to the true believers to expose the false church and set them free for resurrection.

They say Peter was first Pope. However the scriptures teach He was the ambassador of Christ to the Jewish people.
They say Peter was first Pope. However the scriptures teach He was the ambassador of Christ to the Jewish people.

The inverted cross is Satanic the Virgin is placed on the top the key is this outline that needs to be inserted into the vault the seat of Rome and turned in order to unlock its treasures for harvest. Place the cross in the right position and win the world for Jesus or what we can in time for lift off.

There are Eight stars in Issachar’s flag there are eight legs on the crab.  Eight is the number for new beginnings 88 is two-thirds of the whole 24. Once we place death under the feet of Jesus as it should be and start turning this around we will restore a good portion of the final third replacing the numbers we lost in heaven in the first rebellion.   The enemy said he would make the Son his pet however,  in the tribulation he will send many running to the cross. Praise the Lord!

Note the 6 and 9 as the symbols of cancer. Again six the number of man or death, our bodies hold spirit, which is dead until Christ awakens them.  Nine is the number for judgment.

Jesus came to pour his blood out for the sins of the world his blood drips destroying death (cancer) first.  Then blood hits the ground on the dust man is made from,  symbolizing the redemption of man.

House of Abel G-d has sent him to turn it the way it should be.
House of Abel G-d has sent him to turn it the way it should be. Hard to tell but light knows the difference.

In Satan’s diabolical design the blood never reaches man it pours through the fingers of Mary.  The image is clear it never gets from her to man. Because they lift her above where G-d placed her.  Yes,  she is called blessed but that is as far as it should have gone.  Am I any less blessed than she? I carry what Lucifer once carried the very spirit of the Son with bonuses others have not.  Light sees what darkness does G-d told me once I saw his effigy that Satan could not hide his doings from me. I walk in the fulness of truth.  G-d’s only Son needs to be lifted so that all men can be drawn to him not Peter, Paul or Mary or Puff the magic Dragon.

sphinxJudah the Lion He deserves a post all His own.  The light should always be upon Jesus and no one should cast a shadow on Him or steal from Him His glory. So next Post I will shine exclusively on the Lion and the Law represented by Levi / Libra the heart of the matter then on to the mind of Christ his crown and his new covering Benjamin.

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