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The wilderness tabernacle and its secrets part1

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Exodus 25:8  And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them. 25 + 8 = 33 the age Christ completes his work. He is represented by the ark’s mercy seat a seat vacant in heaven awaiting Christ to sit at the right hand of his father.  Coincidentally??? Psalm 33:1-22 In G-d’s word, there are no coincidences and a lot of confirmation he is on his way.

Isaiah 19:19  In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. Isaiah 19:1-25 reveals a promise of Egypt’s salvation along with Assyria found in Isaiah 19:22-25.

The exodus out of Egypt took place close to 1446 BC, and it was not until they were out of Egypt that G-d began constructing his priesthood by 1445 BC or 1444 it was in full operation.  The reason is simple exposing what truly pleases G-d and what is acceptable from what is not.  The enemy had begun his delusional structure playing on the fears of the ignorant for thousands of years before G-d initiated his wilderness tabernacle.  Not only does he begin his later than the enemies he also ends it sooner as well in 70 AD. 1,515 years the priesthood lasts.

The enemy keeps it going adding to the confusion making Christ appear to be a liar when he said,” it is finished!”  For Satan, mocking Christs work is his favorite pastime.  The first non official priest to make an offering was Abel and G-d looked upon it with R.E.S.P.E.C.T Genesis 4:4.

The blood of man begins to spill. The sin of Adam has brought death into the world his oldest son Cain  kills the younger brother Abel.  The younger had brought a better offering, and G-d had respect towards it.  Satan is convinced the seed will come from Abel that will crush his head, so he ends Abel’s life before he even finds a suitable mate.  Abel is the new thing in heaven replacing G-d’s former best friend and traitor, the angels are pleased to make his acquaintance.  Abel is the first of mankind among them and a revelation of the promise of the soon coming Son they had heard so much about and worshiped in heaven.

When we see Jacob and Esau, the older brother gives up his birthright for vegetable soup. G-d blesses the younger with more soon we see a pattern begins to emerge.  We find that G-d loves Jacob and hates Esau because Esau felt the birthright was of no value. Esau marries into the tribe of Ishmael, which today still rejects the birthright of Jesus being the Son of G-d.

When Jacob confronts Esau in Genesis 33, we see the same pattern in how Jacob orders his family fearing Esau will kill him as Cain slew Abel.   Jacob places the handmaidens and their children in the front of his caravan, then Leah and her children lastly Rachel and Joseph in the back.

Keep in mind Rachel dies when Benjamin is born, he is Joseph’s younger brother, and he is blessed five times more than his brothers at the feast where Joseph has sat his brothers according to their ages Genesis 43:33-34.  Israel is aware of this pattern and blesses Joseph’s youngest son Ephraim first then Manasseh. Great men of G-d usually see the patterns, and the work G-d is doing Jesus said I see what my father is doing, and I do likewise, John 5:19.

Today America is the youngest and the mightiest while England is the older she is not as blessed as America but soon will be for it is here G-d places his last days king in order to take in the harvest and reveal to the world the church in which honors him best.  It is the Protestants who are born again and holy spirit filled whom know there is no longer any need for a priesthood. The final king will arrange it so the lost will be without excuse and cannot say I do not know which church holds truth.

At the same time forcing repentance prior to resurrection to those who lied about their relationship to him.  Because of their man made doctrines and the idols that kept Israel and Islam from ever knowing him. G-d does not wish to compete with false gods and idols and he shouldn’t have to.

Offerings were made by many servants of G-d before the wilderness priesthood began. The tabernacle was designed  in order to teach man there is only one G-d and only one way to satisfy Him. It is in spirit and in truth that G-d desires to be worshiped.

False priest hoods existed before this in order to rob the people of truth by placating to counterfeit gods. Which were only demons delusional with visions of grandeur placed in their minds by their lying leader who had fallen from the finest position in heaven.  It is exactly what the Romish church has done to our world’s leadership using Christ’s name as their power source without having known him.

Rome has a secret agenda and has had it since before the time of Christ. It is written within their DNA it is a pattern they follow. Knowing their history helps to understand why G-d chooses them to deceive the world.  This takes you to the legend if this was star wars they are the Empire we are they whom they desire to conquer and rule over. Just as Satan wanted to do in heaven over the angels.

Satan’s idea of heaven is outlined throughout history with him at the top and in control.

In Egypt, the enemy created several false gods among the people to worship. The priesthood then as it does now prey upon the people using their fear to provide for them a livelihood that did not involve work but good storytelling.  This kept some form of morality and loyalty to the ruler at any given time k the ruler happy insured ones place within his inner circle.

The clearest observation of this practice is when communism invades China  in the movie “The last Emperor of China.” The people brought grains, fruits and vegetables and an occasional animal or two  to the priesthood that insisted they knew what was best for the emperor.  The mystery with the emperor of China was that the whole of society provided for the workers who lived lavishly within the forbidden city.  Now the emperor has been replaced by the government.  Like Christ has been taken out of America and replaced by the government engineered by the priesthood at the top of the hill Rome because they know him not.

When looking at the wilderness tabernacle we must consider the priesthood was corrupted from its foundations by the enemy as to bring worship to himself and away from G-d. Egypt plays the false system, and its structured begins the age while America inverts the system and ends the age.

The Aerial image of Egypt is to reveal a truth that the wilderness tabernacle shows.  In the image let’s remove  the years of slavery and before Joseph arrives leaving only the two symbols that represent the battle which the god of this world denies is his doing. Because man lives in darkness, his heart bends towards supporting him in denying his works.


It is the largest and most sophisticated of all the Pyramids is the Khufu pyramid everyone after this one is inferior in its construction. Note the four sides are concave causing us to see eight sides. This and the Sphinx that we will refer to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah for now on.  G-d took us all the way to America to reveal the whole truth and show us the right system of government and that he desires to be worshiped as the Protestants worship him.


A tabernacle is a dwelling place in the case of the wilderness tabernacle it is where the Spirit of G-d revealed himself to His chosen people.  My body is a tabernacle for the Holy Spirit and my own spirit in relationship with G-d.   His spirit in me is only made possible through the acceptance of His Son’s work on the cross to absolve me of all my sins past, present, and future.

The image below is how the camp was seen from the heavens by G-d and his angels, including Mr. Sparkles who was now without his bling, bling.  Note the tribes and their positions and compare what you know about the first Pyramid and lion with a face of a man made in Egypt.  I embellished and added the Zodiac signs that each tribe was assigned to in green. Keep in mind these things are placed throughout scripture for us to discover. The enemy and his church couldn’t be bothered to learn them.  Because they lack love for G-d, they go against his will only to fall into it. Rome’s motto should be we came to steal,  kill and destroy and our brand of Christianity has nothing to do with the truth.

Note where the virgin is placed… Beneath his feet and at the section of the cross that is buried. Raising her would cause cancer. So G-d has placed the Virgin below even Cancer.  I am saying I’m Benjamin which has a higher position than that of the Virgin. We are leaving Pisces which means fishing season is over purification is next. Aquarius means to cleanse out the evil and wicked from the body.  I am a Gemini born 6/10 Revelation 6:10 Benjamin was named by his mother the Son of her sorrow and his father called him Son of his right hand. His flag insignia is that of a wolf I will be playing both parts bringing in the harvest and then turn and punish the wicked. On earth as it is in heaven I am the new light bringer just as he was before the fall.

G-d cannot dwell in an unrepentant heart or the heart that testifies they need him not. Which is an absurd statement when you consider He is the creator of all that exists now or ever will exist.

We are here because a rebellion of heaven’s original tenants we call angels said that the Son was not necessary for the existence of life.  To worship what was not seen was altogether foolish for them.  The wilderness tabernacle built by Moses at G-d’s instructions reveals more than meets the eye,  it is not only the  replica of the throne of G-d in heaven it reveals the story as well all of which we can now begin to see more clearly.

ark_of_covenant_high_priest_3The high priest adorned with the Ephod of jewel’s stone for stone as recorded and found on Lucifer in heaven Ezekiel 28:13.   It makes a statement of replacement that G-d could take the dust from the ground under his enemy’s feet and raise it up to worship and replace him.  Satan hates us because we are the gems of G-d, and we’re all made so that when the curtain / veil tore down the middle, he allows us all to have access to G-d’s holiest of places. Lucifer was adorned by stones because of what he carried inside him. What we carry inside is more precious to G-d than any stone.

The angels on either side of Christ (mercy seat) represent Michael and Gabriel the one missing is replaced by man.

Note where we find the lampstand in the heavenly tabernacle of G-d.
Note where we find the lamp stand in the heavenly tabernacle of G-d.

Outside the holy of holies is the alter of incense these are your prayers brought before G-d by his angels as revealed in the image below the center spirit is the individual praying the one’s leaving are the angels carrying the prayers to heaven.

One spirit in the center 18 angels lifting prayers. Psalm 18:1-50 Total flattened sections 37 Psalm 37:1-40 someone is going to be trampled on.

In part 2 I will take a closer look at the seven lamps on the lamp stand to shine on the bread of life known as the table of showbread. That light always shines on the source of life.

The center lamp represents Christ here we see it is about to be lit are you ready because right now yo many will miss Resurrection and you do not want to go empty handed.
The center lamp represents Christ here we see it is about to be lit are you ready? Because right now to many will miss Resurrection and you do not want to go empty-handed.
The showbread the bread that satisfies. Jesus referred to himself as the bread that came down from heaven. the world cannot satisfy ones soul or desire but this bread can.
The showbread the bread that satisfies. Jesus referred to himself as the bread that came down from heaven. The world cannot satisfy ones soul or its desires but this bread can.


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