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Hunting the Greatest Treasure

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There are five reality shows I like to watch they are… Gold Rush, Prospectors, American Pickers,  Pawn Stars and Duck Dynasty.  The first three scour regions to find treasures that can provide them with an income while the fourth sell whatever  treasure they have at or below its actual value. The buyer hopes to resell it to a collector who specializes in that one object while the latter Duck Dynasty found the greatest treasure “The pearl of great price.”  Those who find this treasure find eternal life,  with a guaranteed mansion at the end of life here.  Find this pearl and all other things become of less value to be shared with others.

Gold Rush has a mining team called “316 Mining”  led by a man called Todd Hoffman who in the show occasionally lifts up a prayer to G-d in search of Alaska’s gold deposits. More often than not his work becomes unprofitable. I try to root for him even though he is making G-d to look a bit uncaring to the world. G-d is not uncaring at all,  Todd is just looking in the wrong spot. He needs to listen better to G-d to find the greatest gold reserves.  It is evident to me he is not looking in the right place for the greatest deposit of gold  it is not in the ground it is held by the dragon whom lost it originally.  If you destroy the dragon you get his gold,  after all he is just one dragon.

Prospectors are called that because they seek gems that are unseen hidden beneath the earth they live by a unique type of faith hoping behind the next rock is the booty. The dragon’s treasures are on display for all to see, and you really don’t need much faith at all to see them. He keeps his in a booty and like in heaven; the foolish fish go after him like a lure that he was intended to be those who lacked  faith needed visuals.  They say the best way to hide something is to place it in plain sight.  He lost his covering when G-d cast him out of heaven.  Since then he has been trying to restore the beauty he once had without giving any credit to the one who made him. Kill the dragon get his precious stones after all he is just one dragon.

American Pickers look all over the United States to find antiques dirty rusty treasures of value that others disregard.  They are like the master who, in reality, does the same thing. He finds those whom have been destroyed by the dragon because the dragon seen no value in them, after ruining their lives, he discards them. Only one with a well-trained  eye can see the value in those items tossed aside.

Pawn Stars buy what the other three are selling hoping to earn a greater profit on the resale.  Rarely do they have a vested interest in the object themselves. They are buying with hopes of reselling to a collector whom specializes in the item pawned or sold.  If it was of really any value, the dragon would claim it for himself. These just may be the treasures that escaped him,  after all he is only one dragon. A dragon which has his many minions  who do what they can, but they cannot get it all.  So he concentrates his efforts on the rulers of the nations in order to posses whatever he wants when he wants. He is a slave driver, and his minions are driven to the point of madness.  His favorite things are wealth,  power and the ability to kill millions before the master picker places them in his care.

Duck Dynasty these are specialized treasures that are bought with a great price. They belong to a unique family. The collector who bought them has total ownership and will never sell them out. They to him are worth all the wealth in the world. He gave his best in order to have them in his collection they are free to do whatever they please as long as it pleases the master. We are all owned by someone or something only those who see the value of the gift of the master can become part of His home where He treasures each one of them.

Heaven is my home in that home are rare treasure’s angels, cherubim, six winged creatures who have on them three faces.  The greatest of treasures sits to the right of the creator heaven is His Home. He sent his Son into the world to make friends and teach others about love.  If you cannot get along with his friends on the outside of the house, then you are not welcome inside.  Rebellion and violence have no part in heaven.

To be part of this unique place one must accept the one and only sacrifice love his laws, teachings and commands. He is after all building a household of faith selecting treasures that want to belong. The key to being a member of this household,  is faith.  Unlike “316 Mining” or the Prospectors once you find this treasure you need to dig no more.

There is indeed a new world coming, and it is Jesus, who is bringing it. First, we must offer mercy to those treasures abused by the dragon,  especially to those who doubt his existence. G-d’s love stripped him of his precious stones knowing like the prospectors; he would hunt them down and clothe himself again. He is big, and his body created a Ponzi scheme that keeps those under him at war and hungry. There are more of us then there are of him after all he is just one dragon. It is just a matter of locking him down, and G-d did that in 2008 when he was forced to buy the Presidency of the United States to the tune of 700 billion dollars. Seriously,  who has that kind of coin that would want to destroy Protestant America?

To explain him is hard one must understand why he was made. He did not have to be so big, but it helped those without faith to see him.  He was given free will. He could have chosen another path. We were all given the same choice he was given to love or not to love the one whom made him.

He was a covering meant to protect and honor designed to bring a rebellion under control by leading the fallen back to the Son; his size and beauty became his downfall. By the reason of his beauty, he corrupted his wisdom, by the reason of his merchandise; he led many astray Ezekiel 28:17.  He insisted G-d had no Son and that if one cannot be seen than he cannot be real.

It was the lack of faith, obedience and trust in heaven in the Fathers word that the Son indeed was real.  Causing G-d to make man to reveal the truth of the Son He loved so much. It is what the Son would do that would change the outcome of creation He would educate free will and reveal the necessity that worship plays in the peace process.

It is understanding that Father and Son here and there are one in the same.  When you seen one you were looking at the other. We are like the negative to their positive. We are the undeveloped film, and we can turn out for or against the creator. It is our own free will that has brought us here and who we allow to influence us. Every society needs a leader in heaven that is Jesus and the twenty and four elders.

It was at the cross, both the rebellious angels and those angels who remained with G-d finally seen the Son who loved them and how treasured each of them was. It was there Christ proclaimed the greatest sermon. “It is finished.”

I am always indebted to the one whom paid the highest price for me.  I thought I was worthless until G-d showed me I was his greatest treasure. But I am never greater than you and none can ever be greater than Him.

B. Abel

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