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If I Had a Ministry There would be Prerequisites

They are not necessary to serve the LORD or I only to serve those who need the LOVE of Jesus manifested through them a passionate heart for the LORD is a powerful chain breaker.

Movies that would be on my must-see list is anything from Sherwood Pictures.  Courageous,  War Room, Fireproof and Facing the Giants,  I do love the Kendricks.

“Undaunted”  the life story of Josh McDowell.

“I can only Imagine” the Story of  Bart Millard and the path that took him to write the greatest song of our time.

A subscription to PureFlix would be nice but not necessary.

I served twenty plus years in the Christian Film Festival’s of America when it was playing in Lawrence Mass during Easter week.   I have seen almost every Christian film ever made. Unfortunately, the ministry is no longer with us.

It can be brought back with an infusion of funds from the Brides dowry saved up by the dragon himself.

Someone was planning ahead.

You would also need to undergo a two-hour presentation of seeing the whole tapestry understanding the whole story as laid out in scripture.  Now that we have a better grip on what is good and what is evil it shouldn’t be too hard to grasp the story and why we are here.

In the Music Arena, I never was very big on secular worldly groups even when I was growing up,  there were a few but nothing I really would want to take to Father and place on HIS memory stick.

The first concert ever for me was Amy Grant so now that she is getting right with G-d again I’ve begun listening again.

Harvest (The early works)  a must, Keith Green, Selah, Lamb, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, Hillsong United, FFH, For KING & COUNTRY, Michael Card, Michael W. Smith basically anything Christian.

I would include Enya and Yanni.

I do like Classical and Baroque but not enough to hold a conversation with you.

I once had a pastor who played Classically but he turned out to be too controlling for my taste, ending the homeless ministry Father was educating me in placed his ministry in jeopardy he may be disappointed with his reward only because it was his ministry.  G-d called him to shepherd a flock not stifle growth.

This is for any minister,  when G-d rises up an individual to carry HIS word and gives that person a vision to reach the lost you are to nurture it,  you are birthing something wonderful not seek to abort it because it is not in your vision or inconvenient for you.  God did not call you to put out fires but to help start them.  If you find error trim the branch don’t kill the tree.

My ministry would insist on having a Christian film festival, not just one week a year,  but every week with an invitation to receive Christ at the end of every film.  On Sunday’s turning the theaters into sanctuaries for teaching and preaching of G-d’s word,  in the foyer my favorite Christian musicians playing. While in elevators, Enya and Yanni.

The enemy is really a pushover when you have something he really want’s and that would be the peace plan.
The only one G-d want’s in place!


Money, not a problem we would only need to lease the properties for three years.  Add a free meal for the homeless making it kind of like a Chunky’s.   A meal and a movie and they can even get a job out of it as well as maintenance and upkeep will be necessary.

My philosophy is like Father’s,  if you don’t work you don’t eat the government is running out of money because of leeches who don’t work but suck the life out of those who do so their solution may be leaning more to the drastic side of things as always but look at who has been placing people in power to benefit them since before Christ even came,  they are the root of the problem.  God purposely points her out in America with her fingers in the cookie jar.

AMERICA WAS GREAT BEFORE HER INFLUENCE we do not need a priesthood go back to the rock you crawled out from under.

I see that the train is coming and the Bible was very clear it would come.

It is a fact that every government went after its undesirables to establish its idea of order.
When you consider who is behind it all you can be sure it is going to happen here.

When in a minority they are as gentle as lambs in the majority they are vicious as wolves.  Just look at history where they have been.  Now they have power in America and it wasn’t given to them through integrity or honesty.  It was stolen using blood money that had been taken from Revelation 6:10 saints.

A Catholic Vice President and a Jesuit educated President all under a priesthood and things are getting better??? This is the delusion that would come and look how many saints in name only have fallen for it.

G-d want’s us to know because HE loves us who this harlot is and the elect cannot say it is not.

Having the HOLY SPIRIT means you can discern who G-d loves and who G-d seeks to rebuke and make right with HIM.

Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it.

God loves you all and sinners need to repent even pastoral ones.

Jesus did not turn stones into bread or do what the Sadducees and Pharisees of HIS day wanted either.

If you do not want to set the lost free or lift up HIS SON and we can tell by your relationship to Satan’s priesthood pretending to know G-d.

Come out of her,  G-d insists so that repentance can be had and souls can be saved.

Brother Abel.

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