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He leaves the 99 to seek that one!

Friend, let me ask you a question where are you headed?

Not in this life a career or family but at the end of the road.   For some that could be tomorrow.
For many it is today.  Some are entering into a continued relationship with their creator or one that is non-existent because they just couldn’t be bothered to know the truth.

The truth is… That is why we were here,  for that very purpose alone.

To enjoy our G-d and take pleasure in HIM.

For the cad and the man of a debased mind he tries out all the gods and never finds his true love or he is aware of his true love but tells HIM when I am done with the others, I will come to you.   If it were a woman or a man depending on your own DNA structure they would tell you to take a hike.  They should value themselves much better than that,  why settle for a cad who is bad and makes others sad?

Sorry, my Dr. Suess kicked in.

Heaven will be a much better place without individuals like that wouldn’t you agree?

If G-d moved into the man’s heart and HE lived as Jesus desired,  I could be at peace with such a man.

My G-d is an amazing G-d HE forgives the vilest of men ready to welcome them with open arms.  HE is in a war for your heart and mind that makes up your eternal soul.  Just recently in my last post I revealed the mocking of the devil through man and have in Whitehorse-radio called for a rise against evil by using the charge Tally Ho, Ho, Ho.

Within it I was referencing the spiritual battle that takes place every time during this year I placed up a new mascot over at called Rudy and he says he will guide us HO, HO, HOME.   I can’t make this stuff up it isn’t even “Thanksgiving”  and the day after I posted Rudy I went out my front door and staring me in the face was you guessed it. On my neighbor’s door a Santa with the words Ho, Ho, Ho.

Things like this puzzle me is he reading the blog or is it truly a spirit moving him without him realizing it? Those who say it is for the children need to realize dinosaurs took better care of their young. Doing things like this is not moving me to give him his peace plan.  I’m gaining a better understanding of the flood of Noah and have greater respect for G-d as a result of it.

A dark cloud has hung over me since I arrived on planet earth in 1959 five years after a group took their phony queen of heaven and made her a co-redeemer with Christ condemning millions more to hell.

G-d makes it clear in his word he will not be mocked and not share HIS glory with another.  Those who love HIM should care.  Jesus came to lift up HIS Father and now I understand why no one is greater than HE.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He will not move and he will not change for anyone.

The mocking priesthood with the mock sacrifice and the destroying of nations with their threat of death or exposing the sins of the leaders of a nation, just to place in their leadership  How is this Christian?

Revelation 18 HE remembers her sins because she never,  ever repented.  She denies the power of the blood and the finished work of Christ. Using only his name to manipulate the kings of the earth. Jezebel is alive and well and has her many ministers and voices condemning what is good and exalting what is evil.

Can we find peace in Santa or in the compromise?

A Pentecostal man said at a Sunday night study those who would be against such a thing as Santa we should just smile at the anti-Santa’s nod our head and walk away.  Funny the pagans do the same thing to us, when it comes to Jesus.  It is understandable Pastor you stopped standing on the word of G-d a long time ago to advocate such hypocrisy.

Just because you and many others like you lack discernment does not mean the rest of us should follow you.  The same man had over thirty crop circles in his possession that could have given hope and opened up G-d’s word that he shared with no-one.  He chose to play the devil’s advocate and the sad thing is he does it all too well.

Sitting on my left side one Sunday morning was a beautiful man in the LORD a truly stand up Christian as the pastor preached about “Timing” that there is timing.  I poked my dear brother and said look how he backpedals to try and explain what is going on.

He cannot fathom the idea that Christ chose a covering again! Nor does he notice HE is the one out of the 99.

He that is in me is greater than he who is in the world.

The only ones who were concerned with the timing in the Bible were the demons and crying out it is not their time.  This was the same thing only with a twist of phony holiness and bravado.

The Bible says clearly the earth is the LORDS and the fulness thereof and HE gives to whom HE wills the kingdoms of the earth. Is this really a birthright in which you wish to steal from me?

What does that say about you as a “Man of G-d?”

That what this is,  is less than what G-d say’s it is or HIS SON”S value?

Do you really want to go down that road?

God will not be mocked!

Why would G-d let me perform things HIS first covering could not?

How is that balanced, how is that fair?


The gifts will not,  so take a stand which way do you want to fall on your knees or on your back?

Lots of people in the tribulation will be falling on their backs but that has more to do with guns and bombs than the spirit of G-d all because they couldn’t fall on their knees.

One thing is for certain friend HE is always looking for you,  the one who is lost.

Brother Abel