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This is called "Bird Brain" the enemy built it . It does not point to any Bible passages and I'm not surprised. He called me a Bird Brain while I was growing up putting the clever name of Booby in front of irt. the real Boob is the one who made it. It shows he needs us to get his technical knowledge from.

Impedance and Resistance

Are two technical terms they work along side each other along with the interrupter who want’s to change the direction of the flow of current.

Current without these three elements has a force output equal to its input,  imagine the impact that would make if G-d was not impeded?

The feature image you see was done in 2009 right after I said in a blog post that the enemy could not be doing these crop circles.  First and foremost he would never open the word of G-d up to a lost and dying world knowing at the moment all those souls belong to him.

I added besides his artistic work was not fridge worthy because he scribbles and can’t stay inside the lines.

Next day this appeared which reveals a lot of mysteries.  First, he can read the blogs, so I know many carry him. I have heard him speak through ministers who impede, resist and interrupt the final work.

Note how he stayed in between the lines and that it does not reference any scriptures, my child tormentor always referred to me as a birdbrain seems here I am reminded of that.  It is also an attack on the angels who also fly.

He sees us as,  we think we see them, grey aliens.  Most all descriptions of grey’s come from people who have emptied themselves and were placed in a meditative trance under hypnosis as a spirit begins to speak through the victim of his encounter with them. If you have not caught on to this nonsense now, you know what’s going on.

I often think maybe one of his fallen angels gave the first few descriptions and they had to run with it though they have tried to switch it up a few times with entities of light which never speak of Jesus as LORD and maker of the Universe.  It’s a give away in my book they are not sent from G-d at all because that’s all the HOLY SPIRIT want’s to talk about Jesus, Jesus,  Jesus and not Marsha, Marsha, Marsha or Mary, Mary, Mary.

Jesus warned us if we make room for one demon he will inevitably invite friends.  That is why the word of G-d is so important to hold them at bay with and have a grounding so that only one source of energy is in you “THE HOLY SPIRIT” to be grounded and prepared we must understand the word to be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT to counter-attack the enemy knowledge of the word a must.

That is why he and his demons hide it from you, and they do it with a smile and go in peace attitude.

He has been using our knowledge of electronics to aid in the building of his kingdom,  his new world order that began before we arrived on the scene.  His power comes from our ignorance of his plans; it was after all G-d who said that HIS SON could make him like the most high, but he would need to divide his seven years into two sections.

Not believing the SON was real he readily agreed to the terms.

So if he want’s the peace plan he will have to let me finish my work, he must remove the interrupters,  the resistance, and the impedance and be willing to allow the current to flow.

He fears if he does he will lose too many souls as eyes begin to open.  Like one little truck driver can take down an entire religious system which has a foundation that stems some 1700 years.   It would have to be built entirely on sand.

So what is the fear?

I watched the movie which I highly recommend “I can only imagine.”  I was a teenager at the time Bart Millard was a child the songs the movie had I remembered but the music was not my interest as a teen, in fact, the first concert I had ever gone too was with my fiance at the age of twenty-three Amy Grant was playing at the Worcester Centrum in Worcester Massachusetts’s.

The picture that Bart draws in the movie is one that many of us know too well,  we have had our own and why is it the greater the monster the more beautiful we become because of them?


When Jesus came to me he told me there was beauty in the breaking I cried for months after his coming to me and revealing who I am.

How big was my monster?

You can only imagine, you can be sure I loved her.

Brother Abel

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