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Forever Learning Never Understanding

We are doing the same thing that happened in heaven only with a slight twist,  are we any better than the angels who rejected the Son in heaven before the making of man? Free will in man or angel is the same. G-d is not making robots the enemy however is. He wants men to take the mark and slip into his matrix of eternal stupidity.


In 2008, Christ told me HE was ending it saying, “They learn nothing.” In May 2009 HE tagged me it.

We have our share of half-hearted half holy people around us.  If you relate to this message I beg of you, please get right with G-d before you face HIM.  If it is under the blood, it is unable to be judged that is the greatness of our G-d.   We can stand on GRACE and yes we can sing how GRACE will lead us home; I am more concerned about those who have never met GRACE or the one who introduces us to her,  Jesus.

2 Timothy 3:7  applies to those who are being lost and reject the truth. The truth is where G-d dwells; G-d rejoices in the truth.  Truth matters to G-d; HE gave the deed to the Earth to Adam and if Adam had not hearkened unto the voice of his wife or said anything about the tree to her things could have gone differently.  If Adam stood obediently to G-d’s instructions he could have restored Eve,  if he said nothing to her than the enemy would have had nothing to begin his treachery,  don’t underestimate the value of obedience it can save and restore many. G-d is the same yesterday today and forever never changing and that allows us to become better people. A mold is solid that clay can be shaped into it. Think of G-d as a solid wall too many are plowing into it with their cars and never getting through it.  It is disaster after disaster.  To get to the other side, you must get out of your vehicle and climb and as you climb you get to know the wall.  To make the climb easier, he gives you a manual to show you the best handholds and footholds to grab hold of.

How often do we see it in scripture when one individual is given specific instructions by G-d and another who doesn’t even know HIS will in the matter interjects their will into it? What if the unbelieving world convinced Noah he ate a bad mushroom?

G-d’s plans are great and ignoring them is not going to get you a place at the dinner table in the first draft,  you can count on that.  The angels are the carriers who shall lift us out, and they know who belongs and who doesn’t.

Matthew 13:41-42
The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

That knowledge can then make one see that the 144,000 can be chosen before we leave,  something darkness would not desire us to do.  They would rather you a headless saint out of the tribulation; a good possibility should you miss what we are doing.

2 Timothy 3:5-7
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

The above passage certainly applied to me at one point in my life before I came to know Christ in all of HIS glory.  I am far from being perfect. However,  when it comes to loving G-d, I was willing to embrace his enemy knowing that Jesus is next.  What kind of embrace do you wonder?  The one that says if you are the antichrist I want to shake your hand and place my arms around you thank you for coming because it means my Jesus is next!  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see G-d.  There HE was lying in Egypt, and someone tried to hide it,  why?

G-d told him no doubt that when discovered it would be the end of him, also it would be the end of the demons who were in on building it. They will never admit that Christ the Son of G-d’s honor is worth the world or to admit they built it,  it would concede they were super fools for having made it in the first place. Something a demon will not do,  so how much easier can G-d make this for you in setting others free from their reality?

They will continue to deny it despite all the evidence to the fact it was them. They enemy had to wait for man to be abundant on the Earth, and G-d chose Jacob’s descendants as told to Abraham by G-d  (Genesis 15:13). This slavery happens after the flood, and there is great evidence that reveals the pyramid he built was once underwater long enough to stain the great hall and embed crustaceans into the stones.

I grew up in a home where the demons were many, fighting them was a daily task.  One that I nor anyone else could ever win alone.  I needed Jesus Christ to see me through and teach me. He is the great teacher, and he was teaching me eternal truths from the moment I arrived, the greatest lesson find the real HIM in the midst of all the demonic doctrines.

I think it is wonderful that so many people I know including my Pastor had been raised in nice loving Christian homes.  What I wouldn’t have given to have had that.  The best testimony is it the one where you never sinned and never were in a tough battle?   How can you fight them then when you have never had any real practical hands-on experience?

If your family were ministers, then chances are you are a minister.  Isn’t it like that in any other industry?  The father was a lawyer ergo so is the son?  Handed down from one to the other?  I have seen a lot of that in the church in general and though as commendable as it is that one wants to preach the word of G-d  I have reservations,  I have concerns and so should you. Follow someone who wants to lead upwards not downwards.

Who called them or was there even a call? What evidence do they have? I know a church that was once very Pentecostal,  I know it all too well because I met my wife and was married there.  At the time it was all new for them, they were immature in the gifts and the old Baptist leadership got their way, all were uncertain about what was of the spirit and what was not.

Over time,  they leaned themselves out of the spirit altogether,  like the foolish virgins they will be wanting some oil, and the wise ones have been keeping their lamps filled as best they could.  The Pastor they finally selected after going through so many made it clear to them he was not Pentecostal he would not lean towards it.  He told me in 2009 he was not looking forward to the rapture he likes it here just fine. It was of course right after I asked him if he was looking forward to it? Jesus told me to tell the Church HE is on HIS way; this man could care less while condemning others from not hearing the message.

He called the circles gobbilty gook,  what a wasted life.  If I had let him discourage me then the chances of us obtaining that wealth for the harvest would have succeeded,  good thing I listen to G-d and not man.  Another minister told me to get rid of the lamps. Agents of Satan should not wait for judgment day to find out they are,  we can help them now and we should. The Pope just announced himself the antichrist these ecumenical ministers may be surprised, how can that be they’re for pro-life? If they had the HOLY SPIRIT, they would have known that before the announcement.  What a great opportunity to save some Catholic souls.

1 John 2:15
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

It is clear and evident that this Pastor does not have a deep abiding relationship with the third part of the trinity.  One should not try to be a Pastor without HIM.  The Spirit is not an attitude. He is the pilot, the navigator of our beings in HIM we live and move.

The HOLY SPIRIT longs to be in the presence of GOD. To say you are not looking forward to the rapture is to say one does not want to be with the LORD.   Thus,  one can conclude it is not the HOLY SPIRIT they are following it is a pious religious spirit much like that of the Sadducees of Jesus day.  Run away,  run far away, or the angels will think you too do not look forward to being with G-d the best way to help this lost soul is to have him follow you. Leave find another church and then pray for him. But standing in swill will make you stink too.

Pastor’s the bakers of the word,  those who prepare the meals,  be careful you do not end up losing your head in the tribulation as the Baker did in Pharoah’s prison with Joseph. As the chief butler I know I am going home, my reprieve is coming.

Did you hear a voice? Did you get a waking vision? Did you see the actual light of HIS glory? Did you have a dream?  Was there a series of confirmations?  Should I continue to wait for more because I have had all of those,  is there more to come before you trust me?

Only trust me because I point to HIM the giver of the oil if I ever say JESUS is not LORD or that being “Born Again” is unnecessary to enter heaven you have my permission to bring back stoning and make me your first.  Desire the infilling of the HOLY SPIRIT as you would any other strong desire.  Whether it be a woman or an addiction, call on HIM cry out to the name of Jesus.   Convince HIM that you want HIM more than life itself knowing that without HIS leading you won’t care for the things of G-d.  If everything in the universe were to go away, G-d would still be G-d, and you can be with HIM,  you have to want to be.

Is it the HOLY SPIRIT that urges so many men of G-d to keep the word closed to the world that has been opened up by lamps of light in England,  home of the Protestant Anglican headquarters? Is the HOLY SPIRIT saying you do not need to feed orphans or place up shelters, ease suffering or lift up high the name of Jesus who is, after all, making this all possible? Do you believe that the dragons money was going to be given freely to the Christians to bring in the harvest? We had to make him want America and force him to buy a party out for his seat and control here.

There is truth in sin being a generational curse, being adopted I seen it first-hand alcoholism was on both step grandfathers.  My step mother was orphaned and after leaving the Catholic orphanage became a drinker at age sixteen, she was thirty-two when she adopted me.

What probably began for her as it does for so many others is the giggles and laughter the euphoric feelings that turns over time into a bondage of hell,  that consumes the individuals soul until they can no longer escape it.  It is a false joy nothing like the one we find in Christ, and I have been on both sides.  Give me Jesus every day HE is not a crutch; HE is a fortress a Hightower and my protector.

It was Christmas 2008 and a family member who had been raised to see alcohol as an evil, the church he came from forbade it, along with coffee and coca-cola or other sugared sodas. They claim they have the whole truth, and apart from them the rest of us are all wrong.  They won’t be getting any of the true believers inheritance, but they can be led to the true Jesus of Scripture because of it. Their books would not lead them to see the winning move that funds the true Church of Jesus Christ and HIS real Last day Saints.

My Yankee swap gift was the Bible on CD it was picked up by my stepdad’s first born’s, first born who seen the devastation alcohol did to the family and he asked to trade it for a bottle of Liquor.   That is when Jesus said to me it was over they learn nothing, and it is just not him, it is all of us.

A book with 56 raised crops marking verse 4. Psalms 56:4 (4) In G-d I will praise his word, in G-d I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.
A book with 56 raised crops marking verse 4. Psalms 56:4 In G-d I will praise his word, in G-d I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.

Placing Pagan idols in the manger with Jesus and thinking that it is not insulting to G-d. Then having a man of G-d try to make another man of G-d feel bad if he chooses not to support Santa. Must be something to it because I got the call and he didn’t.

I know G-d is extremely upset with him instead of making this easy for me he has made it hard. The scriptures and the proof overwhelming as it is simple. So he will see what hard is like in the tribulation.  No need to be jealous he will meet the same people I will meet. He will have the same call as I  and take a bullet for the kingdom to win the souls he had not considered in the beginning.

Mocking those who stand on the King James word,  ugly,  yes Charles Stanley reads from an NASB, but he does not ridicule those who read the KJV.  Until you understand the formula that reveals that it is G-d’s word from beyond time and space attacking it or ridiculing it is not a winning Kingdom tactic.

It certainly does not make your position stable in winning the lost unless your position is keeping the truth from others and not trying to win too many because the boss won’t like it. It must be the HOLY SPIRIT keeping the word away from others and the money as well.  So when it comes to being a second or third generation minister.  You join forces with our enemies and side with Rome???  Am I to understand your conversion to Christ was not as realistic as mine you flowed into it. I can see the overwhelming evidence and your support of G-d’s plan that you only think you have the HOLY SPIRIT,  who tells you give them no hope and keep drawing pay.

You obviously do not see HIS overall worth, nor do you see HIS plan.  Because of who HE is Spirit HE needed transportation through the congregation of Angels and so he gave himself a covering of precious stones. They were jealous of that covering.  Now HE covers another one in Gold.   To be jealous of the call is to fail,  what is three years to me being exploited by G-d for the souls of millions?  I grew up listening to two people who should have never been together fight every day, morning noon and night.   The good thing is my conversion is real and I know by the way I was raised,  I could never be a god.  I would trade it all  to have had a family who loved Jesus all the time.  Then again being told I was special would have gone to my head and I too would be callous of the things of G-d, and I too would overlook how precious HE is.

If I mock and ridicule you as you have me will you understand me better?  Then why do you do it to me? Why are you not like Father overjoyed that I found what was hidden all this time? Like the little boy at Passover looking for the little leaven that can leaven the whole lump.  But you know, and so does your god, he will lose souls if I stand up and point to Egypt where it all began, where we were gypt out of heaven because of it.

What is the slight twist I referred to in the beginning? The Angels only had acquaintances there were no females,  so they had no children,  no aunts, no uncles,  brothers or sister G-d wanted to have a family and HE wanted HIS family to have families so that in eternity we will care more for each other. They had no interest in helping the first light bearer because they saw no purpose in him.  They mocked him and in turn, he now mocks us who are made in G-d’s image.  Voting for Mitt Romney in 2012 showed how callous so many Christians are to the enemies attempts at mocking G-d. Because so many did,  HE allowed Islam to become more powerful, a tool to punish those who use his name in vain that means more left behind as they care not for the things of G-d.

Done in August 2012 as a result of the knowledge of Romes work in placing Romney as a candidate. Islam is strengthened as a judgment against the clergy whom supported Romney. (Romemoney)
Done in August 2012 as a result of the knowledge of Romes work in placing Romney as a candidate. Islam is strengthened as a judgment against the clergy who supported Romney. (Romemoney)

It started like this.

The invisible shield around Israel. The block just a block done
The invisible shield around Israel. The block just a block without protection.



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