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Confession is good for the soul.

I have to be straight up honest here knowing who Bobby is in Christ and the present condition of the world.  I need to get peace in the middle East in order to build the third temple, so here he is at the bottom of the hill and we need to get up to the top to make it happen. This will require great wisdom even greater than Solomon. From what I have heard the true one and only G-d has given many the mind of Christ 1 Corinthians 2:16 so peace may come quickly.

I know when I’m beaten and licked.  I can see I will need Jesus in order to do so after all. Sorry minions I was wrong from the start,  oh well.  I want those seven years so bad I can taste it,  my day is finally going to be here.  Now I promised in one of these posts you can keep your rides.  But what I didn’t promise is I wouldn’t point you all out.  The congregation of true saints can cast you out and confront you,  as for Bobby he’s just going to enjoy the ride to the top. So you guys know how dishonest and two-faced I am so what chance did you really have when you chose to follow me????  If I’m down here and I need to be up there it can only mean one thing the world is going to know Jesus is on HIS way back your time is done.  I  didn’t see that one coming either this living in darkness thing really sucks!

Now I have placed many of you in strategic positions throughout the Protestant churches and within their Political structures using our CIA and our other secret intelligence agencies. You will have to stand down or be cast out of the vehicles you are in.

I do finally see the truth besides how can I be a real god when I can’t even do math? 555 does come before 666,  who knew?


Headed to the pit…

Beelzebub cords-300x258.jpg

He obviously likes this falling thing. This is the bottomless pit.
He obviously likes this falling thing. This is the bottomless pit.


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