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Concentration Camps in America???

We are a free and open society and something like this you would think would be impossible??? Our leaders would be held accountable, wouldn’t they? Not if they have no fear of G-d.  You would think the news of this would be on one of the many media networks.

When John F.Kennedy was assassinated we don’t like to think of it as a coup d’etat but it was. It came after he tried to warn us of an opposing danger a monolithic conspiracy that had its fingers around the world.  He did not just jump out and call them by name because of his mother and her affiliation with them.  Ted Kennedy who survived his two brothers a deal no doubt struck with the devil was noted for creating jobs in Massachusetts by obtaining funds for the big dig and every one was talking about that one while a bigger dig was happening under our noses.  Tunnel’s that go hundreds of miles underground why are we hearing about it now? Where was the news about them?


Ted Kennedy was noted for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick  she was only 29 years old,  he was a womanizer and a drunk who kept on being re-elected.  His life revealed he had no relationship with Jesus.  You cannot serve two masters.  G-d reveals the ones JFK was trying to warn us about in these last days, it is the priesthood,  a system Jesus ended at the cross.   When repentance starts to come through them world wide revival will come as well, first, the Protestant traitors who sided with them must repent as well.  We call the concept mercy before judgment. There is no such thing as hyper grace, you are either for Christ or you are against HIM.

No one remembers how they did it in Germany hide the death of millions they had a minister of propaganda who oversaw what they people were to only know? At one time in America several independent networks were owned by several different companies now it is down to five and they are not Protestant Christian friendly, this is an attack on our G-d as well as our nation.

How are they able to keep this from us?  Demons are clever but they are not bright, they gave up the brightness for darkness if you have been following the story you know about their bosses need for a one world government and America is leading the charge because of this priesthood and the Protestant traitors behind the pulpits that coddle them.

Rapture is for those who love Jesus and are “Born Again”  who have not given into the harlot. The light we carry Lucifer once carried and it can be rejected.  Though HE himself will never leave us or forsake us,  the same may not hold true for traitors.

Two cannot walk together as one unless they are agreed Amos 3:3.  I will not bow down to the harlot or her ministers behind the Protestant pulpits. It was not his world to give to anyone and we do it my LORD’s way or we don’t do it at all.  Christ’s honor has a value and what is it worth to you?

Does the below video sound like these people fear you moral agents of G-d?

Wal-Mart a Trojan horse filled with Chinese merchandise and a country that owes China big time.  Figure it out men of G-d.


Brother Abel

IF you are unsure of what I meant by the LORD’s way it’s standing on HIS word and rejoicing in the truth that’s what sets people free.

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