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Becoming like Christ without Crossing the line to G-d status Part two.

Jesus lives in my heart, and HE is not going anywhere until I finish the false peace Christians hear so much about. Do a word search on false peace in your Bible programs, please. When you find it send it to me chapter and verse.

They cry peace and safety is what the word says then destruction comes suddenly.   This is not a false peace this is rapture when the world will be confused by the disappearance of high ranking people G-d is going to rise to the top of society in these last days’ real Christian believers.  Not men who seek people falling on the floor but men who find people to drop to their knees.

This idea that G-d is some old man sitting on a throne waiting to pick off all those HE doesn’t like is unrealistic.  HE loves everyone just everyone doesn’t love HIM or knows how too.  The image could have been different in the Sistine Chapel, but it was the man the rulers of that age who took control of the scriptures to hide it away from other men to gain control over them.  Michelangelo knew what the organs of the human body looked like and he was elect enough to let us all know where G-d was with this group of priests who rose up three hundred years after Christ ended the need for the priesthood.

He understood that because the Pope’s were like Ceaser’s men of war and not of love.   Trying to force the will of others to love their Jesus, who is nothing like our Jesus.

Two hundred years later in 500 AD, Ishmael’s descendants are misled because the word of G-d was kept away from them they did not want to join Romish Christianity with its idols, they were trying to escape idolatry.  So the message they got was not Messiah already came, and HE is the true G-d who walked among us. Instead, they got a man will arise who will lead them in the last days.  Which is not what Jesus taught HE said follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Only through Christ can we enter into heaven.

The Hidden Imam is a prophecy that only the one it came from can fulfill and they tried with using Obama, and it failed.  If it had been a true prophecy.  Then it would not have been attempted to be filled by the wicked men who created it. These stooges G-d is going to keep out of the rapture to deal with the beast they created. Haman has built his gallows.

Though I still believe repentance can help while we are still here.

Owls are used to express wisdom the numbers on this image point to Proverbs  I connected to a video with the scriptures it highlights, G-d want’s men and women to study HIS word.  But nasty wicked people hide it away from them.  These are phony Christians the word is G-d’s covenant with all people a revelation of who HE is and what you mean to HIM.  What this life is all about. No other book lays out the story better than the Bible.
King Solomon was the wisest man in the world until Jesus came and said there is one greater than King Solomon here,  speaking of himself.  So if you are preaching there will be no one wiser than Solomon maybe its time to get to know Jesus. Be born again filled with HIS spirit and receive the mind of Christ.    Don’t stand on judgment day in front of Father saying Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived Father would highly disagree in favor of Jesus every time and that goes for any canonized saints a false church created to hide Christ’s finished work of ending the need for the priesthood.

These are the twelve tribes of Israel. The sons of Jacob according to age each tower has three sides 3 x 12 =36 Genesis 36, we find the descendants of Esau who married into Ishmael’s line, so there is more Jewish blood in the Arab’s then they care to admit.

Israel was chosen by G-d to represent the fact there is only one G-d they are a picture of the Angels of heaven who kept the vigil respecting the law to come and worship the SON in faith and waited patiently for the SON to arrive and sit at HIS Father’s right hand.

For the Jewish people, Jesus is not the messiah they are waiting for so we must unite as one body in Christ and put down our gatekeepers and love the LORD with all our hearts.  I will show you how you can show the angels who will take us from here, that you are on their side and that you support Israel they way G-d want’s and not the way the phony priesthood thinks it should be done.

Because the angels insisted on seeing the most high G-d.  Man had to be created. If you do not worship my SON Lucifer I will raise up the dust of the ground to replace you.

Every precious stone was Lucifer’s covering because of the value of what he carried in him and whom he represented. In the image above I see Michael (7 letters)  and Gabriel (7 letters) where is that third high ranking Angel Lucifer (7 letters)?  One Angel for the Father,  the other for the SON and who would be carrying the Spirit or light among the congregation?   Representing the invisible G-d who was made visible?

Side by side the little holes and larger holes add up to 55  times the two larger circles for 110 Psalm 110:1-2 The pattern is that of a chainsaw blade ripping G-d in two. The SON of G-d now has a better covering and well-formed visible to all the angels and soon to man. He did it for you and me.  Father left HIS thone and took on flesh the Spirit of G-d entirely in Christ.  Who once traveled around in the light-bearer for the angels. Now HE was with man. Even for the faithless angels seeing was believing.

My Jesus and I and I know that some of you know my Jesus, but not everyone does.  Others have a different Jesus who is more accepting of idols and pagan traditions.  That Jesus doesn’t care about keeping the riff-raff and evil out of heaven or changing hearts. To that Jesus, I rock the boat and ruin his plans for world domination he has been used as a pet to further Satan’s kingdom.  G-d allowed time to pass, and the evil rose to the top by very dark means building their one world order. Only to be exposed as the body of the dragon and not the true body of Christ. Could we say Christ was all behind it,  Christ does not steal kill and destroy so that should tell us something.

But to say something as ridiculous like “If it weren’t for Catholic’s there would be no Protestants???” Reveals the ignorance of the gatekeepers barring others from entering heaven.

To the reverend who called me dirtbag he also told me some Catholic’s love, Christ.  I want them all to love Christ, don’t you? Is that why I am a dirtbag?    I love Catholic’s that is why I want them to know the truth and know my Jesus. That means knowing HIM directly without interference from all the other priestly nonsense and doctrines of devils. There is no hope with the POPE they brought back the priesthood 300 years after Jesus ended it and Poped all over themselves. They took control and now they are out of control.

They need a peace plan, and Protestants have it! We do not need guns pointed at the families of our Potus to make it happen either, now that the Jesuit trained Donald Trump is in power the guns are no longer necessary he does what he is told the demons back down and they try to make everyone believe he is a man of G-d. Only the tribe of Ishmael will not fall for it they are waiting for a man that is thousands of years old.

The devils laugh in our face at our ignorance of what is going on.   Trump was prophesied by the sick twisted show called the Simpsons that teaches no core Christian values and mocks the Church using Ned Flanders. He who laughs last laughs hardest.  We will enter his courts with praises and joy; our mouths will be filled with laughter.

Have you ever heard of the Mason’s moving their leaders around to hide their sick twisted indiscretion against children?  Never dealing with justice or reprimanding the wicked evil deed?

The raised sections are 18 total the hairs on his head and his binky adds to fourteen. G-d numbers the hairs on our head. Matthew 10:30. This points to Matthew 18:1-14.  This image may be upside down?

With pedophiles the first thought that comes to my mind,  Jesus is not in that person’s heart but he still gives communion hears confession and is a leader of people in a new neighborhood with new conquests.

Everyone is welcome into heaven according to that Jesus there is never any call for repentance so we can continue to do as we will without caring about what it is HE has done for us or what HE wants from us. If Jesus cries out, it is finished then why do the priest coming back again after 300 years say it is not finished?  Too many people want to enter the house of a person they know nothing about and try to make a home there.  The house I am talking about is the house of G-d. Do you think free will ends at death?  It does not,  so please conform to the standard of Christ so you can join us in the new heavens and earth coming be BORN a new (Again) with a new Spirit living in you. Jesus is knocking on your heart to be the center of your life.

The symbol of the Trinity 777 surrounded by 24 scrolls representing the 24 elders of the kingdom each point of the 777 points to the eighth scroll from point to point for 888.

If Jesus wants it done, then we should do it. If we are any kind of Christian we rejoice in justice not delay it or prevent it,  only wicked men allow wicked men to flourish.

My stepmother in my estimation was one notch above Cybil’s mother with a drinking problem. I loved her so much while she was here.  She just was unable to love me back in the same way I loved her,  only because she never met Jesus until I met Jesus.

That goes for any of you with problem people in your own lives you cannot help them until you help yourself to the fullness Jesus offers. First, you must forgive so that healing can happen in you.   You don’t have to have superpowers to be a Christian though it wouldn’t hurt there are gifts the Spirit gives us,  so seek them.  Note that they are not given all to any one man.  In the list below I highlighted mine the ones I know of.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11  But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.  (8)  For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;  (9)  To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;  (10)  To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:  (11)  But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

Some of you may clammer I do not have faith. However, I believe G-d for the whole world to hear the truth and get a clearer view of what the SON of G-d’s honor is worth. I believe the antichrist is going to send a lot of people to the cross when the devil takes his turn and the church is gone.  G-d will have kept his promise and made him a god for seven years.  The famine years.

Don’t feel your not special because you can’t do what many of the televangelists can do many of them have no solid foundation they entertain more than they remove sins stain.  Too many want you to get all your Bible from them and trust them,  do not read it for yourself or get alone with G-d.  Because if you do the jig is up and you may see right through the wool down to their fur.

You only need to know how, to tell the truth, and love the person who is the problem,  often times at a distance until the individual is more receptive to the truth in you which should be Christ. Jesus came to aid us in our life’s decisions and give us life more abundantly.

Many people are calling Donald Trump a modern-day Cyrus his education was under the Jesuits when Bush left the Whitehouse the Catholic’s stayed.  The Bush Whitehouse was crawling with them.   I like the concept of the cake a tower and a pyramid kudo’s to the baker. It was them behind the faith-based initiative as well, knowing what they had planned on September 9/11 to cripple America and bring in a Nazi-like regime with security everywhere and more control over people.

The enemy always liked the highest positions of power. Maybe he hates me because I’m a truck driver.

When I walked into the church grown men nearly broke down and shed a tear.  (They didn’t say it in so many words but the sentiment was there.) OH NO, the boss is coming up from the bottom HE’s going to want to tell people about Jesus and open the word quick make him walk on water turn stones to bread, raise the dead heal the sick, but do not whatever let him open the word up to the lost! What the LORD wrote HIS story into HIS life quick we must end him.

How is it the cartoon the Simpson’s prophesy better than those in the church?  it is the devils laughing at us. Well as the old saying goes HE who laughs last laughs loudest.

Made in 2000 they also predicted he will destroy the economy.

Like Germany, they hate America we sent out missionaries and took souls from them,
the best thing Rome ever did for America and Russia was to bless the German soldiers in battle.

The one in the middle is Ratzinger as a Hitler youth, the propagandist Goebbels is the one furthest right he controlled the media,  today it is happening again.John 9:31  Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.

Bringing back the priesthood and mock sacrificing Christ is not G-d’s will it really denies Jesus finished work on the cross and for them they act as if HE never came at all.  They obey none of HIS teachings. nor do they teach others to obey them.

Ever see the statue of the founder of the Jesuit order Ignatius Loyola?  He’s dead now and his methods of infiltration and spying continue to this day in our governments and in our churches for them and many cults like them lying to advance the kingdom is acceptable. Look how the prince of the world of darkness paid him such a great honor,  this religious system has sent millions into his domain. getting their hands on America’s nuclear arsenal, is not a good thing.

While my Jesus was being beaten and bludgeoned by Roman executioners HE kept saying forgive them, father, they know not what they do. Rome knows what it is doing today,  they have stolen everything to make slaves of those they have taken it from.

I learned from a wonderful Christian woman,  though I never told her this if I were to do it all over again she would be the mother I would want.  She wrote a fantastic book that saved my life and indirectly may save yours today and the people you love. In fact, everyone should have a copy of this book. It is called, “Renewing Your Mind G-d’s Prescription to Wholeness” it dealt with the need to forgive those who did you wrong, releasing them to G-d so that HE may do HIS work in their lives and in yours.

We need to release somebody who does not want to be released.

Our secret strategy to winning against the enemy is forgiveness, forgiving our enemy but not following him. We do it G-d’s way.

When you hold unforgiveness towards anyone it is not harming them they don’t even care,  they just move on with their lives.  Even many Christians do not know how to say I’m sorry or forgive me,  some are so above that.  People are so into themselves at times they may not even be aware that they even hurt you.  Don’t take my word for it,  just ask Jesus.

If I hurt you for telling you the truth at some point you will thank me.

Unforgiveness makes you hurt,  not them. What it does is it restrains the move of G-d in their lives and yours.

As long as you walk in darkness, you will never know the damage you do around you.  Jesus said we are to love our enemies, that is so we may win them to HIM not become like them.  G-d will punish those who will not conform to the standard HIS SON established.

Is Jesus precious to you?  G-d felt HIS SON deserved the best covering HE could afford.  the covering may have gone rogue, however,  the ones to blame are the ones he was sent to help bring worship back to the Son. Some are Angels still held in chains who felt he was unnecessary and was more of a nuisance than anything.

They like Joseph’s brothers took the coat and turned him against G-d. Which is why we are here today to make things right.

When I saw that September 9/11 was simply the opposite of Genesis 11:9   I started to awaken to my call of finding the truth. Truth sets people free.  it opens their eyes.  Blind eyes need to be opened,  there is power in that!

There is power both in love and in truth that is why there is so much power in the blood of Christ,  it combines them both.

Moses parted the waters using a staff that once became a serpent to devour the other serpents and a man comes with power to part the good and evil with help from the true Saints the living Saints of G-d.

Waters always refers to people in scripture. Like the harlot of revelation sits on many waters.

Seven years passed after building seven collapsed exposing the premeditated murder of thousands of souls on September 9/11 it was the harlot and her mobsters at work.  It was the election year 2008 when 700 billion dollars (777) was taken out of America’s economy to place a false Messiah-like image for the Muslim people into the Whitehouse.

To G-d, HE is and was an Obamanation by a nation who claims to love G-d.  The same people who put him in power also placed Mitt Romney in 2012 to offend the G-d of heaven even more, and the clergy fell for it.  No matter who won the Whitehouse Rome won.  Obama was put there because Rome does not know Jesus or how to do peace the way G-d wants it done.

Mr. Drysdale (Rothchild) will do anything for the Clampett’s money (Rome) include destroying governments and placing their kings in power for them to benefit.  Let us not forget men like Agrippa and Herod  Rome was placing kings in power before Jesus came.  So what changed other than making the SON of G-d their pet and tool to build their one world order with?  Christians need to rise up and forgive so we can finish it for them while letting them know they are Haman’s in the process. Why?  Because we love them that’s why!

G-d will bring Justice I reveal His Mercy.

Call on the name of the LORD while HE can be found, repent and be saved.

Jesus is my guiding light my example in which to follow when I thought Obama was the antichrist I was overjoyed.  I wanted to shake his hand place my arms around him and say thank you for coming to my Jesus is next. don’t you just sense how close we are?

I forgave like Jesus forgave in one swift statement I forgave my enemy so I am nothing like him he has no power over me anymore, indirectly we are also forgiving G-d for being responsible for allowing him to exist.  My greatest fear is I can’t win you all.   The education we are getting is the best in the universe for seeing the differences between what is hailed by G-d as good and what is deemed by HIM to be Evil.

Hiding the word of G-d from the lost is Evil ands there is no excuse for it!

Well, Lord, he was not nice enough to me I didn’t like the way he talked,  he was fat.  He would not do what I wanted kind of like you LORD!

Most people do not come to G-d because they are angry with HIM.  He does blame himself for evil, that was the problem that came with free will.  HE, however, will never regret trying to have a close friend and confidant HE did say HE was sorry that HE made man.  Father, I pray for the strength you gave Jesus in HIS final hour all these souls you are making me responsible for and no one running to help me to share the good news you are sending your SON back.

I’m ready when you are ready,  they say they hear from you so let them hear.

I pray your business cards the handwriting and signs in England get seen by so many more lost souls,  that they may read your word and be saved.  Oh, how you love them.

Made in the backyard of Rome by the people who gave us the fish and took away the word from us. It reveals G-d rather talk with a lowly truck driver than men who wear fancy garments.

Keep in mind the Chief Butler gets reinstated in the King’s palace to his original position.  I may be in prison along with the rest of you,  but I am not going to lose my head.  You bakers need to start cooking with the ingredients the King so wonderfully placed before you.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see G-d.  Mathew 5:8

Once I said I wanted to shake the Antichrist hand and wrap my arms around him thinking it was Obama he is just one in a line of many who surround us.

It was only a week later G-d drew me to see the truth of what was being hidden in Egypt and who put it there. The word of G-d point’s right to it,  we know this by the Jewish feasts and the Exodus that they were slaves made by political enemies of the one true G-d,  tools of Satan forced labor on the ones G-d chose to reveal HIM to the world.

Before Abraham has his first child we read Genesis 15:13 about how they will all be slaves and in bondage,  only one individual spirit I know does that.  We need to ask ourselves what land and who is the author or scribe of Genesis and why doesn’t he know what land? G-d has cleverly concealed a truth and is indirectly pointing without actually pointing.

HE want’s us to know this HE wanted us to find it.

The Lion of the tribe of Judah.

The earth belongs to G-d and HE may give the kingdoms of it,  to whomever HE wills.

In doing so the Son gets lifted,  I know men who claim to know G-d and don’t want to lift the SON or open G-d’s word to the world but they want to see manifestations of power.  Sad really the ignorance in the pulpit, it’s very unscriptural,  you cannot have one while ignoring the other two. How can you have manifestations of power from G-d when you deny HIS SON and disrespect the word?

Then again it shows how blind they may be and reveals who they really follow.  Are they in it for something else or have they just been deceived by the dragon’s church? Shouldn’t we then turn them back to their first love?

I have seen people binding the devil casting him down with a fury more than showing love and having peace in knowing he will never again know the love he once knew.  He will never bother us again after this is all over,  I can say Amen to that.  That was his choice not to be G-d’s friend, not G-d’s, and not mine I chose Jesus above all to be friends with.

Thank you, Father, for your blessed SON and who you made me in Christ.

Satan does not want you to do what I have done and the reason is if you hold unforgiveness against anyone including him it binds you and ties the hands of G-d to finish his work in you and releasing the offender to HIM. It is harming you not him, he is just a tool because he claimed that he would make the Son of G-d his pet. I’m a son by adoption and I say woof,  woof.

I hope you understand.  This is a time for jubilation and celebration if you would please pray for my Pastor, Pastor Steve because he does not know Jesus at least not my Jesus,    He keeps the world from seeing the truth so knowing what G-d wants is not in him.  He looks for demonstrations of power and overlooks the greatest one called love. I asked him why he hasn’t shown the world G-d’s word opened up in England?

Does he believe it is the devils doing? That the devil wants people to believe the Bible is the only book G-d endorses???  So that’s why he made crop circles to point to Bible passages and how cunning of him to chose a truck driver as the best candidate,  in the world for him to get him what he wants?

OH NO, the boss is coming up from the bottom HE’s going to want to tell people about Jesus and open the word quick make him walk on water turn stones to bread, raise the dead heal the sick, but do not whatever let him open the word up to the lost! What?!?  The LORD wrote HIS story into HIS life quick we must end him.  Sadly they need what I have the peace plan it is written in love.

Lucifer’s first replacement and the first man born among the angels he betrayed,  was Abel.

Abel’s first foster family was the best and I want to thank Cain for sending me there.

Because of Pastor’s inability to forgive his enemy we all suffer. My biggest mistake was thinking a dynamic speaking preacher knew Jesus. When everything he has done proves to me, he does not.

My Father does not provoke anger and I know my Father HE wants to lift HIS SON and open up HIS word to the lost and would rejoice simply at the thought of us doing it.  The other father,  the father of lies does not.  That father wants me to turn stones into bread. I’m smart enough to know that man does not live by bread alone BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS OUT OF THE MOUTH OF G-D.

The revival is in the crop circles and the Queen of England knowing what they mean.  While the other phony Queen can’t help anyone because she is dead to this world enjoying her retirement in her well-outfitted mansion.  In fact nowhere in scripture is she referred to as a Queen. Another doctrine of the devils.

Please forgive Pastor’s like mine Father, they know not what they do. in the image below the holy one is surrounded by souls wearing religious garb so that he has no place to go but through them. Which can only mean HE is not in them.

There are twelve wearing vestments over their heads so they are split front and back for 24 the holy one in the center is 25 and the barrier between them is one for 26 there are twelve points outside them. Oddly enough Psalm 26 has twelve verses.  Psalm 26:1-12 what men of G-d should be saying. The points can also be subtracted twelve from twenty-six gives us 14 this is what the Lord is saying to them who hold HIM back in the clergy Psalm 14:1-7.

The minister says he is disappointed but the disappointment is all mine,  I apologize for seeking him out. I was looking for an ally to tear down the house that Satan has been built on sinking sand and build on the solid rock of Jesus.  I would have had the same chance if I had gone to the Pope. He was no ally he was more to me a Loyal follower of Loyola. Loyola by the looks of his statue above is crying out to the real Jesus today but is not being heard.

Lucifer was covered with precious stones to bring praise back unto the house of G-d the Son of G-d.  Lucifer could not make planets or turn water into wine or stones into bread.  If he had just not sided with the rebellion to lead it, he would still be the friend of G-d.  So nice try Jesuit Pastor I’m not falling for it!  I will not bow down to Rome as you have.

I look forward to receiving your hugs and gratitude,  I will convey and bless G-d the Father of Jesus for every one of them.  Best of all,  you will be set free from all unforgiveness and see so much more clearly.  The light bearers role was to carry the LORD through the congregation and bring praise and worship back to the SON of G-d and we shall.  One does it with joy the other in hostility.

I wanted to shake the hands of Obama and hug him thinking he was the antichrist and look what I got.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see G-d.  Mathew 5:8

Brother Abel ~ Who by the way knew what G-d wanted in the beginning. So it stands to reason he would know what G-d wants in the end.

It is never what you think, but it is always supernatural.

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