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We don’t have to agree to be friends in Jesus???

One of Satan’s master works… Is this exact phrase; “We don’t have to agree to be friends in Jesus.” Said to me by my Pastor as he extended the right hand of fellowship to me as I became a member of the AG church. Can you say, compromise with me and let’s not expose all the darkness over the world any nicer way? , Of course you can’t. Compromise is the Jesuit way, after all they are masters of delusion.

Take their leader Ignatius Loyola. Satan was not covered half as nice as this head Jesuit was, look at this statue built in his honor. Satan is no doubt very proud of the souls these people have sent him, and it shows in the way he adorns the master deceiver.

St. Ignatius Lyolla (Lie always) founder of the spy network for Rome and predecessor to all intelligent agency's. See how much Satan loves him click on him for a larger view.
St. Ignatius Lyolla (Lie always) founder of the spy network for Rome and predecessor to all intelligent agencies. See how much Satan loves him click on him for a larger view.

So idolatry is OK and destroying America with their bigotry and belief that all things should be under the Pope, including all nations. He’s not the Antichrist; he is only building the New World Order for him using Christian principles of “steal, kill and destroy.” Rerum Novarum the Pope is for Christ my pastor said that we could find common ground on the pro-life issue. There is a strong delusion coming, and my leadership hasn’t figured it out yet and should you trust them if they haven’t?

The above image is Romes reward for serving the prince of darkness my reward is the image below the souls of them rejected by those who reign on high.
kids2Those poor unfortunate people being martyred for their religion is just the enemy grabbing his trophies before they are awakened by me to see the error of their leadership that does not give them the word,  preach to them,  or see them be “Born Again.”  Whilre

What is Rerum Novarum it is a sinister way of breaking the last four commandments thus making the law of G-d meaningless and that Jesus wasted his time. Completing the destruction of all ten commandments. Watch and see for yourself Heil the ideology of Hitler and the men who made him.

This may help you see it more clearly money goes into a bank not just any bank this one profited originally, through lying to Britain about who won the war, proving knowledge of certain information and those who obtain it quickest profit best.

The money is then invested in a countries’ defenses, and enemies are most of the time fabricated by those who have the money in order to make more money. Investing in both sides is not beyond them. Jesuits keep a close eye on the goings-on of each nation in order to profit best and smokescreen the people as to not see what they are up to. Jesuit is just another term for mob boss. They form such distinguished groups to keep watch over their holdings such as MI5 or CIA.

When the blind lead the blind everyone Jesus said would be happy. Let’s face it; he did not say it and the reality of the matter at hand is if there were no darkness ministers would be out of work, and you can’t have that because they have no faith that G-d could provide for them any other way.

Well, Catholic money in the Rothschild’s banking system took down your America while building weapons for profit using the Military-Industrial complex.  Because they are “Christian” and are not respecter of persons they invest it on both sides.

To think this group has created the very weapons that the devil will use to turn on Christ in the final battle upon Christ’s return. No doubt you can bet your last dollar that pastor will be there to watch the whole show if he doesn’t get martyred in the tribulation first. What a piece of work stiff-necked and wicked, how does G-d desire to be worshiped saints?

octopusLet’s all watch what the devil is doing pay him all the attention and ignored G-ds blessed chosen a servant who G-d sent to bring about the harvest. My life would only point to the word of G-d being revealed throughout the world and warning them of impending judgment. WHO DON’T WANT TO DO THAT? Besides my Pastor?

I believe my Pastor is more Catholic than Protestant, and it shows. Should the brunt of G-d’s resources go through the AG church in order to do the harvest? I hesitate after all I do have the secret password that unlocks the windows of heaven where all the wealth for the harvest is stored. Here is the combination lock to Satan’s vast holdings and unlock the chains that hold mankind in bondage.

Made in the backyard of Rome who gave us the fish and took away the word from us. Just to reveal G-d is not anywhere within them to be found.
Made in the backyard of Rome, who gave us the sign of the fish and took away the word from us. Just to reveal G-d is not anywhere within them to be found. My pastor is not impressed he is impressed by the works of Satan and not G-d.

Just because I am a member doesn’t make that money theirs, G-d gave it to me to bless HIS Church of which the AG is only a small part of it, and I am not there because the pastor preaches so eloquently, I am there because there are a lot of real righteous people working in the trenches. If the Anglican church wakes up, the money could become theirs in a heart beat the lamps I carry head the real angelic church.

The head will lead, and the tail will get the least amount. I may be forced to find another head, that means those in the AG church may have to keep their full-time jobs rather than work full-time bringing in the harvest. That means less attaboys on judgment day, and we know the pastor in whom we have to thank.

Lucifer was adorned with precious stones because of the light he carried, this is just Father’s way of honoring someone who seen the truth how His son was being used as a weapon to harm the world. That G-d placed the very lamps in me and instead of stones he gave me what the creature needs, which will cost him all that he has. My pastor will be broken before G-d, I have seen it. He can delay G-d’s work but in the process the angels of G-d will turn on him and allow Satan to have his day.

It would amaze you how they can twist the word to hold you back from being all you can be, how darkness insures only enough light gets through in order to collect their trophies. For instance, billions of Catholics go up to the altar after the performance they put on the same performance they have been doing for centuries day after day, week after week, month after month. Walking away thinking that they pleased G-d and received the Jesus of the scriptures in the Eucharist. However, in order to get it, they had to sit, stay, stand, speak, heel and come.

I didn’t ask for this you understand, I was just obedient and kept my vows to Him. He likes to surprise people. He gets blessed when someone wakes up and rejoices in their salvation, me, I never stopped. When he told me who I was I couldn’t sleep for weeks, mostly because of the many angels whom had to make their presence known, many came to say, “We knew it was going to be you Bobby!” A play on things like Bob the builder, “Can we do it? Yes, we can.” That was Obama’s platform makes you wonder if he stole that? Ours should be more like, ” Yes we can, because G-d said we can!

If I don’t get it then someone doesn’t get peace in the middle east, and his temple will not get built. Those world armies are not going to assemble themselves to go into the battle at Armageddon, and Jesus is on HIS WAY! I have proof better than anything Rome has.

So why hasn’t pastor in six years not acknowledge G-ds will and plan? Maybe it’s because he has compromised and now feels that half light is sufficient, to get by with. The obvious to me is he is just another Jesuit trained monkey allowing America to be destroyed by their deception because those who are elect cannot be deceived. He offended G-d on many occasions and when I brought it to his attention, he blew me off. That’s what wise men do and say we don’t have to agree on everything to be friends in Jesus.

I tell you the truth, we need shine all the light to win all the souls that means being truthful. If he is waiting for some sign or wonders other than the ones given and the clear fulfillment of Daniel 8:23, then a wicked little man is he and no, we can’t be friends in Christ, because your Christ is an idolater and has no compassion for the seriously lost needed to be awakened. So that they can be the armies of G-d to bring in the harvest.

If all AG people agree and feel the same way about what happened to America, then what will you do? Will you allow evil to continue because the pastor enjoys the show and doesn’t like what G-d is doing in England, giving all the attention to the wicked one makes one wicked?

I will just wait for more people to suffer. This brings many pastors’ joy something to preach against, increasing their sense of worth. Rather than say, look what G-d is doing over here and what HE wants to do. Nope only suffering will bring my pastor more joy, and we can watch the devil do more wicked things in the world, OH BOY! I can’t wait to hear him trash more of America in the revelation series he will be doing. The whore of revelation is defined by the false teachers as “America” and how is America drunk from the blood of the saints and carrying a golden cup?

We will be leaving the woman one golden cup!
We will be leaving the woman one golden cup.. Maybe that’s where that comes from?

He has seen G-d’s working of the word being opened up in England, and though I became a member of the AG church, I am still head over the angels beneath Christ but Jesus is here to finish his seven years of harvest. The Anglican church would be more to my liking as the home the head of the church gets is the House of Windsor. Just a summer home until I get back home an example of what G-d desires to give all those that love him a home that my pastor may never see only because of his compromise many will be cast into hell, nope I don’t want to be your friend at all, because your Jesus is weak and flawed, and you don’t understand anything He is doing.

That’s not his fault that he chooses to live in darkness, to bad Mitt Romney did not win the last election, so that all the boys and girls could have placed their hands over their heart, pledge the allegiance to the flag saying with great pride ” One Nation Under G-d.” What is it pastor “I love Jesus and G-d’s kingdom” do they believe again?

Ever hear the term G-d will not be mocked? What do you think Satan would have done with that little tidbit,  you blind guide you!

No your no threat to G-d’s kingdom,  that’s why you get left behind until you can recognize true spiritual men of G-d.

Again you wicked little man, I will break you in order that your soul and other souls can be saved. REPENT and do it Quickly!

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