Terms of Service

This website and the others like it do not sell goods or services we may occasionally send you to Amazon for a good book or movie to help you in your journey.

If you become a member you are doing so of your own FREE WILL.  No one is forcing you to go to heaven you are welcome to stay for inquisition 2 and a remake of Nazi-like behavior right here in America.

This site stands on the word of G-d and there is no other name under heaven by which you must be saved.  We are here because they (the angels/ ancient alienated morons)  refused to honor the SON of G-d and insisted on seeing HIM.

You have the right not to be a member, if you become a member you will be showered with friends and people who love G-d and want you to belong to their family.

We do not hand out cookies and try to kid you that Jesus is in them.

We do support the girl scouts and of course their cookie drives.

We ask that you step out in the spirit and invite HIM into your heart.  Participate in a Bible-believing church that does not have a pyramid-like Ponzi scheme structure where they get it all and you get nothing but an uncertain knowledge of your eternity.

I hope these terms are satisfactory,

Brother Abel