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This is not a test…

The word goes forth first then the signs and wonders follow, the word communion as described by the Oxford Dictionary is… The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level.

A minister and dear friend was banging on G-d’s door it was when I got my first lamp in 2009 I felt the spirit tell me to answer the door and ask who is it?  Letting him know someone is on the inside looking out.  Revival almost broke out that day in his church that would have turned the world upside down but I got angry because I was asked to pray away the light.  It was a matter answered before being fully heard even though right after I said it the door opened.

Was I ready then?  Can anyone ever be ready for a call like this?

Some people have eyes to see and do not see and ears to hear but they do not hear.

Jesus said this to the religious people of HIS day.   I contribute a lot of it today to the people who seek after a sign or a wonder and neglect the word entirely.   Now the scriptures do not contain eternal life they testify of the one who provides eternal life,  the lamb of G-d who takes away the sin of the world.  Within the scriptures is the plan to save the world, history (HIS STORY) desires to repeat itself.

Before the flood and the first new kingdom after the flood is where confusion enters into the world all our languages were created. The animals entered Noah’s ark,  then the flood,  then a tower was built in that order. The flood was the first destruction of man the next will be by fire, not water.

In Boston I attended a church, however, I was on the road while this was going on so I did not take part,  my brothers and sisters were behaving like animals all in good fun with laughter ensuing and filling the church. Not long after the animal episode came  September 9/11 which is the opposite of Genesis 11:9. It was then G-d began speaking to me and opening my eyes to see more clearly it was time to start paying attention.

The people behind the towers coming down and killing all those lives summoned my awakening I began hearing G-d more clearly. It was not one group behind the towers but two groups and the real axis of evil are those who hide G-d’s word from the lost and who are incapable of telling the truth,  they believe their own lies and so do many Protestant clergymen only one Church has spewed the doctrines of demons into our world calling good evil and evil as good.

When I see the ministers of righteousness that hold no truth it makes me angry,  they are words without substance. Though they attract followers they set no one free.  So a man wears a clerical collar considers himself a priest/intermediator he reads from the word of G-d tells his homily and all the while in the room are several statues that for the most part would cause Muslims and Jews to stumble keeping them from the truth of the freedom in Christ found only in the word the cleric is reading from, it is because he cannot see it either is he serving G-d?  is anyone being set free or are they being brought into religious bondage programmed by others in darkness?

We are separated from G-d by sin, a term that has been defined as missing the mark it is things like jealousy,  anger,  bitterness, and hate that blind us from the communion we can have with G-d.  Rebellion against HIS word and HIS laws that HE established are also unacceptable and considered an attack on HIM and the peace of HIS kingdom.

The below image looks like spilled shards of glass its all messed up and is confusing to look upon it is an image of sin the proof is in the count. There are 32 shards and this was not made by aliens but by the very lamps, Lucifer once carried the very lamps that were in Solomon and in Jesus.

Thirty shards ugly things that cut us and deprive us of a relationship with G-d. Psalm 32:1-11

Is G-d speaking to you or I in Psalm 32:1-11 I hope for both our sakes HE is talking to us both.

Most of our problems are caused by confusion, two cannot walk together as one unless they are agreed. Amos 3:3 My pastor made it clear to me,  we will never agree on the value of the SON or what the will of G-d is. G-d’s will for me is not to entertain traitors of HIS word or to do their bidding it would not help them at all especially if they are not born again or ever had been.

I cannot believe people born of the spirit of G-d cannot see the value in the work HE is doing to set the lost free and lift up HIS SON. Do I need mentoring from a man who hides the word of G-d from others? To provoke another to anger is a grievous sin, it should make one angry that I am not falling for it. Maybe one should consider the word communion again.

Preaching you are disappointed only shows you are disappointed in what G-d is trying to do.  Jesus did not tell me to heal the sick or raise the dead or open blind eyes doesn’t the word make those things happen?  The people who are not hearing the word are dead and blind.  He said for me “Tell the Church I am on my way and to start celebrating, take the money they have been saving for me I want you to have it and give it to my Church.”

I did as requested instead I got the cold shoulder and rebuked for giving away G-d’s secrets.

You cannot live in a society without law or understanding it.  I have been serving on jury duty for the past few weeks and noticed that when the judge walks in we are all to rise and again when the jury is selected and asked to retreat to the deliberation room we are asked to stand.  Man has respect for his own laws but none for the word and the law of G-d,  this is the cause of mankind’s demise and the decline of his society.  Your millions of laws are no match for G-d’s simple ten.

They may look hard to keep and if you are trying to keep them on your own they are.  Jesus kept them all and to help us also keep them HE gave up HIS SPIRIT (ghost) on the cross so HE can live in and through us.  HE never takes away who we are,  HE makes us better and gives us victory over SIN and Satan.

If  G-d could make himself clearly known we would not have to fight and argue if HE were to make HIS presence known it could help in ending war and violence between those with different ideologies.  How about this selecting someone who gets it and giving HIM the wealth of the nations based on the level of truth in HIM?  May you prosper even as your soul prospers. If HE were to make himself known without covering HIS HOLINESS would consume us. Sin cannot stand in HIS presence and that is why HE gave us Christ to live in us.

Do I deny Christ or do I seek to lift HIM and HIS word up? My pastor has made it his life’s mission to see that I do not. What part of the Earth is the LORD’s and the fulness thereof and HE may give the kingdoms of the earth to whom HE wills?  What about that sentence does anyone not understand?

Daniel 4:17  This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

Can you imagine being a minister standing before G-d on judgment day telling HIM that the proof of HIS Spirit was talking in tongues, or people falling on the floor and neglect the work he has done to open the word to the world?

Mormon’s talk in tongues and so do Muslims so by the standard of Pentacostalism proof of the  SPIRIT is speaking in tongues.   So do they have the HOLY SPIRIT?!?


Made in the backyard of Rome who gave us the fish and took away the word from us. G-d is giving us signs that point to HIS word.  HIS word is precious to HIM it is HIS love letter to us all yes this means you.

It is the message of the gospel that sets people free, and faith comes by hearing the word.  Some who claim to be of the faith hide the word from others,  these people will find themselves cut off from the kingdom of G-d.  These men in my eyes are monsters and prevent the lost from finding Christ because they just had to bring back the priesthood. They do not build Jesus’s kingdom they are building Satan’s the priesthood always served him, no matter where they were found or what diety they exalted.

There was always a king and a clergy holding him up and the slaves were the rest of us.

Jesus ended the priesthood HE began with the Jews,  making all of us who inspect the SON of G-d into Royal Priests who accept the offering.  Royal Priests are not slaves they are honored children of G-d and should expose the false, not aid in its growth.

Priesthood officially closed 70 AD by the enemy in a fit of anger.

Yesterday I was in head-on collision airbags deployed as the other car swerved into my lane, the driver had a medical episode so he states.  It was the proverbial two by four,  what if I died how many souls would not be saved?   Then again where does my help come from?

Brother Abel

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