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The Right Hand of G-d

Psalms 21:8 Thine hand shall find out all thine enemies: thy right hand shall find out those that hate thee.

We know that Jesus sits at the right hand of G-d,  but who sits in HIS lap?

It is a tradition for the first born to receive the greater inheritance because he is the oldest and to be the wisest by his experience and age.

Medieval biblical commentator Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman — known as the Ramban — claimed the definition of birthright might have been different before the Jews received the Torah at Mount Sinai. Prior to the giving of the Torah, suggested the Ramban, the birthright established the firstborn as being the head of the family. The birthright entitled the firstborn to inherit the position and authority of his father, which affords him greater honor and prestige than his younger siblings. An earlier commentator, Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezra, apparently agreed that the birthright gives the firstborn a certain status — and certain responsibilities — in the family. Younger siblings must honor and respect him, much as children must honor and respect their parents. In turn, the oldest child assumes responsibility for the family’s welfare.

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Cain was the heir apparent to Adam. However, by killing his younger brother Abel things turned around. Abel was now the inheritor since he would be the first born into the actual kingdom of G-d making Abel the oldest among all those who came behind him, including his parents.

Had Adam not sinned he would still be the holder of the title deed to the earth and all that is on it would be under him. Because he sinned, the earth was then handed over to the enemy, and G-d cursed the earth for mans sake, that men might be saved. This was going to happen if it was Dave or any other man. The revelation of the invisible G-d the Most High would need to be revealed through man. The Son was promised to the angels as well let us not miss this point. If man had not fallen, then the Son would have never had been the example creation needed, to teach free will. We serve one G-d revealed in three persons.

To the angels Abel is the infant among them the first made in the image of G-d to come into the spiritual world along with them. He was not the Son only a revelation of the promise they were given and a help in curbing any continued rebellion over the existence of the Most High in whom they worshiped and placed faith in.  Father referred to Him as the one responsible for all of creation “The Son.”

Since the death of Abel the inheritance ends up going to the youngest and with purpose, in the kingdom the youngest is the oldest.

Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentil soup. Jacob honors Joseph over his elder brothers because Rachel is whom he wanted more than Leah. Rachel in the story represents the children of Earth G-d labored for us longer than the angels. Joseph a picture of Christ, his coat of many colors is the picture of the covering given to the pre-incarnate Christ before Christ arrives and sits at the father’s right hand.

The congregation he was sent to to bring back to worship the Son turned him into what he is,  by turning him against G-d. They are shown as half and not whole angels they are half  hearted. Like many men of G-d I have come to know.
The congregation he was sent to to bring back to worship the Son turned him into what he is, by turning him against G-d. They are shown as half and not whole angels they are half hearted. Like many men of G-d I have come to know who attempt doing the same to myself.

The covering is there before the revelation of the Son in order to restore those whom doubt entered. Insisting on seeing the Son, which was lacking faith something G-d demands one must have. G-d gave the rebellious angels something to look at, and he was spectacular. The half hearted those who turned on the invisible Son, young and old turned him against G-d saying his position was a sham because there was no Son. Every group needs a leader someone will have to lead to form some sort of order.

We have chaos here because he hates man whom is made in the image of G-d. His minions have a choice but have fallen for his lies that he can win. Many are jumping ship and siding with the leader of the second rebellion found in Daniel 10 and rooted in Genesis’s chapter 6. They will not allow for peace between man until they hear from the one that was promised to come by Gabriel in Daniel’s chapter 10. Which would be G-d’s right-hand man.

Rachel dies giving birth to the youngest whom is called by her Ben Oni (son of sorrow) by Jacob Benjamin (Son of his right hand). When Jacob enters Egypt and lays claim to Joseph’s two Son’s half Egyptian half Hebrew, he gives the greater blessing to the youngest and says the older shall serve the younger.

When G-d begins the wilderness tabernacle, he takes the west where the Sun sets and ends the day, in our case it ends the age. Here G-d instructs the three most loved of Jacob to camp on the western side of the tabernacle. Benjamin is placed at the top known as Jacob’s right hand closest to the setting sun. The tribe of Benjamin is awarded the star sign of the Twins “Gemini” so Benjamin in our story plays a dual role and is the oldest.

It is no secret that America is the youngest of all the nations and England the older brother to America both nations are Christian. They are G-d’s crown jewels in the earth where most of His children live and reside. G-d’s right hand in the end plays a dual role. Saul or better known as Paul from the tribe of Benjamin begins persecuting the church at its founding only to have Christ confront him, and he begins being the churches greatest champion.

I claim G-d led me to find something in Egypt that turns it all around for us. Benjamin when he enters Egypt turns things around as well. It is when we find what the brothers meant for evil G-d used for good. Joseph gives Benjamin the cup signifying him as the cup bearer of the man in command or in this case Joseph a picture of Christ.


Moreover, when exposes what G-d has done for them, there are great sighs of relief, crying tears of joy and sorrow as they are broken before G-d. At the feast, we find Joseph a picture of Christ giving his youngest brother five times more than the others.

Benjamin is the right hand of Jacob; he is G-d’s Abel returned to being the champion of the church to complete Jesus’s seven years of harvest before Jesus actually arrives with judgment against the wicked. We call this MERCY! Then we know there is a turning. This happens after the harvest we call that JUDGMENT.

If you don’t love the laws, he died for in order to free you from the curse, then you die under the curse, and it is a continued suffering without end because like the fallen angels, you made the choice to spend it without Him. You hated his law and his messengers and the children whom loved him, why would we allow you to join us and give us more of the same? Only G-d can create. Darwin sits in hell wondering when the creatures that surround him will evolve sad to say never.

What the devil meant for evil G-d meant for good. If Adam lost the world by disobedience, then it could be won back by obedience. Jesus obeyed G-d and died for the sins of the world. G-d’s Son was given for the ransom of many His honor is priceless. G-d placed great value on His Son, before man was created someone dishonored His Son.

Seeing what needed to be corrected had to come from someone who had not seen it actually being built. Abel was the clear choice for the angels, he was heir apparent to Adam after all his head was crushed because someone thought his head would be crushed by him. G-d had respect for Abel and his offering. In the end, someone has to respect the offering as well. The wicked refuse to acknowledge the truth and thus show themselves as G-d’s enemies this includes those within the church. I couldn’t do what I do, if it wasn’t true.

Jesus needs to be lifted and the devil and his minions totally disagree. Finding his enemies is not as tough as it looks.  See you in Church!

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