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The Interrupter

An interrupter in electrical engineering is a device used to interrupt the flow of a steady direct current for the purpose of converting a steady current into a changing one. ~ Wiki

Show us signs and wonders,  but do not speak let not the word come forth???

For doing so would allow a direct flow of truth to powerful for mere mortals to handle.

Several months ago I was taking advantage that one interrupter or commonly known to me as the devil’s advocate was not among us at the men’s breakfast one Saturday morning. I proceeded to take advantage and share with the group the power of TRUTH and LOVE the two strongest forces in creation.  Every revival starts with a message and a speaker anointed to deliver that message.

As I was explaining to the men about Love and Truth when a dear brother whom I love began to want to steer the time in another direction. He interrupted me so I stood up and said well if you feel what I have to say is of no importance than fine and I ceased,  I’m cordial,  I’m a gentleman.

Oddly this same man goes into prisons to set prisoners free spiritually and the devil really never lets his captives go free. That is why he must interrupt me.  Jesus says that they go out of their way to make one convert and make them twice the child of hell.

For every one soul, we lead to Christ the support for the harlot Jezebel condemns millions.

That Sunday I began to speak to him about something Father placed on my heart as I began to speak he again sidetracked the conversation, he interrupted me I wanted to warn him of a crucifix that his wife keeps in her kitchen a Catholic symbol that adds insult to injury.  The angels are leaving behind all those who offend. This instrument is an offense used by a priesthood that should have never begun.

It clearly states look what we did to the SON of G-d and we are not taking HIM off the cross not now,  not ever!

I did not get a chance to tell him about it because he interrupted me, someone grabbed my attention that Monday his house burnt to the ground by his own hand.  Maybe had I said what I wanted his mind would have been on getting right with G-d everyone wants to hear from G-d the way I do yet no one is willing to reject the evil empire or admit they do not know G-d.

Satan was a liar from the beginning  HIS lie was that HE had met the SON and knew HIM before the making of man, he was not privy to the ultimate plan. It was on a need to know basis when it happened that was when he needed to know.  All he needed to know was that without the SON none of this would have been possible.  It was he who lacked faith and rejected the closest position to G-d to be greater than the SON who Father gave all the credit too.

There are many today like the devil who claim they know the SON, many of them do,  while others truly neglect HIS teachings that cause the blind to stumble.

The fact remains if you say you know the SON of G-d why were you looking for the Antichrist coming from on top of the hill??? That will not win anyone to Jesus.

So for the many that were looking for him up there clearly would have heard away from me I do not know you.  This way it gives everyone a chance to repent before going home.

Don’t you just love JESUS?

Their demonic Jesuit priesthood mind tricks don’t work on me but everywhere they went the word of G-d ceased being the focus of the kingdom. With that demons were free to roam around the country everywhere a Cathedral or Castle was erected for their cult drugs and crime increased. The word was stifled,  but hey they’re for pro-life! Obviously, very few know what a Christian is anymore?

Months earlier we had an evangelist invited by the Pastor to preach to stir up a revival at the Church.  Want to talk about getting Father angry he was given the tools to make one happen nine years ago himself.  However, but because he wants me to betray Christ he won’t use them. When I bend down to their will and honor their Jesus then I can play.  If I do what he wants that would in my estimation be a betrayal of Christ how dare he claims to know G-d it can only be a lie from where I stand.

G-d would never leave the truth lying in the dirt if it is indeed HIS SON’s effigy.

I came to open up the word to the world and lift up Jesus I know who I am,  what does that make you?

The Evangelist carried with him a KJV Bible seems when I use it I get snickered at by the same pastor.  I gave out a word that evening about knowing my Jesus,  saying my Jesus can do anything fix what is broken mend marriages and families.  At the end of the service, this man’s wife whose house burnt down who kept that crucifix in her kitchen. She could not go up for prayer with this Evangelist, because in her heart my Jesus was not her Jesus her Jesus still hung on a cross in her kitchen looking defeated or it was because she believes I am the enemy because I tell people the truth.

My Jesus can do anything that’s called faith.

At the breakfast, one person spoke about having to give to those in need and holding it back would be a sin,  they want the money,  they do not want the truth.  They need it to get their temple built or buy a new car and consume it on things that matter not to the winning of souls.

Why would it go out to those who offer no hope or understand what is going on?  I am not taking from Peter to pay Paul I am taking from Peter because they use his name in vain and will never give it to Paul.

When Lucifer carried the light through the congregation he heard the accolades of those who claimed to know the SON as if they had really met HIM??? Not knowing that it was HIS spirit behind the covering and no they did not know HIM.

Going back into the Sanctuary  Father who shed the covering to sit on HIS throne, by HIS side another throne held for the most High G-d, G-d the SON.  How bewildered the new kid on the block must have been as he heard them talk about the SON as if HE did exist before the making of man. The ones who said they met HIM are the ones who turned him or taught him how to lie.

I believe and know that Lucifer was created to restore worship to the most High G-d, his beauty represented the value FATHER has in the SON. When it is all said and done,  isn’t it what is inside that G-d holds as the most value in us? HE looks in on the heart and who will HE find there?  It better be Jesus.

People are looking for a purpose or reason for being,  Christ is the reason place HIM on the throne of your life and HE will show you your value.

I think it’s pretty obvious.

Quit interrupting,  stand down and let me finish the work FATHER sent me to do.

Brother Abel

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