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The heart of the tabernacle…The chest of Yashua.

The heart of the matter.
The heart of the matter.

After this we will look at the western side of the tabernacle at the very mind of G-d where his head and crown of thorns is on the cross. We will see the greatness in his redemptive plan. The west is where the sun sets and ends our day.  Where the calf is supposed to be, we find a Bull Revelation 4:7-8.  Christ is not coming back as a servant or the lamb but as our leader.  Here we are at the end of the day and the closer He comes the more he is revealing.

1 Corinthians 2:16
(16) For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he should instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

LIBRA 3DLooking at the tribe of Levi, they’re given the star sign  Libra… The entire layout in the wilderness is by divine design in order to keep His story intact, knowing very well what the enemy and his church would do to pervert the message.  Levi / Libra is depicted by scales of justice and law.  We previewed in previous posts where He placed the Virgin in the wilderness tabernacle knowing how they would use His mother.

In the heavens we find Virgo sits between the Law (Libra) and the one who redeems us from the Law (Leo) the Lion of the tribe of Judah. She interferes between the law and the Redeemer Of The Law stealing the glory away from G-d’s only-begotten  Son. This is totally unacceptable to G-d and profusely satanic. How clever our G-d is to have given it that much thought knowing what His enemy would do with her. Many souls have died hoping Mary would get them into heaven and what she did was allow them to die in their sin under the Law and not redeemed by the one she bore. Written in the stars G-d reveals truth that they cannot erase or change as they do his word.

A great tract to read by any Catholic is called “Why is Mary Crying?”

Jesus is not only the Son of G-d He is G-d.  The light housed within him is the same light seen making the crop circles in England.  Below we find the seven eyes of the seven spirits of G-d Revelation 5:6. We are closer to lift off and we need solid leadership who understands what is needed to be done to prepare the bride.

There are seven eyes to the spirit of G-d made by the seven lamps.  All the raised sections add to fourteen. Psalm 14:2
There are seven eyes to the spirit of G-d made by the same light that was in Jesus when He was here. They are here seeking a new light bearer to finish his 3.5 years of harvest. To do here what Lucifer was meant to do in heaven restore the congregation to worship the Son. Instead of casting the wicked out we are just leaving them behind. A lesson well learned can’t behave outside you can’t come inside the house. All the raised sections add to fourteen. Psalm 14:2

The enemy distorts the zodiac, but the message remains the same it is His Story written within the stars. This is all being revealed now because we need to prepare to meet the Lord in the air.  He is on His way, He told me so and the wise ones are getting the message. While the fools worry over the little details playing into the enemies hands. He uses the brief skirmishes and battles as smoke screens while he places his people in positions of power preparing to kill millions at the push of a button.

None of the people in these power positions are walking in the light they are doing the enemies will which is in rebellion to G-d’s will. The world’s peace plan is not as thick as the ones they print up theirs is a waste of time energy and paper. It is all in one book that brings glory to one G-d.

old_new2Judgement is coming, and G-d will use another light bearer to bring it as it was in heaven so shall it be here. Do you think that if the angels understood what was going to happen to the Son of G-d that they would have served the Son better and helped G-d’s first bringer of light? Would they have allowed him to rebel or pushed him in that direction, which they did? He was meant to restore what had fallen away from among them,  reluctantly he is doing what he was originally designed too but with much more drama. He is protecting the kingdom from rebellious wicked men who would make heaven into what we have here. Hell is made for me and people like me who love G-d and want to live in a society free of thuggery,  acts of violence or words that shatter the fragile Psyche.

Knowing then what we know now,  could we be better support for the next light bearer instead of being jealous of the position father gave him? The angels jealousy of the first one cost them lost friends and loved ones for all eternity. All because they did not help him to restore order into the kingdom? Lucifer carried the spirit of Christ within Him but for some that was not good enough they needed to see the Son.

I could not dress myself at this age, G-d has a clever sense of humor.
I could not dress myself at this age, G-d has a clever sense of humor. Today I live in a town where the first man in America went into space. A. Shepard, (shepherd)  I also coincidentally work in the transportation industry of all places a company called  “Land Air Express” resurrection anyone? We will give him a body but we are not going to make this easy for him!

If Yashua planted seed 3.5 years and now needs to harvest the seed does he not have 3.5 years to do it in? Before the creatures seven years and who will be the one whom he chooses to drive? So the reality is I am not from here,  I am from above my home is heaven a place I want many to see. Jesus and I are very good friends think of a crushed head, the first casualty of the war , the great punchline is… Is that you need someone who is able (Abel). The enemy needs a peace plan in order to get the temple built and a body to drive,  concluding that even he needs Jesus.  There is no other name under heaven were peace can be found.

Previously we looked at the left arm of Christ (the goats) the right arm (the sheep) and the legs of Jesus (Judah the Lion) the support of any man is in his feet and legs.  We looked also at what he placed beneath his feet both Cancer first and then the Virgin.

Arms and legs help us to get around and better serve the kingdom of G-d while here on earth.  Angels do not need arms and legs as depicted by the NASA videos of today,  they fly and who knew they were shaped like Eucharist?  One day, we  shall all fly and sooner than you think.

A person does not need arms and legs to survive as depicted by the video at the end of this post. This man makes my point exactly.  If all we had was the mind and heart of Christ, we could as a body destroy the works of Satan. We are all tasked for different work but without the mind and the heart, nothing will be accomplished.  This reveals that some members of the body can and will be left behind.

The other side of the curtains beyond the tents that house the tribes of Israel, we find the inner workings, the heart of the matter,  it is hallowed ground the redemption plan of G-d. Here we find the keepers of law, temporary mediators revealing how G-d desires the law to be satisfied. For the wages of sin is death the angels rebelled against the Son forcing man to reveal Him.  G-d chooses to pay the fine and abolish death he is after all responsible for all free will.    The holy of holies  is the very picture of the inner workings of the throne room of G-d.  It is where we find His heart and the light that gives life to all mankind.  The mercy-seat is where we find G-d’s mercy over the law. This is called His justice.

He gave his creation free will, and he held himself responsible to educate it. The wicked chose their eternal path by not seeing the truth that is laid right before their eyes. We make every effort to bring in the harvest, but there will always be religious and non church going naysayers. What will change their mind is when G-d removes his church. Let me once again remind you. That day shall not come unto the gathering of ourselves to the Lord until the man of perdition is revealed, and that happens after the peace agreement is signed.   One crushed head deserves another,  an eye for an eye. All Abel ever wanted was a family and to serve His G-d. Now he will get both a family and the chance to serve to the fullest.

Ark_of_CovenantInside the mercy seat is Aaron’s rod that budded G-d chose Aaron as the priestly leader of G-d’s house using the staff that budded.  Because at this time we were unable to get planes in the air and take pictures of crop images that point to Bible passages.  Besides the harvest comes at the end of the age.  We have let the wheat and tares grow together.  Many are the tares that sit among us. They can be weeded out by where they stand with Catholicism. The last video below reveals what Rome has done to G-d’s holy tabernacle and if they will do it here,  it stands to reason they will not serve G-d in heaven.  They like the rebellious angels in heaven want to be rulers and gods and there is not enough room for more than one G-d,  obedience is better than sacrifice.

Also inside the ark we find the Ten commandments (Laws we break consistently) that the mercy-seat covers.  A golden cup that holds the bread of the angels known as manna Hebrews 9:4 the Son is known as the bread of life John 6:51.  On the cover we find two cherubs/ angels looking into the mystery of the mercy-seat. If this is a picture of G-d’s throne then there is an angel missing.  Michael and Gabriel are accounted for in this picture of the throne room.   Separating this area is a curtain that is one piece that goes across the ark it is the veil that separates man from G-d. Symbolizing we are unapproachable to G-d in our present state of sin. The rebellion in heaven closed the door that only the Son of G-d can open. Just as He is worthy to open the seals and choose the rider of the Whitehorse.

High PriestThe third angel would have been Lucifer each high-ranking angel served one member of the G-dhead.  Lucifer was to cover and protect the Son’s position in heaven. The Son was in heaven as spirit is to us here, unseen. As a light bearer he carried the Son’s nature and was covered by precious stones because G-d placed great value in him and I do mean in him.  He had no idea what to expect from the fallen congregation who mocked him and his position.

When G-d has Moses build the tabernacle He instructs that the high priest to wear the ephod and to construct it using twelve stones.  Stone for stone it matches the ones found on Lucifer in Ezekiel 28:13 the bells  represent the music that Lucifer was assigned to bring throughout the congregation with his tabrets and pipes.  The message is clear if Lucifer and the angels who rebelled won’t worship His Son,  He will raise up the dust from beneath their feet to replace them.

G-d cannot place precious stones on His newly appointed light bearer so what he does is He gives him the world’s peace plan.  So the wealth the enemy was saving is given to make the peace happen. Revealing to the body where G-d has placed himself in the world to bring order to it,  before the resurrection.

But we are all gems and precious treasure to those who come to Christ. We are the holy priesthood who inspected the lamb and found Him to be without blemish. G-d’s love to even Lucifer is evident as to how many men it has taken to replace him. We have more than the angels ever had,  we not only know the Son is real but He has also becomes our covering protecting us from the wrath of G-d. His sacrifice is the only one necessary to appease G-d.

Inspecting His Treasure he is looking at those who love his law and commandments. They are his treasures.
Inspecting His Treasure he is looking at those who love his law and commandments. They are his treasures. Here he highlights certain commandments.

We are coming into the final days of harvest, G-d felt it would be easy for you to understand harvest/crops/crop circles. Do you know my Jesus?

The only reason He is doing it this way is because the enemies church (Rome) took the word from us and gave us the sign of a fish in its place. The word of G-d is our power against the enemy, so of course the enemy has to replace the word with religious outward  appearances taking away the word which is our power against him.    What better place to do it,  then in their own back yard. With all those pious men not one can figure out what any one of the crop circles mean, many of you place your eternal souls into their hands.   This only proves they are blind guides but not as blind as those who follow them. Things haven’t changed since the religious leaders of Jesus’s day.

What is really the saddest of all,  is that the priesthood was ended when the final sacrifice was made. What are these people up to or even thinking? We delude ourselves with the G-d of our own making. He is as we wish to see him. However, Jesus was seen and recorded; I have no other G-d other than He.  I follow only the word and no prophet. All prophecy is fulfilled in one man and is given to us in one book.

The revival is in the crop circles and in the message. The message G-d has chosen his vassal, if he wanted Benny Hinn or another tax collector or more fishermen, he would have chosen them,  rather he just wanted a simple truck driver that is good at moving things from point A to point B doing it decently and in order without the confusion of the many voices.  The word goes forth, and the signs and wonders follow if you want to have victory over disease and illness place the Virgin where G-d placed her, beneath Cancer, so He can get to it.

Men love to control,  until they are ready to surrender and serve I will sit on the side lines until called into the game. The world needs a peace plan I believe I have found it in the Bible. It is by rightly dividing the word and knowing what this game the enemy started is about.   My preacher says a strong delusion is coming.  Well, I never supported Rome, and I didn’t vote for a mocker of G-d and known cultist which they (Rome) were responsible for placing him in that position.  G-d will not be mocked directly or indirectly. Mormon claims are wicked and deny the one true G-d.  I don’t support the fat red guy who steals the glory from G-d at Christmas, and I have at no time called any man father since being Born Again. I do not stand in picket lines with those who claim to support life while their Church has billions invested in the war machine,  it seems so counter-productive to me. If we can convert the religious lost and get them to repent and preach instead of pretending to be Christian,  the abortion clinics would go out of business.

I did not miss them placing a Muslim in name only in the White House after we lost 700 billion dollars instead of a veteran who fought in their wars.  I even noticed eight hours after the planes hit the towers on 9/11 that building seven came down within its own footprint,  but not by demolition of course, that would have taken weeks to set up.

Can you think of a greater transgression than seven years later using G-d’s Catholic money to provide a false messiah to lost people who need Jesus?  Thinking themselves clever they became fools instead of dipping into their own resources they took directly from America’s housing industry to buy one house.  Rome needs America’s arsenal of nuclear weapons to tame her beast. While the actual beast they serve needs weapons to wipe out lost souls. The whore of revelation is his masterpiece convincing many that a white wafer is the equivalent of receiving Christ. They placed their people in the White House and held guns over the heads of our leaders threatening their families. Don’t believe me pray about it, who underwrote the Nazis to come here after WWII?  Who helped them with new identities and hid them in Switzerland where coincidentally the Swiss guard is from.

So when my preacher speaks of a strong delusion,  whatever does he mean? Will they be even greater than these that have passed? How about he actually believes he is on G-d’s team while defending a harlot whom he still cannot see and so close to the end.  How about that his vote matters when it comes to the people in major power positions.

He is an excellent preacher, he will move you with his speech but to show you the truth of what is happening in the present,  in the spirit realm would be quite the challenge and G-d gave him pictures to help him.  I do love Him as I do many, he chokes up at the war and the suffering of the Christians in the middle east but neglects the truth and the root of the problem,  the church of Rome.

It is Satan’s greatest stronghold because as he takes their eternal soul, while men of “G-d” stand in defense of them as being Christian. When the stars and the wilderness tabernacle give us a clear picture along with their idols which is probably for him and many others the hardest to discern of all,  that this is Satan’s body to destroy the earth,  she is drunk on the blood of the saints and she has not had her fill.

I have revealed evidence after evidence confirming my call and relationship with Jesus still he is unmoved and unaware of the billions of souls that will be lost if I do not stand up and prepare the church to leave.  The wicked must either repent or be judged. One way we can insure a greater harvest is to give tours to the Catholics of the FEMA camps that they are behind the making of them,  as they were in Germany.  Meant for those who refuse the mark in the New world Order.  The Catholic church is bringing this because they sucked the wealth out of the world to buy weapons of mass destruction.

When they placed the false Messiah in the White house G-d called me into action. “Take the money they were saving for me, I want you to have it and give it to my church tell them I am on my way and to start cerebrating.”

Never placing anything back into the system something had to give, it is a Ponzi structure that feeds the phony only at the top of the hill. The demons driving them are clever at hiding things from them and us.  Look how long the Lion was unrecognizable until America became as it is now revealing where the Son truly belongs.  Who was it that used Jesus name in vain in order to build their one world order,  placing Christ back in the dirt?

I can show you what else they are hiding and this should convince the lost to the reality of the tribulation coming,  it’s not just for newly acquired saints. They have no faith in G-d so they intend to eliminate the ones at the bottom just as they did in Germany. It needs to be intercepted in order to give them a chance at finding the faith they never had,  while they help win the lost they never cared about.

Mercy calls out for repentance so that all can make first resurrection your going to live forever whether you want to or not,  better to choose the winning side. G-d is not going to lose he was never one for murmurers and complainers to begin with.


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