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Standing on my promise not laying on my back.

G-d is one who keeps HIS promises, and HE holds us to ours.

The devil would rather see us laying on our backs rather than standing on God’s word.

We cannot claim the devil has counterfeited this experience when in fact it was in Hinduism first and was there before the church became wild with it.

The culture from the area master slayer himself Benny Hinn had been born around,  it is middle eastern in its origin.

The video attached does a side by side comparison of the religion of Hinduism its practice and the one we are seeing in the Church. Unfortunately, a church I attended was grouped into the mix though they toyed with it as well.   The laughter movement was of God what they were experiencing was not the Hinduistic spirit but the angels at play doing something more for my benefit and the Church and world as a whole than that of the recipient.

Noah’s ark came before the tower of Babel went up. Their behavior preceded the twin towers going down and was used to awaken my slumber to see what Father is doing to win the world to Jesus. HE is remaking old Bible stories this church was as close to perfect as one was going to get to the understanding of G-d’s word but imperfection is still a problem no one can become perfect until the perfect one comes.

Trust the word,  honor the word!

He that began a work in you will complete it, part of the completion had its link in the crop circles and the lifting of the SON as HE wants.

The video is alarming and should be watched by those claiming they know God but the question they really have to ask themselves who claim they are more spiritual than those who stand on God’s word why oh why have you sided with the people who built the gallows that will kill you in the final tribulation when the angels leave the offenders of the kingdom behind?

It is absolutely disturbing to me to watch as if Benny Hinn has the inability to stand on the stage and falls repeatedly to the floor claiming it is the anointing of God.

With Paul, James, John, even Peter or any other we learn from who gave us instruction and that we know with all certainty God authorized their calls and you can trust when God places his seal of authority and approval on someone by sending signs of healing and restoration that followed their preaching.    Nowhere did these fallings find their place in the early church, these men lacked that anointing???

It is unclear in scripture and should not be the object of contention within the body, but they are from those who have had it happen and those who claim that God has used them to make it happen.

They get angry even belligerent demanding it is a gift of G-d???

King of the Hill, Hide and Seek these games began in the kingdom. Falling on one’s backside does not have its roots in the kingdom it originated in the 1790s in Europe developed around death due to the fact people were neglecting the practices outlined in scripture dealing with cleanliness which brought on the black death of Europe and it should be proceeded by the words “Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down.” (American Version)

The original lyrics originated in Europe and went like this…

Ring-a-ring o’ roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down.

Cows in the meadows
Eating buttercups
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all jump up.

This has divided the church into camps and while people wait for me to perform the illusion many go without the word of God. The wealth remains in the hands of Satan and his ministers of righteousness who keep us from blessing others with it as they preach righteousness neglect truth and embrace spirits who seek power no matter what kind of power it is or who is behind it.

While children go hungry and nations fail because of the adverse poverty brought on by sin and the lack of knowledge of God’s word and repentance.

I have yet seen one who has been slain weeping profusely over the loss of souls and the lack of God’s word in the world.

Let me remind you how we got here it was the angels who were cast down out of heaven claiming that they did not need to worship the SON of God claiming that which is not visible cannot exist.

This is what God said about those who were first thrown out of heaven.

Jeremiah 4:22  For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.

Are we any better than they?

My promise to G-d was that I would defend HIS word, that I would do anything for HIM if I knew my stepmother was at home with HIM.

I have been standing in the gap before I even knew what it even meant in defense of her soul. Her name was Lucille, and she was tormented all her life by the lies she believed about herself.

Unfortunately for her, she was raised in a Catholic orphanage for 12 years around people who did not know Christ and from what I can see still do not know Christ.

The name Lucille means light from the pet form of Latin Lucia which is (light).

I believe it is fair to say knowing what I know now that she was a keeper of the light, of which I had not yet received.

For Christ is the light of the world without HIM we remain in darkness, if there is any truth in the world, it is because HE has brought it to us.

My stepmothers capacity to love was severely diminished, and her escape was alcohol. As I was growing up I could almost see the hurting neglected child inside her that was scared and frightened. As the adult child of the alcoholic, it was my call to save her as it is the call of every Christian to preach salvation and bring reconciliation.

One thing I truly learned is that I do not have to put up with bad behavior I can just walk away, the only advice she ever gave that made any sense to me was if all jump off a bridge should I jump off it as well?

If I did, I am pretty sure he would give his angels charge over me that I would not dash my foot upon a stone. All because I have the peace plan the enemy is needing, and it does not include slaying in the spirit it is to expose the deception to set the captive free and put the word in front of them that they may stand upon it and declare that Christ is victorious over death and delusion.

We know from scripture a high-ranking archangel in heaven was named LUCIFER which we know was the bringer of light. In him, was the light that would one day come into our world; he was called the covering Cherub. The creation of Lucifer was a direct result of the unbelief and doubt that was surfacing among the congregation of angels who did not see the value in worshipping the SON of G-d (Son of Man) and insisted that HE the MOST-HIGH make himself known.

Our heavenly father knew the end from the beginning and knew the value of HIS SON. HE knew that the SON would have to be revealed at some point to curb the rebellion among the angels and creation. So Father created a coat of many colors for HIM, HIS SON who would soon make HIS appearance Father made a magnificent coat. HE gave Lucifer the highest position in the kingdom because of who he carried; God was shouting “My SON has value!”

HE was G-d’s greatest treasure and best friend because he represented God’s greatest treasure to be soon revealed. Every great King needs a great covering and Father spared no expense to this magnificent creation of Lucifer, the bringer of light.

If he would have stood his ground and trusted in G-d HIS friend, he would still have his position. Instead, he began feeling like the outcast among the others who were jealous and envious of his position. For them this coat of many colors will not do, so they plotted to turn him and force the most high to reveal himself by insisting Lucifer turn creator and start making things if G-d was really in him. If the SON is in you why can we not see HIM? “More blessed are they who have not seen and believe.” Make something for us prove HE is real. “Look around for all things were made for HIM and by Him and nothing was made that HE did not make.” Just like man they did the same thing and turned from truth to fables.

Each of us is born with an angel watching over us once we choose a path; they either remain to protect defend or guide us according to the will of the Father. If we choose the wrong path, they record our iniquities for the judgment.

Wounds ran deep as the monster inside my stepmother attacked me, knowing now its hate for me was in direct proportion to God’s love for me. His greatest contempt of me was God’s protection over me, which oddly was him. All he needed to hear was Father to say to him that this one will know who the antichrist is before anyone else.

He needs him to create his peace plan and get his temple built and have a body to possess when his time comes. Until then he is at the mercy of the Church needing the Church to set it all up for him his ministers of righteousness, are becoming aware who they are because they know who I am, I do two things point to the second coming of Christ and the coming of Antichrist.

My stepmother began to call me as a child her dumb pollock my birth mother was French, and her husband was Polish but not my paternal father and the reason I was placed up for adoption after they divorced I was a disappointment from the beginning and my Pentecostal Pastor today couldn’t agree more he and the devil agree.

When I came home from the first day of school and told my mother what I learned, I went from dumb pollock to Mr. Know-it-all. My spiritual angel babysitter doesn’t like me at all, especially after giving him that bad advice that Obama was the Antichrist.

No ones perfect that is why we have Jesus to help us.

Awaiting Jesus soon return I was observing the signs, watching for Christ coming so that we could be ready. The Church I once belonged to did Noah’s ark then the towers went down, and the game was afoot the harlot showed her strength in America and threatened the lives of the families of the political elite at the top of the hill because they wanted their king in power. America, thanks to the clergy is officially a Catholic Nation now, and the true living saints are at the bottom of the hill serving them. When they placed the Obama-nation in power God could not have spoken louder as to their plans at placing a false Messiah for the Muslim people in office the Catholics In Action squad have a charter that says they are not to operate on American soil. Those who walked in light joined forces with them and bore false witness against the nation who holds all the oil to gain control of it they took innocent lives in New York seven years earlier.

So the enemy needed to know who was the Antichrist and Mr. Know-it-all was definite it was Obama. Just after watching People lose their housing, and thrown out into the street in AMERICA and John McCain only thirty days earlier on the campaign trail in front of 20 million Christians claimed we were sending seven hundred billion dollars to fund terrorism. We were already primed with hate towards Abraham’s descendants of Ishmael, and we were blaming them for the attack. It was by the evidence of Tower SEVEN clearly revealing an inside job it takes months to set demolition and for towers that size even years covertly moving offices from one floor to another as they lined the buildings with thermite used in the cutting of steel beams in demolition.

I made the mistake of giving the enemy the details of my knowledge of the crop circles by handing them to a Pentecostal minister who was not really Born Again, only brainwashed by his parents to believe he is. So I understand why he was able say to me Obama was not the Antichrist he had to know it has been him all along.

Obama was already at the top of the hill so he could not be “the” Antichrist because Lucifer wanted to be like the most high who got his start at the bottom of the pyramid in Bethlehem.

So, if I only point to the Antichrist, I think it is safe to say I have found him here at the bottom where he belongs in order to be raised up to lift up Jesus at the same time as God designed it to be.

It must be him because he wants me to bow down to him before I get the kingdoms of the earth that belong to God and he gives them to whom he wills even the basest of men.

His parents always told him he was special, and the truth is G-d never called him to be a preacher he got his mantle from his parents and it is not his own he has been using theirs to make a living while directing others to subtly follow the Hinduistic and Catholic demons because he lacks the Holy Spirit renewal I am not trying to get him to doubt his salvation but establish it giving his heart to the right Christ.

Who would not place rocks of stumbling in the path of God’s chosen Jews or any other lost tribe.

That is how the harlot and the Pentecostals united, birds of a feather flock together.

Did you know the roots of Copeland and Haigan’s Ministries are tied to demonic doctrines?

No sense in me duplicating what another truth seeker has discovered.

    • Remember the words of Paul,

“In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established”

Paying her back double?!? We learn nothing!

Another excellent piece of work now you have three witnesses and one with actually chosen validation from G-d.

555 only points to 666

I have found the Antichrist or one of many he hides the word from the world he sees the truth and denies it, he tries to get believers looking to the Catholic church and side with them rather than rebuke their devils. He tells people that he loves them and that he knows God and what God wants and is waiting for me to bow to him surrender to his Hinduistic / Catholic Jesus before he gives my Christ and I the kingdoms of the earth. He does not honor God’s word he gives no hope to anyone, and it was my mistake handing him the tools to help me take down the Kingdom of darkness, to begin with.

I tipped my hand in hopes of help. He is obviously ignorant of scripture and not on team Jesus of the scriptures. He has sided with the Jesus of Roman Catholicism that places stumbling blocks in the path of the lost and hides the word from all,  he is like a Catholic hiding the word from all. He defends the priesthood and their choices for political puppets that he has his followers vote for.  He is like our President clearly, Jesuit educated to believe the Roman priesthood is a real thing. There are many others like him who are antichrist and should not be trusted 2 Corinthians 11:13-15.

The angels set it all up, the Secret Service called Obama the “Renegade” (lawless one) I caught John McCain saying before the election that we funded the terrorist with 700 billion dollars because of our dependency on oil. 33 days later George Bush asked for the same figure in bailout because that money came out of the economy and went to England where the ministers of righteousness serving the Catholic Church make sure the man whom the true God appoints does not get it to give to HIS church in celebration of Christs soon coming.

The devil Is disappointed he wanted his man to be someone already in power, not someone he needs to get in power, he loves power and if you have not noticed the entertainment of today is everyone has to have a superpower, he was disappointed when Jesus did not turn stones into bread when he asked. Instead, Jesus stood on the word and did not lay down for the enemy.

Neither will I.

As I promote the candidates that could be the Antichrist, my call is to clearly point them out just as clearly as I can read crop circles. I will be filling in what this is all about and help get that temple he wants to be built by bringing the peace we need to get the armies together to point their weapons at the return of Christ.

Blessed are they who come in the name of the Lord bringing good news.

More blessed are they who can stand up for G-d and the Word of God.

Brother Abel.