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Preaching to the Choir?

This term I have heard often, it’s just like the one that goes “We don’t have to agree on everything to be friends in Christ” (Amos 3:3).  G-d’s word is HIS WORD and HIS LAW and if we see one going astray or see the enemy approaching from the wall we are to warn them. In the case of a brother going astray, we are admonished by G-d to turn them back to the correct path.

One of the reasons Jesus said our righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law. He knew they have feet of clay and can be like anyone else deceived. In their positions,  pride can be the greatest stronghold.  They get too far into it, to admit they got lost. However, G-d has a way of letting them know they are.  They have been given great tools to in these last days to spread the word, and they choose not to reveals a truth mere words cannot express.

Joseph is a picture of Christ and Benjamin is his right hand to find out all HIS enemies. Will you treat Benjamin as you did Joseph?

The elect cannot be deceived, but there are many deceived who think they are elect.  Like one man I know that believes 700 billion dollars given to the Protestant Christian church would blow up the world. He sings in the Choir as well or has at one point. He even finds it in his call to condemn the church every time he gets a chance. He blames the church for the world’s problems.

The Church… We are talking about the bride of Christ who is blood bought and sanctified unto G-d through HIS beloved Son. This man would not like it if I went into his house and blamed all the faults in it on his wife,  now would he?  But it’s OK to do it to G-d’s Son’s bride??? Repent if this is you.

This only began to happen after the church began to let in the idolators who still think the Pope is Christian.  How convenient for them, placing their minions in Protestant churches condemning us while their church grows stronger.  Demons never let go of their given path they will tell you once a catholic always a catholic.  They want someone they can see to rule them from the top,  the invisible Son of G-d was not good enough for them.

Lucifer wanted to be like the most high only the most high got HIS start in a manger. I live in a two-bedroom apartment, and it is a step upwards. You have to love G-d’s sense of humor.

Jesus came to HIS own first, and they did not receive HIM. HIS love for them never wained to this day they do their best to keep a law that can never be kept by man under his own power. They need the power of Christ. CHRIST is not a license to break the law!  HE is the same G-d who forbade them to turn to idols or queens of heaven. He rose up nations to punish them for even doing so.

G-d wants to gild his beloved arks with gold who carry the truth so that others can know where to find it.  During the tribulation,  those who used his son’s name in vain to build their one world order and did not marry claiming to be defenders of the church will not only have to refuse the mark but will also be gelded before their execution. They could have been gilded but clearly being left behind shows the choice they made.

Those who choose celibacy for leadership should be gelded as to make sure they do not get tempted into any sexual encounters.  The castration can be done by a qualified Protestant married man in a clerical positions or doctor.  In Judaism,  the person is called a mohel.  In the tribulation,  it will be Mo hell to avoid hell.  A eunuch for Christ is an honorable position.  It reveals to man and G-d your truest motive protect and keep the bride pure.

A Bishop should be the husband of one wife.  If he came up as Bishop through the priesthood offering Jesus up in a mock sacrifice over ten thousand times then in the tribulation he should die a slow, excruciating death.  See if he can sing the praises of Jesus as well as the Protestants did during the inquisition.

Sometimes the Choir is off-key or singing the wrong song just because a cult does a few good deeds does not make them your brothers in arms. Lost is lost,  blind is blind and stupid is just plain stupid. Just because their Choir is bigger and sings more splendidly does not make them Christian.

Jesus said one must be born again, and if they are truly filled with HIS HOLY spirit, they are not singing in that choir anymore. We are called to live peacefully with all men.  However, we are at the end, and the only way I see that happening is if all men give their lives to Christ. The Christ of Scripture,  not the delusional idol carrying Christ who thinks doing the same thing over and over will win the world to himself.  If the Catholic mass were a play, it would have been canceled after the first month.  The truest priesthood officially ended in 70 AD look it up.  Because Jesus was the final and last sacrifice and all they ( Jewish Priesthood) were there to do was to point to HIM.

To support those who are building your gallows is an ignorance all its own. To say that one receives Christ then joins a cult that leads others to damnation is in no way affecting their relationship to G-d is ludicrous.

They hide behind Patriotism, but their heart serves Satan. Let us not forget Nazi’s were flag waivers too in fact they inspired Arab’s to be more hateful to G-d’s chosen people which for evil isn’t hard to do. I am neither a Democrat or Republican knowing both have been compromised by Rome and when you give the devil something you never get it back.  I support a theocracy where Jesus is Lord over all Isaiah 9:6. Did I tell you he is coming back HE told me directly HE even called me friend.

Protected by three circles it is the weapon against the ungodly. The pentagon is wrapped in flags. Inside the devil and his minions await hiding behind our flag. Having corrupted our politics.
Protected by three circles it is the weapon against the ungodly. The Pentagon is wrapped in flags. Inside the devil and his minions await hiding behind our flag. Having corrupted our politics. G-d is showing mercy and giving us what little time we have to bring in the harvest. I pity those in the choir who have tried to stop HIS work.

Get away from me I never knew you is for people like this who deceive others. Those who think an individual was saved,  to begin with, then joins a cult is still saved is just a way to justify their not going to them to correct them,  let them serve the devil is the decision one has made here because there is no doubt he is. He who doesn’t correct or turn back those lost to the right path sends many to hell. Which is the opposite of…

James 5:20
(20) Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.


Yours in Christ
Brother B. Abel to save a soul from hell.

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