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Nuremberg 2 the Final Coming Judgment

What if Winston Churchill stood up and exposed the plot of Hitler before he began and brought to shame the hearts of the men under the influence of the powers of darkness? Would Churchill be considered a dirt bag? Wouldn’t these men who were under its influence and saved from it thank Churchill in some form? This twisted game the devil started is ending and you only get one chance to leave and one new life in which to do so.  Choose this day whom you will serve.

Monsters are among us their purpose to rebuild what we defeated on April 22, 1945. For G-d so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  (John 3:16) Once confessed as Lord then one must follow, HE promises us life and life more abundantly.

Jesus is not behind the destruction and the Nazification of America,  so who is?   It began in Babylon.  The state and the priesthood made slaves of the people it was a symbiotic relationship, they did it again in later on in Egypt.  Praise be to G-d the fear of death was removed at the resurrection of Christ destroying once and for all the intimidators and controllers of men,  the priesthood. You say it hasn’t ended give me about three years and it will be. I’ve recently received a new name I’ve been called a dirt bag and I will be sucking up some major dirt.

Darkness seeks to have you follow another leader and not one that shines the light on Christ. Satan’s generals have you follow parts of the WORD while embracing idols and the ones who left the gates of hell open in the first place.  His generals are the sharpest if I wait upon the Lord long enough concerning my call more of them reveal themselves.  Just recently one made an effort to provoke me to anger by referring to me as a dirt bag.  These leaders may not even realize they are doing it or what they are following. What I need to know now is what components surrounded me are they a  Hoover or an Electrolux? Better yet how about a Dirt devil?

His cup may look clean on the outside but inside it is disgusting, I knew it when I heard the one who called me a dirt bag first teach on Genesis fifteen as he played down the lamps that followed behind G-d,  the spirit in him did so purposely. It is those very lamps that open the word in the fields of England that assist me in exposing the whereabouts of  men like him who reject the work of G-d for their own works. The same lamps Lucifer once carried.  Yes like a vacuum cleaner darkness is attracted to me because they need what I have,  I can work with dirt bag.

G-d hid HIS treasure in the Old and revealed it in the New , same goes for old England and New England.  The king is coming how do wish to prepare for HIM? I think the way G-d chose to do it is hysterical.

Because of man’s lack of Biblical understanding reading the writing on the wall has no meaning to them. They think the circles are from their friends from another planet G-d is the furthest thing from their mind.   I would at some point in time offer to anyone a million dollars for some non-terrestrial Alien scat.  From the ant to the elephant every creature needs fuel and every physical creature expels waste. Knowing how precious the Son of G-d  is to the Father and the need to correct free will it is a very safe bet there is none and I will lose nothing.

If G-d made life outside of earth after man or before man who is flesh and blood than HE would be a liar and a monster himself who enjoys sacrificing HIS Son.  Demons have seduced and beguiled the UFO seekers. It is always the unbelievers who see the UFO’s people who have written off being born again.  If they were Catholic they would occasionally if seeking Mary find her and she would always be wearing the same blue dress.  That’s the first image one has of her which enters their mind also when she speaks she does not say anything bad about her children, why are you not surprised?  While her children sit in our Protestant churches telling us how all the problems with the world is the church.

Yes,  the problems with the world is a church but it is not the Protestant Church.

Satan’s generals beat on the bride of Christ always trying to make her feel guilty for the world’s problems.  Some men take pleasure in putting their wives down in order to build themselves up.  Some go as far us calling them dumb or stupid,  Satan’s generals tell the bride of Christ she will never be wiser than Solomon. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him?

For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.  (1 Corinthians 2:16)

If you are going to teach on the HOLY SPIRIT you should at least have HIM.  He is not an attitude HE is a person with feeling and wisdom. The Catholics didn’t have him but teach they do,  so do Mormon’s and Jehovah Witnesses. Is G-d divided does HE place error and stumbling blocks in the way of Muslims and Israel?

The war is real above us in the heavens,  the angels are revealing they are circular.  NASA has caught them on video with the latest tech  Spirit really has no form.   Round is a shape G-d reveals that HE likes best from the tiniest atom to the largest star. Like white corpuscles designed to destroy infection this world has been infected by sin and demons. The true Church of Christ (protestants minus the real dirt bags) and the angels are the cure.

Those videos of UFO’s pay attention it is always the one seeing them and holding the camera who captures them.  If I was standing by their side I would not see them.  A little-known fact that went away as quickly as it was revealed,  the devil tested his ability through a man who could project on undeveloped film images from his mind.  The devil is mastering the digital world.  In Hollywood,  he needs not to project things onto the recording device as his followers are more than happy to act out for him in front of it.

The devil as we Christians know is out to steal our joy and steal your celebration / jubilee.  I was sent to expose intercept the plot against G-d’s people and turn it on the wicked as G-d’s staff,  to part the waters.  Let’s say we lift a fiery dirt bag like serpent that will point to Jesus.   I have nothing to lose and millions of souls to gain who will hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ as we lift up the real saints of G-d.  Resurrection only happens for the winning team once.

Daniel read the handwriting on the wall and he became the third most important person in Babylon the other two were Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar the word here tries to reveal Father,  Son,  and Daniel it was a brief call and not a long term position as is mine. I will always have my new name made up of my today’s initials.  It was my true name before coming here in 1959 my ship was called Loretta,  not the Rosemary.

Jesus promised his angels would come into the harvest fields and separate the just from the unjust, if you want to make the ride off the planet you will need to be washed in the blood and a follower of Christ not a friend of those who continually mock crucify him over and over.  The Catholic priesthood is on the no-fly list along with the beast they created. What those UFO people are seeing is actually angels preparing us for resurrection it is the demon in the unbeliever translating it into something else. Like the term dirt bag, I can use it.

When I got the call the pastor I sit under now couldn’t express the idea fast enough that the antichrist was going to burn in hell forever.  I had given him months earlier the crop circles and their meaning.  I took pause and re-evaluated the course I had taken to be sure I’m not the one being deceived. My pastor was right  the antichrist is going to burn in hell forever,  the antichrist is the one who hides the word of G-d and keeps the church from promoting Christ as HE desires.  The Devils would be the first to tell us Pyramids will confuse us.

How young children learn to read they use picture books. G-d thinks it is a good idea.
How young children learn to read they use picture books. G-d thinks it is a good idea.

Because of  our insistence of  corrupting G-d’s word,  Father thought it necessary to put pictures with the words so you mature men of G-d with your NASB’s and NIV’s who snicker at the King James followers could grow up.  It worked for over 400 years it started the Welsh revival and the Azusa Street revival.  When originally translated into English by King James it was carefully guarded by men who feared G-d,  unlike the many men of today. Today’s translations have no guards they are made to create the new world order where the government must be obeyed. However,  the wicked are ruling the governments. So G-d gives his power to one man at the bottom to turn it all around. If the word of G-d was mathematical like notes on a page of music and the pastor the conductor it would constantly sound like the orchestra pit was tuning up.

G-d’s word and changing it is what got us into this mess in the first place.  Adam should have said nothing to Eve concerning the tree instead he added to G-d’s word thinking it was out of love. They have learned nothing is what G-d said to me on Christmas 2008.   Seems we still have this problem going on.

Pentecost happened when they were in one accord not in disharmony.   The message was spoken by the man G-d anointed at all revivals and the body was in submission to that authority placed over them.  Do they hate the idea I did not throw my money away in Jesuit-run seminaries or tainted seminaries? Rather I get my knowledge from the source directly,  I stand on G-d’s protected word?  I never believed in the name it and claim it gospel but when I heard John McCain mention seven hundred  billion dollars and 33 days later we lost the same amount in an election year. I claimed it in the name of Jesus,  good thing I did,  everyone from the faith movement missed it. I know what’s going on.  In a two-party system evil in order to finish their one world order before Jesus came would need to buy the Whitehouse.  We need to get those nations together as one in order to turn all our weapons on Christ at HIS return and I know how to do it.  Will there be as many behind them with this plan who knows?  Stupid is is what stupid does.

What was that again Lord about the resurrection??? It only happens ONCE!!!!  Those who make it will miss the worst judgment. G-d told me his adversary wanted to rule heaven and we are going to help him make this as much like heaven as we possibly can and prepare everything for his promised seven years of reign.

What if the wealth of the military industrial complex was in the hands of the true saints of G-d? We can now find out.   Unfortunately, my pastor may have to  admit he was wrong in order to save the billions of souls in the world. I gave him the ball and his darkness poked holes in it and let all the air out. Come to think of it,  he is a Patriots fan.

Play Ball!

When is it going to be my turn at bat???
When is it going to be my turn at bat???

I spent time with special needs kids and we love on them we keep letting them swing the bat.  In the grown up world sooner or later you need to hit the ball or your team will not be happy with you.

Don’t get angry with me I’m not the problem if I were,  would G-d have given me the call seeing the end from the beginning? The problem is another’s pride.

Jealousy and envy started the fall Lucifer was the new special kid with all his pretty stones because the angels insisted on seeing the SON. All G-d had of HIS SON with HIM was HIS Spirit. So he gave HIM the best transportation HE could create. Low and behold the car turned out to be a clunker so G-d sought out a dirt bag to place HIS lamps into.  One whom his enemy berated all his life and in the end he was still wanting to hug the antichrist and thank him for coming,  saying Jesus is next.  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see G-d and be called dirt bags for doing so. Not long after thinking Obama was the antichrist and wanting to hug him G-d took me into Egypt and showed me how to take him down.

Two men became extremely jealous of my call on the same day they both knew who I might have been, both had held back a tear as if the darkness in them was confronted with their loss. Still,  they continued to seek their leadership from the top.  Was it to rob G-d of HIS glory and the winning of souls?  These agents of flesh and blood had no idea what I went through to have this call or the greatness of it. They were against the antichrist now they wish they were the antichrist.  I for one did not want it,  G-d wanted me to lift him up so the world can know HIM as HE desires to be known.

My life was only protected because G-d told him I would know first who his ride would be, I slipped up on the Obama thing so I have given him the impression it is me. I am human I make mistakes he told me all my life I couldn’t do anything right.  Then it dawns on me much later one about the two witnesses at the top of the hill with me,  each with bodies in stasis at home Enoch and Elijah so all three of us get resurrected.   The enemy plays the shell game with the truth.  G-d can do the same with his ride. I may not be it after all the guys playing the other two parts could be it as well.   I certainly find them both to be more Antichrist than I. To sweeten the mix the future widower who called me a dirt bag will need companionship he can come with us as well. these men will need a reminder who they are dealing with.

You only need to speak to the rock in order to have its waters pour forth. Provoking anger is not a good idea it only brings with it judgment.  This is about Father hooking up with His woman Israel me hooking up with my wife.  Watch what happens to the man’s woman who called me dirt-bag.

What if Winston Church on a Hill stood up and exposed the plot of Hitler before he began and brought to shame the hearts of the men under the influence of the powers of darkness would he be considered a dirt bag?

I watched a film that showed that after WWII Allied forces held military tribunals which were most notable for the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, judicial and economic leadership of Nazi Germany who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in The Holocaust and other war crimes. The trials were held in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. the actual individuals who were being tried as they trembled alone no one could defend them,  their crimes against humanity were the most heinous in history every nation gathered together to see justice done.   The very demons of hell whom led them to their end had long left to seek other transportation these vehicles were no longer any use to them and they never seen it coming. Much like my three friends who will be coming with me to the top.    The word of G-d concerning the spiritual battle escaped the Nazi’s religious upbringing.  Fear gripped them as the reality set in they were monsters of the most insidious kind.

Most of these agents of darkness who carried out the killing of over six million Jews along with a large number of handicapped and retarded children, Homosexuals and many other non-Patriots were subjected to their superior race rhetoric.  They began as flag wavers and obeyed the leadership that was above them.  Oddly enough they used Romans 13 to subdue the sheep and the shepherds did as they were told.  Few of them after realizing what was going on it was too late to do anything against the Catholic-raised Adolph Hitler.

You can’t share Jesus if you do not know HIM.  In Heaven one day the final trial will take place. However, right now it is being sorted out here on earth.  As long as one has breath they can begin living in the eternal kingdom by simply receiving the finished work of Christ and follow HIM and those he is confident in.

Open your eyes the enemy has no original idea’s history repeats itself only the titles and names change but the heart of man remains unchanged without Christ. How shall they hear unless one called of G-d is sent to them?

The enemy has built himself a Gordian Knot and only one man can untie it.  He needs peace and there is only one peace plan he hasn’t tried yet G-d’s.

If you see something say something.

The Gestapo was the state’s secret police who had powers to tap phones, read mail, enter property without permission. Had a series of informers and made arrest and imprisonment without trial. Today they have been renamed Homeland security.

wtc7mj81.gifThe Police in Germany had leaders that were Nazi’s and did regular police duties while they ignored the crimes of the Nazi’s.

The Courts,  existing courts were left in place and controlled by the Nazi’s Hitler appointed judges. People’s courts made the existing legal system less significant.


Concentration camps, were set up to hold Nazi opponents in protective custody.  The first camp Dachau was established in March 1933.  The words often found in labor camps were “Work will set you free.”  a big promoter of this idea is the devil himself the other is the Catholic Church.

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of G-d:  (Ephesians 2:8)
Not of works, lest any man should boast.  (Ephesians 2:9)
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which G-d hath before ordained that we should walk in them.  (Ephesians 2:10)

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