You are currently viewing My GMO diet because real food is not as good as the fake stuff,  right Lou?

My GMO diet because real food is not as good as the fake stuff, right Lou?

I have read and watched programs that showed tumors in mice and cancers found in rats who have been fed genetically modified food.  Children have had allergic reactions illnesses and hyperactivity due to the increased market saturation.  If insects and cattle refuse to eat it why do we?

I purchased some watermelon slices the other day from my local Wal-Mart they looked ripe and red, but when biting into it, it was like eating the rind.

Our government wouldn’t let bad food or cancer causing food on the market and to prove it I’m going to start a regiment of GMO foods in my diet.  We’re all going to die of something and if my hypothesis is right and my life span will be possibly shortened the truth will be making it into the mainstream media shortly. In fact, the five other kings in which the ten will choose the one who will be slicks ride should also consider the same type of diet.  😉

How Safe Is GMO food?

Generally, there are 2 different viewpoints of genetically engineered food (GMO) in terms of their safety and our health. There are scientists and industry leaders who support GMO food, and those who think it’s harmful. GMO products have been associated with sterile, sick, and dead livestock, allergic and toxic reactions, and damage to almost every organ in lab animals. From

Please do not follow my example on this eat non-GMO when you can.

One five sided star surrounded by five others,   the numbers here point to the wars found in first and second Kings. Meant for the group eyes only and we will tell you as we fulfill each battle. Each star surrounding the main star are those who have taken the wealth stored for them to bring in the harvest.  A common man with love for Jesus rising as a multi-billionaire to take care of his group of 45. They are all leaders these people will help those in need and present the gospel. Why because my brother told me I’m not to let others think of myself as better.  also, it is a sign of humility the kingdom works best with the people serving one and that one is Jesus.  Jesus blessed me in order to bless others.  You would think that was already assumed? Why did G-d bless me if I wasn’t caring about all?


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