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My First Soulfest \o/

I have been living in New Hampshire since the fall of 1999 and this was the first year I visited Gunstock Resort in Gilford NH for Soulfest 2018.

I attended as part of a prayer team, which was the highlight of my three-day exposure to a gathering of Christians to hear music by their favorite artists.   At the prayer tent, I was honored to lead two individuals to make a confession of faith to Christ for their first time. 

One was a young man from Los Angeles California the other a young woman from Rochester NH.  The team was spot on in the area of prophetic anointing and many walked away having been touched by a word from Father.

Truly the fields are ripe unto harvest and the laborers are few if there was only some way to get a certain church to open their eyes to the damage they have done to the world with their insistence that they were serving G-d. If we could get them to repent then the laborers would be many indeed.

At the festival, several churches gathered and ministered to each other men from teen challenge came in for prayer and to pray for us as well.   The ones who did not come to share the love of G-d were those who claimed to be the closest to HIM they sat there like a black hole unaware of what was truly happening around them.

Royal priests who enter daily into the throne room of grace surrounded them, who only have Jesus to be their intercessor and mediator to the Father. People who have accepted the finished work of Christ and know what the original priesthood was meant for. 

G-d no longer needed a priesthood and scattered his original one to the four corners of the earth just to prove how unnecessary they are. There can never be another sacrifice more pleasing to G-d than Jesus Christ.

However, the priesthoods of Satan always made slaves of men and he needed to restore it to build his one world order.  I pray that G-d will open the eyes of the Catholic Church to see they are the pieces on the wrong side of the chess board.  When G-d chose HIS final king it is check and mate.  Now we need to move our pawns into the positions of power to end this war.

This circle was done 6/20/2005 at Stephens Castle in England. Dr. Steven Jones BYU was right it was an inside job. He was silenced and then Mitt Romney LDS behind BYU was placed in as a candidate. We know who it is behind it all. It says the towers were built with G-d in mind so that only HE could take them down it was not HIM behind them but those who claim to know HIM.

The lines of these towers wrap around the globe and fall dead center on the Vatican. The true axis of evil who fund it and do it It is their money in the Rothschild Banking System investing in the war machine.

The Emporer is wearing new clothes and is still placing political kings in power to serve them just as they did before Jesus came. There has never been any repentance out of ROME ever, not that anyone has ever noticed.  Yet those who claim election claim they are Christians too???

Obviously, people who say such things cannot be as elect as they thought.  There is a genuine Christ and there are many counterfeits.  By their fruit, you shall know them if the root is bad the whole tree will be bad and only good for firewood.

I made the magazine cover because the world will never print the truth but I will, Daniel 8:12,  Daniel 8:23-24.

Serving G-d means teaching HIS word to others and opening it up to all.

That the word of G-d is not left up to private interpretation.  However, the church the body of Christ has been peppered with tares who have a misunderstanding of scripture and teach it from the position of darkness and it is absorbed into the body like cancer.

If you learned it from a priest than it came out of the dark with a little truth blended in with still enough poison to kill you.

If you learned it from a sinner who claims victory in Jesus and who only calls on the name of Jesus you got it from light and to be sure you did the word of G-d will confirm it and they won’t mind you reading it and asking questions, in fact, they will insist you do.

I hear often how Pentecostalism is growing rapidly and at the same time notice it gravitating towards those who would hide the word from others and lie about their relationship to G-d. 

Mold also grows rapidly the conversion of ministers into righteousness is not something we have not been warned about.   There are many who preach righteousness but there is no truth in them. 

The more truth one has in them the more valuable they are to G-d because it is the truth that sets men free.

There will be many bakers left behind to be beheaded because they refuse to serve the food Father has supplied. Yes, Pentecostalism is growing but not in the direction of truth.

If the HOLY SPIRIT was truly in these professors of Faith in G-d they would honor HIS word and do as HE requests, come out from among her so that she may repent in time to bring in the harvest would be the best end time solution. 

If they were truly elect, as they say,  they would know who she is.   

When the McArthurites the word people start seeing this pendulum swing they will hop on for the ride as well. Don’t be a foolish virgin get your oil while it is flowing and it was flowing in that prayer tent at Soulfest it could be so much more. 

Without it you won’t be going home, many will get left behind for heavy disciplinary action, which may or may not make you angrier at G-d? 

HE will finally get through that heart of stone in many and the iron will be confronted by heat so that it to at some point will bend or for all eternity weep and gnash their teeth condemned to a hell by their own poor choices concerning life.

I heard a minister say he wanted to hear from G-d not just once a week or once a day but hear HIM every minute. 

I went to him and told him about the number 555 which is not used in our communications network.  It was Al Bell who invented the telephone in which the number 555 is not used,  only when it is suffixed by 1212 that you get information.

Then we have Abe L. who was not always on the five dollar bill but was noted for setting slaves free.

555 comes before 666  we made this easier than you think,  harvest, crops,  crop circles, communication.

Time to rise up like transformers and show the world how impressive we are. 

The Queen needs to know what her crop circles mean.  That which is on the bottom must rise to the top so that others will fall to their knees and the workers for the harvest will be plentiful with repentance.   

Let’s get those nearest the line to truly cross it.

Brother Abel

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