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Knowing Secrets

There are two outcomes in this battle one is enter into the joy of the LORD and the other is away from me, I never knew you.   These outcomes should not be secret. You should know who is coming after you and why. You should know where you are spending eternity it should not be a secret.

To know G-d’s mysteries and HIS secrets an individual must have a relationship with HIM through Christ our Lord.

In any war, it is important not to let the enemy know your plans.  However, when he is surrounded and backed into a corner you can’t help but want to jump out and shout SURPRISE gotcha!

Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it.

The art of spying for a nation or country to learn its secrets takes a person who has no conscience,  they see no value in their eternal soul.   One thing is for sure in the good and evil of things which side do they believe they are on? Usually, they are thinking the right one?  Jesus said that the devil is a liar and the father of them.  A spy must lie and pretend he is something he is not.

For the man without faith or fear of G-d, this is an easy task.  In eternity it is not so easy don’t die without Christ in your corner. If you are fighting for HIM make sure it is not a counterfeit Jesus who welcomes idols rather than repentant idolaters.

When I sent a minister to look at my website back in October 2009 with the crop circles, (G-d’s business cards)They are HIS word opened up to the world, the minister quipped I was giving away G-d’s secrets???  Well, you have to have a relationship with G-d to know HIS secrets if the enemy and his servants knew them,  then he would not have cornered himself in America.

America was the picture of perfection in its governing until a certain group (priests) wanted to make it their own and sent tares and spies in among us,  to validate them and give substance to their lies. In doing so it is clear the LORD of creation does not validate them.

I would not trust a man who has no fear of G-d.  How can you tell if they have no fear of G-d? G-d made ten laws that are more important than any laws man has made.  Someone who fears G-d honors the law and the commandments.  People who love Jesus don’t go around committing crimes they defend themselves against them.

If the crime is murder or killing we have the right to defend ourselves.

As long as evil is in the world there will be wars. Some are never satisfied with what they have they always need more and if we have it, they are going to want it,  so it is up to us to defend it.

Does G-d need money for revival?   No, HE does not, money, however, is a tool to aid us in revival.  The wealth of the world is a there for the Church to show the lost (those going to hell) that the SON has value. That HE died for them and because of all of us HE died.

Before we were born Christ knew us HE knew that every one of us would be here.  Some of us are old spirits some even old souls in new vessels.  Then there are the new kids on the block who need to learn from the elders among us. It is hard to teach others what you do not know, and half a truth is not as valuable as the whole truth.

Truth has value and the more truth you possess the more valuable you are to G-d.  He has made an investment in us.   The devil would like to kill us and the lost before that truth is made known to them.

It is important to reveal to the world the true spiritual war by showing them that the battle has its own symbols.  One is a LION the other an unfinished pyramid with one eye and not a good eye at that.

The lesson or moral of the story a society cannot operate without worship.  Everybody worships something. For some, it may be a musician or band, a sports team, even a game.  G-d is worthy of all praise and glory. HIS gift of HIS only begotten SON needs to be thoroughly inspected and received before a man can call himself a Royal Priest.

America built a trap and the true saints were behind its construction,  they are not idolized or lifted up because they are true saints and see that the light must shine on Jesus and not them. We may recognize some of them in history men who believed in G-d and who were not part of the harlot’s system, they were there to expose her.

America built a trap and the harlot fell for the bait, the only way to get America truly out of her clutches is for the real saints to rise up and open their eyes to the divine plan.

Laid out by the Freemason George Washington a Christian Brother to catch a thief and a liar.

He was told this is where he needed to be in the end.

If you aren’t aware Satan’s minions are responsible for hiding the word of G-d from the lost and condemning billions of souls during their service to him. Many sympathize with them which makes them complicit and a servant of theirs, not G-d’s.

“Daily my enemies swallow me up” Psalm 56:1-2. Either help me save them or get out of the way.

Brother Abel ~Surprise!

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