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Jesus called him the father of lies.

Recently I watched a video dealing with Egypt where the teacher spoke about returning to our spiritual roots and that Egyptians who were earlier understood death and the afterlife more so than our modern theology. The priesthood has used the fear of death to manipulate and control the people while they get out of having to work themselves.  Most of the false gods have been conjured up by men of ignorance.

It was a statement like this in a movie Zeitgeist in 2009 that drove me to look closer at Egypt, but man does not find himself in Egypt until, after the flood, all life in the area was wiped clean except for EIGHT Noah and his family.   Humanity begins again in Babylon as the first city is built. Nimrod the strong was made king by the people endorsed by priests of whatever god they gravitated towards after they had forgotten Noah and the true G-d.

Until Jesus came, no-one understood the afterlife more clearly.  HE said no one had seen the Father at any time except for HIM who came down from the Father.  John 6:44-51

No doubt with stories of the flood having been passed down from generation to generation it ended up distorted and a complete Gilga Mess.  One thing was made certain by the priest’s the gods were angry and needed to be appeased with hard labor and food to be sacrificed to them I meant, of course, the gods they served. A loophole to the curse concerning working the land and the sweat of thy brow.  People are revealed in scripture as sheep and shepherds they seek to lead them whether it be a high ranking official of a gang or a political leader.  A good shepherd leads people to truth and when G-d’s truth is revealed they become excited to tell their sheep.

We know about the first tower that was built to reach heaven only G-d came down and confounded their language and scattered them across the face of the earth.  The story is told even in the characters of the Chinese language.

Now let me say I love my flat earth brothers however we are being taken off course as to what Jesus wanted to be lifted out of the earth.

Two problems need to be addressed by the flat earthers how G-d allowed the genome of man to change and adapt to protect us from the Sun’s harmful rays.  The truth is we all began at Babylon the colors of man happen because the sun hits the earth in different angles.  The Sun model on the flat earth has Antartica in darkness the same amount of time as there is light each day.  When we can see and know for sure the sun maintains a 24-hour vigilance in Antartica six months out of a year and the north pole the other six months then swap. Please address these amazing phenomenon’s I see that G-d holds all things together and if boats hang upside down in the water it reveals just how great HE really is. Let’s just lift the Son together the way HE wants and I promise a great harvest.

Facing east as the sun rises. Lucifer once looked into the glory of G-d. The dream Steele tells a powerful story. Written when Abraham’s descendants were slaves in Egypt it says this was covered in sand someone was trying to hide something. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.


The cartouche is the name of Khufu found inside the pyramid. Compare this with every other pyramid and their hieroglyphs. Maybe he didn’t have a big ego at all?

When people settled in Egypt two great objects were already there the question was where did they come from? Were they before the flood?  Obviously, they were,  what is not so obvious is that they were there before man was. The Khufu one does have water markings on it.  It was not ancient aliens it was fallen angels, and this was the center of the earth where a god wants to be began to build his empire.   The three-inch tall statue of Khufu should give it away as to the size of this mans ego.  I rather think it is hilarious.   Because one kid makes his way into the pyramid and with whatever available liquid at the time writes his cartouche on the ceiling in what is called the king’s chamber peak it becomes the first name it and claim it faith message.  I didn’t build that Khufu did?!? Graffiti has a beginning.

If built before man which it was and there are no women than the chamber below the “Kings”  is not the queen’s chamber as given it by men. THE TOMB WAS EMPTY!!!!

It is in Egypt the lies begin with false gods appearing and the priesthood going into action to appease them. Satan has shotgunned the system of truth mixing and matching distorting the entire thing, and it began in Babylon. However, it takes on a whole new meaning when they see the Sphinx; now the gods must have the face of men and the body of animals. Only a priest can explain why. For some unknown reason??? The priests give their deities the heads of animals.  All the enemy wants to do is hide what he has done because upon finding it and understanding it would be the end of him.

How great is our God?

Weighing your good against the bad has its start in Egypt the greatest lie of the devil.

The lies start here…Notice the scale it is his the idea of many lost people that G-d weighs the good against one’s evil. The truth is no HE does not. All God cares about is HIS SON and who will love HIM? 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Satan had to wait until there were enough people on the earth to start operation cover up and the priesthood assisted him.

And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; (Genesis 15:13)

He hates the people G-d has chosen for himself, and that is why he hates us.  The elect of G-d can tell who serves HIM and who is serving the other one mister jealous.

Jesus (God) calls the people out of Egypt destroys their power base and takes their wealth for the 400 years of labor the children of Abraham performed.  The children of the most High G-d always get whats coming to us. 🙂

G-d establishes a correct system and a builds a priesthood that HE will one day end when the final sacrifice is made.  No greater love has any man than to lay his life down for his friends to show us we do not need to fear these false priests and the false gods they created for us to serve. Many of them only exist because a man gave them significance and a demon filled the role spreading the worship of himself among others.

For instance, it was during the Inquisition that Knight Templars were being tortured by the one true church which is for pro-life,  forced them to announce their deity they prayed to.   Under extreme torture by the real demons, they confessed it was Baphomet! Born to the Catholic church was a new demon and it is the Protestant Mason’s who worship him and they are the wicked evil ones, not the Catholic Church.  God clothes himself in darkness, but it was them who placed HIM there.

Below the righteous men of God????

The whole system the devil began in Babylon Christ ended it at the cross. Only one can rebuild the temple do you know why? Only another can bring peace? The Royal Priesthood.

What G-d wanted from Israel for them all to be priests to HIM, HE gets from us through Jesus as we who truly received HIM as Lord and Savior inspected the sacrifice. It is only a High Priest that is allowed to do that once found acceptable we are in the Royal Priesthood.

In Jesus day they were robbing the people as they came with their sacrifice, it was found to be with blemish, and so those giving it had to buy a clean sacrifice.  You can be sure they sold the original one later in the day or kept it until next time and sold it to another.

It was a system G-d needed to end, and Jesus was the one who could do it.

Love you all,

Brother Abel

PS. The Mason’s will be the ones distributing the wealth to the church and building your temples square and on the level.  Pray for me we need the Queen alive to announce the word I have for her the word she has been waiting for from God to hear.  The trash (sewage) floated to the top, and the real saints need to rise up to clean it up.

It’s just like this we need to clean it up Jesus is coming!

We are going to have FUN! Besides lying, he also steals our joy and has men in the pulpits holding and keeping the sewage up at the top.  Yes, Pastor G-d is going to give my call to another maybe it will be you but I wouldn’t count on it.  You support the sewage and the people have heard you do it. The Queen is 90 Jesus is on his way and wise men of God need to do the math.

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