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Possession is 9/10ths of the law of man when it comes to personal property.

I am not one who believes in reincarnation, I do however believe in possession and those who are “Born Again” know exactly what I am talking about.  We have been bought with a price we are not our own and we all have a higher calling.

A person can be possessed by spiritual entities of a dark nature if they do not walk in the spirit of truth and honor if the HOLY SPIRIT isn’t in you than you are not SON kissed and for that reason we don’t know what’s inside. 😉

When I first received the HOLY SPIRIT this new life inside of me, I became drawn to a book called “The Lost Books of the Bible” in it it there were stories that had Jesus as a child assisting Joseph his stepfather making a table or maybe even a cabinet, when Joseph cut a board to short Jesus made it the right size again come to think of it, it might have been a table leg not hard for G-d at all to make a leg longer I’ve called on the name of the LORD and had HIM work through me to lenghten a person’s leg.

The man who was disciplining me told me that it was not a true book and that it would be best to bring it to pastors attention and to ask him about it.  The Pastor quickly drew me to the word of G-d and showed me what the Bible said about the first miracle of Jesus, saying we know nothing of his childhood except for the time Herod sought to kill him out of jealousy and we know who was possessing Herod,  jealous people are those who seek to destroy G-d’s work.

The next time we find him is at the age of twelve when his parents were negligent in watching over him and he was out of their sight for two whole days.  Mary tried to blame Jesus by saying “Why have you done this thing to us? ” too which Jesus replied, “Luke 2:49  And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?”

When you first get saved the battle becomes more visible the enemy wants you back into his world of sin and slavery, so he tries to seduce you with the old nature, even add confusion to your walk as he did with me using the “Lost Books of the Bible” old flings may start to call you on the phone to get you back into their lives just to bed you again,  that is the real reason they are calling Mr. jealous wants you back.

G-d has someone better and HE is the great matchmaker,  people who pray together stay together, as cliche, as it may sound,  it is still the truth and when you pray to the only G-d  HE will guide you and protect you if you honor HIS word taking your lessons from the Bible.

I don’t know if it is a Christian urban legend or not, I would say not because of the truth in the message it contains.

The story goes something like this…It was the night of the prom and the teens were gathering into the car to head off when the Mother shouts to her daughter make sure you have the LORD with you or maybe it was take the LORD with you, either way, the daughter shouts back HE will have to get in the trunk because there is no room for him in here.  The end of the story is tragic the car is in an accident where all were injured some even died.  The car was totaled but in the trunk of the car was a bag of groceries containing a dozen eggs and not one of them was broken.

It got me thinking about G-d as my Co-Pilot although having HIM in the passenger seat seems kinder then sticking him in the trunk, I began to ask HIM to sit behind the steering wheel where I could sit on HIS lap and steer after all you do want HIM paying closer attention to the driving then staring out the passenger window pointing out to you how fascinating HIS creation is.

One day I was getting into my eighteen wheeler and I said my little prayer “LORD get in the driver’s seat and I will sit on your lap and steer,  HE says ” I like you asking me but one of these days Bobby I want to steer.”

So not only does HE desire to steer but he was ordering my steps from the day I was born. Writing his story into my life placing me into the transportation industry where he starts filling me in at Land Air Express why he gave me the last name that means beautiful place.   I did not know my birth parents and my stepfather was a carpenter and my stepmother was called Lucille which was where Lucifer often showed up to torment me.

Did you know that the truckers Psalm is Psalm 18 for an 18 wheeler?  He is my deliverer a buckler and the horn of my salvation. I did not know that until he began to steer me into his word.

The trinity behind the wheel made up of 18 parts the truckers Psalm is Psalm 18.
Steering wheel behind it is the Trinity Driving made of 18 parts Psalm 18:1-50 is the truckers Psalm you find HE’s a deliverer, a horn and a buckler for safety and salvation.
This driver is in charge of Precious cargo.

I call the story of the eggs an urban legend because I have spent twenty years in the Christian Film Festivals of America.  Making up stories seems to be a favorite past time of many Christian Producers. For example “The Secret of Jonathan Sperry”  with actor Gavin MacLeod was fictitious the only Secret is the story was not true but the producer ended it as if it was,  having all the children placed in ministry positions one kid is said to have opened several Christian radio stations.  How do I know it isn’t a true story I asked the Producer and he admitted to it. I would still recommend the movie because of the values it brings out and who knows as a result of such films we might get children just like them into the world.

Movies with a message and Christian values is great I am not condemning the practice but when it comes to the truth we don’t want to know it and it is the truth that sets captives free.

Ministers of righteousness many times have no truth in them some are not called but behave as if they are.  2 Corinthians 11:14-15  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  (15)  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

G-d sat back while the dragon and his church did their work building the new world order as they did the dragon began to reclaim the treasures taken from him in the fall that made him beautiful, find out who sits on top of the hill with the most treasures and you will find his Church his hands and fingers.

Latin is a DEAD language!

caveat emptor

Was America only worth 700 billion dollars? I have a feeling it is worth much more than that.

Then came Obamanation a false Messiah to a lost people in hopes of them seeing Obama as the Imam.  If the prophecy was not a lie then why did big money try and fill the spot?

My initials are five in all and five comes before six.

Babel (Brother Abel)




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