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Here they come… Don’t be sleeping when He comes.

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I would like to apologize for posting a video that was too detailed oriented. We are not even to speak of the depravity that evil summons. I placed out of several you tube videos one that contained vulgarity for which I apologize, I since placed one up shorter and more tamer, one that reveals the same without the profanity and ugly descriptions of their wicked practices. Also I do not believe the Bush family are Nazi’s this is another delusion the harlot is able to pass off because of the sins of the Grandfather in WWII. What it does is throws off the conspiracy junkies who are already in darkness from seeing the actual darkness running the show.

The picture of the dead presidents in a Nazi like grave may not be accurate it is there only to give you the concept of what has been happening through the ages. Cheney and Don Rumsfeld have been insiders since Nixon was in office who coincidentally opened up China to sell our goods to them. Now the devils are selling us.

Evil organizations always places a watch dog over another this may or may not be true for Rumsfeld / Cheney. However, it was Dick Cheney, whom supported suspending our constitution to perform inquisition like tactics on patsies that sat on the world’s biggest oil reserves. G-d reveals in England the true axis of evil. Satan hates America as much as he hated Greek Orthodox Russia, and Germany for Gutenberg and the reformation. To destroy these nations, he needed a body that is well-organized and, now they run America and took Christ out of it in order to do so.

When Israel became a nation, it forced the hand of the enemy to speed up building his one-world order this was one of the methods used by the devils to blackmail our political structure by seduction to the weakest area of our lives. We lost our country when we allowed domestic powers to hide what they were doing behind the guise of Christianity. If America is hated it is because they hated America first Protestant America should be awakened to the truth. In our own church’s there are tares among us defending her and protecting them. G-d exposes her for a reason, and that reason is to set souls free, in time for resurrection. Those whom defend her are not going to fly. Pun intentional.

The Bible,  the crop circles, Alex Jones, and Myself warned you this day would come.

Two videos are in this post both short showing the path we are taking.  The other reveals how they used blackmail to get high-ranking officials to do as they say. They are third-party videos and not mine.  I only use them to open eyes and set people free for that is why we have truth.  Pray about it and see if you like what they are planning for us.

Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while  Protestants hide in underground churches.
Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while Protestants hide in underground churches.
The all seeing eye and the symbol chosen by the devil surrounds the symbol for china.
The all-seeing eye and the symbol chosen by the devil surrounds the symbol for China. he intends to use them for leverage we need to expose Rome and her wicked ways.

The devil will continue this course of action and allow the death of millions unless someone intervenes to place a stop to it by simply revealing the truth that Catholics are not Christians.  Can we save the world before the resurrection?

popeobamaThey are always laying the blame on others and never repent themselves.

They wanted you to think this! So no wonder Jeb Bush is the next logical choice.
They wanted you to think this! So no wonder Jeb Bush is the next logical choice for President.

The image below is just to give you an idea why the CIA arrived here after WWII. We had plenty of US protection that was already in place FBI / US Marshalls /  Secret Service. Hoover even used blackmail until he died.  When he died so did his surveillance and files.  The CIA simply came as the muscle to the banking interests and those who had the most to gain or lose was Rome.

The Rothschild banking cartel used spies to destroy the British economy by convincing the British people Napoleon had won the war.  No wonder why they handle all the Vatican wealth they are as moral as Rome ever was.

Simply to posses the nuclear power America had discovered.  Rome hopes to tame the beast she created. The CIA does not appear until after we tested the bomb. Did we defeat the Germans or allow them to make us into them? Keep in mind the root of Romes tree has always been war.  Now they use their money and our children to hide behind.

History reveals the treachery of Rome and their methods of overtaking political powers.  We need those who swore an oath to stand up and defend us from what is obviously becoming a foreign hostile takeover of America using Vatican wealth and blackmail to place people in power.  Until a man takes the seat of the President of these United States his family has no weapons near them claiming to be protection.  You figure it out why the agenda still goes forward when all the time you want better they give us worse.

Proverbs 29:2.When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Do as we say we want America under our god!
Get the idea? Do as we say we want America under our god!

In this video below it is not hard to figure out the agenda the NWO is setting up. Also at 5:49 Watch as this little girl under demonic inspiration as she yells at a street preacher. This would have never happened had the word of G-d /Christ  not been hidden from the world.

Here we see he is still invisible he is angry that G-d chose a Christian to make his ride in doing so the world will see him pursue the one G-d has chosen.  Eternal souls will continue to enter a Christ less eternity until we as a Protestant church unite as a one world Church beginning with the Anglican Church in England.

We can only hold him back so long before G-d releases him fully on the world but at least we will let them know what to expect.  It is G-d’s will,  this way that little girl in the first video will have a chance to repent before she dies under Satan’s plan.

It is better to give your life under G-d’s  plan before we depart.  If you don’t you had plenty of warning before the resurrection now you will get a taste of what it was like for us for 2000 years under Romes persecution and created wars,  by not saying anything to stop them you sided with them in building the gallows that will claim your life. Mercy comes before judgment but anyone who knows G-d knows sin must be judged and this is His plan.

Satan was promised seven years Jesus used only used 3.5 years of His, and He has chosen another to give the lamps too to finish His last 3.5 years of the harvest.


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