God’s Love of Israel

Children love these kinds of puzzles where they fit the pieces into where they can fit. This puzzle is not that difficult where it leads us is to a mystery in scripture with my initials being B_A_B_(EL) it was meant for me.

The object of the puzzle is to find out how many triangles you can fit in the bracelet each pyramid has four sides so get the count divide by four.  So easy he made this the center has handles,  six to be exact so we can see right away six places shaped just like those. 7 x 6 =42 that was the year WWII began and the Germans many of them Catholic and other denominations looked the other way.  Psalms 43 to Psalm 47 we see the crying out of the nation of Israel and in Psalm 47 when we beat the Germans a Psalm of rejoicing appears.   Ecumenical people think they are going home because they know what’s good and what’s evil???

They have done the same thing again here in America since healthcare Obama every sitting President has had the Roman Catholic clergy pulling the strings Obama had Biden,  Trump had Pence he claimed he was a reformed Catholic ??? Trump was educated at Jesuits schools and you know how I feel about them and now they want to pull my strings?   Who is really slamming doors and stomping feet?

Not hard to see they don’t know God and they want to eliminate the population to get things so they are manageable by them.


We are dealing with building pyramids so we will be going into Genesis there are twelve stones surrounding the most precious treasure Israel it is impossible for God to forget Israel. The number of triangles 52  for  13 that is the verse we will go to. When you find it ask yourself three questions  (1) who wrote it? (2) what land? (3)  why?

Sadly my mother was raised in a Catholic orphanage and in the twelve youthful years she was there,   she never found the love of Jesus to be able to share HIM with others. They taught her about a punishing God a vengeful wrathful God but not the one who loved and adored her so much he provided her a way back to him.

No, she would go into a box and come out the same way she went like so many others do.  They trust the mediator in the box more than the one who went to the cross so they could go directly to the Father in His name.  The entire Church is an anti-Semitic producer of monsters rather than saints.  They have sacrificed on their mock altars far too long and the same results happen NAZIS.  Covid papers, please.  Wait when they get China policing and doing military enforcement here because the love of many grow cold because I refuse to bow down to a false Christ that hasn’t a problem with offending the Jewish people.

We are grafted into the vine of Abraham as Gentiles, but our conversion to Christ was to make us more like HIM and that is to put away false gods Jesus came to lift HIS FATHER and not HIS mother.  I am supposed to encourage a man who traveled hundreds of miles to come into my arena, to provoke me to anger,

They could not control him when HE was here but now he does everything they want and that is, stay away.

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