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Getting the Message Part 4 “The Double Helix”

In 1953 James D. Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix the molecules that are the foundations of life that every creature and plant on the planet contains in order to self replicate.

We are going to see that God can pack a lot of information into DNA, not just your hair color or eye color.

By 1974 which was only twenty-one years later man is transmitting his cave drawings into space showing what he has learned about himself.

The original signal sent looked like this…

It is not a random pattern it is said to have a structure that an intelligent civilization could decipher. Looking for an intelligent life apart from God is the problem all civilizations would have.  The whole purpose for creating life was for HIM to have a relationship.

Don’t you like puzzles? The one above would be extremely challenging only God could figure it out and HE did. However, it never got anywhere not in time for what is about to happen on planet earth. The final war and battle.

Now that the dragon and his cohorts have America and nuclear weapons at their fingertips.

As God said he would bring forth a fire from HIS enemy Satan to devour him in the sight of all who behold him. God dressed him and watched as those who said they loved HIM went after him instead,  They follow the ones who use HIS SON’s name in vain.

The greatest lie of the devil is that he knew the most high God before Jesus was even born. No one can know God apart from Jesus.

Ezekiel 28:18  Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee.

God was looking over Sagan’s shoulder when he sent it. It was a sad day for Father as HE would have hoped that they would have read HIS message by now found only in the Bible and learn to communicate with HIM in HIS SON’s name in truth.  He told me after finding what the devil was hiding from us in Egypt I was smarter than Einstein, alas I could have never solved these puzzles without HIS help. ! Thank You, Jesus,

Rome took the word away from you and replaced it with icons and pictures, so Father is sending pictures to point to HIS word so that you may find peace with HIM and a home to live in which makes this look like any recycling center.

It is not how smart you are but who you know that is smarter than all.  Where else are going to find the hard answers?

One year later in 1954 Mary the Mother of Jesus is given equal billing with Jesus as a co-redeemer though when looking at the Virgin in the stars (Virgo) and where she is placed in the wilderness tabernacle shows where God truly sees her. She has become a substitute for a pagan deity filling a hole someone does not want us to fill with only Jesus.  This travesty was done by men claiming to know God and that is why Mary never has a new outfit when she shows up. We are going to be given Robes of Righteousness pure white she will be forever doomed to wear that blue dress if these guys get in???  Millions of souls have been misled and never had the relationship Jesus wanted with them as they sought other mediators and saw HIS work only being a small portion of the whole picture when it is the whole picture.

Before I begin to decode this DNA for you,  we need to have a fundamental knowledge of what we are looking at. I have attached two short videos on youtube which gives us a beautiful picture of their complexity the first is the explanation of what is happening in your body every second of every day. The other is the probability of our bodies including plants and animals happening by chance the odds given are extremely astronomical. The last is another detailed explanation and a short video.



DNA double helix; the vertical bar represents the number of nucleotides. The value depicted is around 4.3 billion, which was believed to be the case in 1974 when the message was transmitted. It is currently thought that there are about 3.2 billion base pairs in the human genome.

As fascinating as this may seem does it matter knowing this stuff look where our knowledge has gotten us in heaven there is better technology.  Without Jesus, you will never see it.     Who on Earth is doing the counting to miss 1.1 billion if they are counting by weight or individually?  Do they know the last digit in pi? In hell, there is plenty of time to solve it.

Someone called this a design to a spaceship and believed that an extraterrestrial intelligence made it and is trying to communicate with us.

Technically they are right an intelligence did make this.    It is a ship we have all traveled here on and in. This one is particularly special because its hatch is still closed and Jesus came to us in one just like this if HE can make it HE knows how to use it.

When I think about God and free will and sex I get the impression had HE made them all with a stargate door so that you had to have the right code to get in none of us would be here for the lack of penis’s removed by the guillotine.   No one should marry a person who does not honor or serve God.


Why is the above fascinating and made by intelligence but the one below which is my ship is not?

This is the actual ship the other a rough draft of it.

Here is our returned message side by side with yours.

Someone tried to do this and had the images backward the zero’s were in the wrong positions. I have had to correct them twice now. The base pair number is right, however, Spirit does not have a DNA structure this is to correct the one you sent and there are no aliens because free will has yet to be dealt with. There are demons and angels but they are spirit and at war to save your soul.

Let’s get a count because all of these points to scripture and God can pack a lot of information into that DNA.

On the left, we have 32 in the center we do not count the 8 that make up the head that is for highlighting the verses. The center has 24 and the right side has 26.

Psalm 32:1-11 Psalm 32:8  | Psalm 24:1-10 Psalm 24:8 | Psalm 26:1=12 Psalm 26:8

32 + 24 + 26 = 82 Psalm 82:1-8  Mans time is up do you clergy want to honor God or not?
Psalm 82:8

Please get to a church and give your lives to Jesus Christ, don’t know which one? The one that loves Jesus and honors the call.

Brother Abel