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Episode Thirty-three

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33 the last year of the Lord’s ministry He will not see his 34th birthday as a servant,
but as a King at His Fathers right hand.

The Masons highest degree is the 33rd degree.  Once known as Knight Templar(s) a military order that insured the safety of the pilgrims into the Holy Land of Israel. They existed until they were disbanded by Pope Clement the V  in 1312.

Templar’s, were among the wealthiest  and powerful of the Western Christian military orders and were among the most prominent actors of the Christian finance. The organization existed for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages, until they were deemed heretics and the wealth lusted after by Rome, they became victims of the Inquisition. Proving the king of the hill hates it when others have more than him.  They are today known as Masons and are deemed evil by the evil empire. It is the Masons who placed the dragons symbols into America’s capitol taunting him to dare take it.  In this way they exposes the body who follows him to steal kill and destroy.

The 33 rd act of G-d in Genesis is the destruction of Noah’s generation. Genesis 6:6 which is 33 x 2.  We are facing complete agreement of all three in 666.

The divine name of G-d, Elohim, appears 33 times in the story of creation found in the opening chapters of Genesis. Number 33 also is a numerical representation of the Star of David (also known as the shield of David) and the numerical equivalent of the word Amen.

Genesis 17:20 33rd promise to Abraham is that He would bless Ishmael.

Genesis 25:23 We find the 33rd prophecy of Genesis two nations are within thy womb.

Genesis 33 we find Jacob and Esau uniting Jacob’s fear of his brother reveals a truth to the order of G-d’s plan for us.   Genesis 33:1-2  Then Jacob lifted his eyes and looked, and behold, Esau was coming, and four hundred men with him. So he divided the children among Leah and Rachel and the two maids.  (2)  He put the maids and their children in front, and Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph last.

We are the last we are in the back,  the final end the most loved for it is this generation that will be transformed.

The image below is what I first received when I received my anointing, G-d took me through the multiples of 33 in Genesis to come up with the following cypher. Originally done by George Washington as a sign to let us know the enemy made his move , now it is time to make ours.  Only G-d, Washington and the keeper of this cypher knows what is on it.

Eye11fThe Mason’s are here awaiting to assist the final King in building His New World Order that G-d would like to show others. Giving them another choice as to which kingdom they would like to spend eternity in.

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