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One Good Shepherd

The Power of One…Excellent leadership knows how to delegate authority and knows how to use it. The world is in Chaos because there are too many chiefs.  In the Church one tries to set himself up above all the others without G-d’s approval.

In the image below I called “One good Chief”  he is a Mayan chief the reason he is good is what he is watching over. The scrolls under his head are ten if you guessed ten commandments you would be correct.  He watches over the law,  his eyes two,  his nose one,  he sees and smells that the commandments are being broken.  Note the ten scrolls are set up in five groups of 2.   The three facial holes multiply each of the two for six, the scrolls are framed at each end with three open holes each so we have confirmation on the six  “thou shalt not kill” is the sixth commandment. There is more going on here, so I made a video to help describe it just click on the image to be taken to the video.  Just think if the devil had let me have a childhood I wouldn’t be doing these today. What’s that about hindsight being 20/20?


Matthew 5:19  Whosoever, therefore, shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

A good shepherd makes sure his sheep are well fed on green pastures sheep will not move towards them they must be herded to them or they will starve themselves.  A good shepherd scans the area for wolves and defends the sheep against them.  In the church, we are warned of wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to pass themselves off as one of us. There are tell-tale signs they are not children of G-d or truly follow the good shepherd.

G-d took one Nation and made it different than all the others only today America is hated because of the bullies who lie, steal, kill, and destroy to establish world domination. Once we dropped the bombs on two cities in Japan the dragon made us his target, knowing that power can take millions of souls in a split second. On  August 6, 1945, hell Satan’s domain received it’s greatest numbers.  Japan had the policy to keep Christianity away from its people.

Because the people of Japan were led to believe that in order to perform communion they needed a priest to perform the services.  In the movie “Silence” Liam John Neeson portrays a Jesuit priest who turns from the path,  this wouldn’t have happened had he been a “Born Again” believer instead of a man who did not know Jesus, how can one tell he didn’t know Jesus?  He was a priest after the crucifixion of Christ. He and others like him ended up denying Christ and abandoning their faith, in fact just being a priest denies the finished work of Christ. The fallen Jesuits were then used to stop all Christian materials from entering Japan.

The elect who cannot be deceived can tell you it is the same man is just wearing new clothes.  Since its inception, Rome has been a conquering war machine only today they buy political clout but make no mistake it is them behind placing Kings in power as it has always been. Now they only use the name of G-d’s only begotten Son as a tool to advance their agenda.

Loving them means telling them all the truth, or let them be faced with hearing away from me I never knew you. The Mayan’s were killed because of the Catholic Church it is only one of their more prominent feats. How was that showing the love of Christ?

I moved to Derry New Hampshire in August of 1999 to live with my only son so that he could attend a good high school with hopes he would seek out college. I never paid much attention to the area until Jesus came and opened my eyes to the call.  Alan Shephard grew up here and attended Pinkerton Academy.  To American’s, he is best noted for being our first man in space.  Although he never circled the earth like the Russians he only made one half of the McDonald’s logo.  The key is he was a Shephard in space. My last name divinely given to me by my foster family who adopted me translates to a Beautiful place.

In England, a transportation museum exists in a town with that name, the number one exhibit in that museum is the automobiles of Ian Flemming’s 007.

The devil is not pushing me to be behind the pulpit, in fact, he keeps telling everyone no one will be wiser than Solomon.  A shepherd like that just doesn’t know Christ, in fact when greener pastures are revealed he lets his sheep feed on the same over eaten area.  They are only sheep so what do they know?

When did Satan start adding and taking things out of G-d’s word? The Bible clearly teaches us that it is a wise man who wins souls.  Solomon we know was building temples to other gods for his wives. Jesus, on the other hand, continues to be wise and HE shows us who knows HIM.

One good shepherd who I call Jesus can lead us safely home and the one who came from where we want to go,  is the one I want to follow.

The first shepherd in the earth was a boy by the name of Abel who was killed by his brother out of jealousy. According to people like Kent Hovind and others who fail to do the research Abel must have been the best shepherd ever before Jesus came into the earth,  not only did he fend off wolves he beat off dinosaurs.


Bless you all, remember the first will be last.

Brother Abel



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